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What is bedtime without a stuffed animal?

Bedtime to most kids is nothing without their favorite stuffed animal. And really this is true for many adults too. Sure we don't want to admit it but we all love a cuddly little bear or hippo, you know it. Some of the cutest ones are those already all dressed for bed. They look adorable sitting by the pillow of a freshly made bed and they look even better all cuddled up in the arms of your little darling girl or boy. The Silentnight Hippo and Duck is the perfect addition to any bed and he comes not only in different sizes but in different variations as well. For example you can get this famous hippo in a ten or twenty inch classic stuffed version. These are so cuddly that they will bring you back to the days when you yourself were a babe getting tucked in at night by your mommy. You will fall in love with his plush outer fur and his soft squishy middle and who does not love his striped pj's? They are perfect! But the best part of all the Silentnight hippos is the little yellow duckie on his arm. They make the most endearing pair. If you want something a little different then why not choose the hippo beanie or the ever popular snoring hippo. This is a favorite among Silentnight customers. He moves and you would swear his snoring is the real thing only not nearly as annoying!