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What is Latex?

When a maple tree is tapped, you get syrup. When a mature rubber tree is tapped, you get a pure, milky white liquid known as latex. This pure form of latex is blended with a form of synthetic latex to create a special latex foam to be used in bedding like the Dunlopillo mattresses. This foam is the perfect material for mattresses, being soft and comfortable as well as creating a sort of "memory" function. The memory foam mattresses cradle your body comfortable, providing the perfect combination of give and support for your entire body. So how is the foam created? The memory foam is created by foaming up the latex a little bit and pouring it into a large mold, which is then only partially filled. When the mold is sealed, the air is sucked out by vacuum and the temperature is rapidly dropped to below freezing temperatures to solidify the latex, then it is pumped with carbon dioxide and raised to 115 degrees C to set it. The latex foam block that is created goes through purifications, cleanings, and then is formed into a bed to be taken home and thoroughly enjoyed. This process of mixing natural and artificial products and temperature extremes creates a mattress that is far superior to any other bed on the market. Get your Dunlopillo bed at www.mattressnextday.co.uk.