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What is Memory Foam?

It's about time that you stop asking what you can do for your mattress and start asking what your mattress can do for you. For example, start asking what memory foam found online in Relaxsan mattresses can do for you. Basic background for memory foam is that it was discovered by NASA while researching how astronauts would get the proper rest while spending extended periods in space. This memory foam mattress became more widely used as comfort bedding in the 1990's. Memory foam such as in Relaxsan mattresses is made of polyurethane and other materials which affect it's foaminess while increasing density. The basic principle behind memory foam is that it is softer in warmth and firmer in cooler environments compared to most any other mattress. This principle related to bedding is that your body is snug in a cocoon of memory foam that hugs your body while you sleep away the night. When shopping for memory foam, who are you going to try first? An excellent choice is a Relaxsan mattress made by Magniflex of Italy. Being allergen-resistant, it is perfect for just about anyone when it comes to all around comfort. When all is said and done Relaxsan mattresses always make a good choice.