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What is Sleep Debt?

The concept of sleep debt, although it is widely debated within both the scientific and medical communities, refers to the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep each night over a period of time. For example, if you normally need eight hours of sleep each night, but for a period of one week you only get six hours of sleep per night, you have accumulated a sleep debt of 14 hours. Sleep debt occurs for a variety of reasons, including not dedicating sufficient time to sleep, other poor sleep habits, as well as specific sleep disorders. If you suffer from chronic insomnia, for example, your amount of sleep debt will run quite high and could contribute to a number of physical, emotional, and mental health problems. One reason why a person may experience poor sleep could be due to their bed or mattress. Old, worn-out, unsupportive, damaged, and too-firm or too-soft mattresses can make beds very uncomfortable, which can in turn disrupt a healthy sleep pattern and even contribute to insomnia or frequent night-waking. Sleep is important for optimum physical, emotional, and mental health, and ensuring you have the right mattress for your bed can do wonders in improving your sleep at night and reducing your sleep debt amount. Check out our available selection on a wide variety of mattresses and beds today so you can find the perfect mattress or bed on which you can rest your weary body and finally get rid of sleep debt.