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What is the Sealy Guest Purchase Programme

Many hotels and hotel guests only have good things to say about Sealy contract beds. Sealy is a major supplier of beds to the hospitality industry and research indicates that the comfort of the bed and mattress is the main concern of many hotel guests. Sealy has a programme known as the guest purchase programme. The concept is very simple - if you stay at a hotel, enjoy a good night's sleep on a comfortable bed, why not buy the bed yourself? After all, sleeping on the bed for a night or more is an effective way of testing it. The advantages of the programme are obvious - it's an additional source of revenue for the hotel, as well as perhaps the promise of a repeat customer. And for the guest, it's an easy way to purchase a bed. The order is taken and then paid for through Sealy and the bed delivered directly to the customer - ensuring a good nights sleep for many years to come. Ordering couldn't be easier - you'll need the name and address of the hotel you stayed at and Sealy takes care of the rest. The programme is convenient too - the bed is delivered directly to your home. www.mattressnextday.co.uk