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We all have our unique preferences when it comes to beds. What may please one person may not please the other at all. Perhaps you are a no turn mattress type of person or a pillow top person who loves it when your body is moulded by your mattress. No matter what kind of beds you prefer, you can rest assured that you?re going to find it. Speaking of being rest assured, Rest Assured has a great selection of beds with mattresses to die for. They have the Ortho, which is for those looking for a firmer foundation. Not everyone wants to be swallowed up in their mattress, although for some that is their preference. The Ortho is extremely comfortable for those who prefer their sleeping surface to be firm. These beds have no turn mattress, which is great because this means that the mattress will last a long time without you having to round up everyone in the house to turn the mattress when it reaches the point that it needs turned. But if you aren't the type who enjoys a firm mattress such as the Ortho beds that are offered by Rest Assured, you may be into the Vintage bed that is built based on the principals of the finest bed making traditions. Perhaps you are all about the superior pocket springs of the classic bed. So if they say "you are what you sleep on," you can tell them that you are an Ortho, a Vintage, a Classic, or whatever other type of bed Rest Assured has that strikes your fancy. You deserve the best night's sleep possible, so what kind of bed are you? www.mattressnextday.co.uk