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What You Need To Know About Natural Bedding

Generally, bedding made from natural materials tends to more expensive than synthetic. But is it better for us? No one likes to pay more for something if they don't have to. But there are a few good reasons why you should consider making the switch to natural and shelling out that extra few quid. Here's What You Need To Know About Natural Bedding...

They stand the test of time

Is there anything more frustrating than spending out on new bedding to find it's totally flat within 6 months? This happens a lot with synthetic bedding. Synthetic fibers deteriorate at a much quicker rate than natural fibers. Once they start deteriorating, pillows become flat and duvets lose their bouncy feel. Natural fibers are biologically strong and although they cost that bit more, you won't need to replace them every other month. Which is always a bonus!


That synthetic pillow you bought feels comfy at first but eventually, the filling starts bundling together. Creating that horrible lumpy, flat pillow experience. Natural materials like wool and down retain their plump feel for a lot longer. Not to mention how soft and lightweight they feel...

It regulates your body temperature

Natural fibers duvets are perfect year round. Which saves you money on buying a thicker duvet for the winter. Unlike their synthetic competitors that tend to make you too warm, or not warm enough. They are brilliant temperature regulators and ideal for summer or winter. Natural beddings also work to wick moisture away from the body. As opposed to synthetic that tends to absorb it, making natural bedding more hygienic.

It's better for the environment

Natural fabrics are biodegradable so you needn't worry about damaging the environment. They are totally recyclable so they won't end up in a landfill like synthetic bedding. Generally, if it came from nature, it can return to nature! Brought to you by MattressNextDay. Shop our full bedding range, here.