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When Counting Sheep is Out of the Question

Stop being silly by thinking that counting sheep will bring on sleep. You ought to think "Sealy" instead. Your sleeping problems may just be a thing of the past! The manufacturers of Sealy beds are increasingly sensitive to the needs of their clients and continually do the research and development necessary to find out which bed construction is the most effective for specific sleep and posture problems. They are on the constant lookout for bed and mattress technology that will lull even the most stubborn of insomniacs to a good night's sleep. Sealy has come up with at least half a dozen new models for 2007 for their discriminating clients. There's a noticeable element of luxury that's been built into their Posture Pocket and Posturepedic Collections which feature their famous Unicase system for a more comfortable and softer sleep. Your comfort and support are top priorities for Sealy - it believes these two ingredients are indispensable for a good night's sleep. Sealy's Soft Touch pocket spring system provides that soft luxury feel, especially when it's not just a good night's sleep you're after but also a luxuriously good night's sleep. If you're looking for a truly quality mattress and you do think that counting sheep is an archaic way to go to sleep, switch over to Sealy. As soon as you "slither" into one of its models, you'll know the competition pales in comparison. The upholstery alone is nothing short of magnificent. Close your eyes. That's all you got to do. Sealy will take care of the rest.