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When is it Time for a New Mattress?

Dorlux mattresses will help you obtain that great night?s sleep that you have been longing for, but unable to obtain. The inability to sleep could be telling you that it is time for a new mattress. Yet, there are other signs as well. The first and most obvious sign are dips or curves in your mattress due to long-term wear and tear, or body changes. Dips in a mattress prevent it from providing your body with the support needed, causing you to lie in uncomfortable positions. Though, most people over look small dips, they should start looking for a new mattress at the first sign of a dip. Since dips, usually occur due to weight gain and body changes, they only become larger over time. Dips can lead to aches and pains in your neck, back, and other areas of the body. Since, mattress dips make you to sleep in unnatural positions, your body loses proper alignment while you are sleeping. This causes unnecessary stress is placed on critical parts of your body while you are sleeping, which leads to pain. Holes and rips in your mattress should also alert you to the need for a new mattress. Holes and rips cause your mattress to lose materials and may damage springs. This will also prohibit your mattress from providing you with the comfort and support needed. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep and lead to a lower quality of life, as sleep really dictates how your day will progress. Sleep also affects your health. So, if you are not getting good sleep, a new Dorlux mattress, is just what the doctor ordered. www.mattressnextday.co.uk