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Why Choose a Dorlux Mattress

Dorlux mattresses make an excellent choice for anyone that wishes to get a better night?s sleep. Dorlux beds provide support and comfort, are hypoallergenic and there are a variety of models available. There is sure to be a Dorlux bed that perfectly suits your needs. One of the most innovative features of Dorlux is memory foam. Memory foam has gained widespread recognition in the medical community. Patients who are bedridden often lay on memory foam mattresses. The memory foam contours to the body?s unique shape instantly. Memory foam has a unique property which allows it to remain firm while cool, and when warm it softens. Once someone?s body heat touches the mattress, it forms a perfect impression of the body. Memory foam is not the only comfort feature added to Dorlux beds. A Dorlux bed often contains, depending on the style, between two and three times the number of springs as a traditional mattress. Some Dorlux beds also have individual sleeping positions. On beds with this option, the person on either side of the bed can adjust the head, neck, back, legs and feet areas of the mattress to their preferred level of comfort. Housekeeping for those with a Dorlux bed is a breeze as well. With handles placed around the mattress, regular turning takes little time or effort. The covering of soft micro-quilted damask is easy to wipe clean if there is a spill. Twin wheeled castors allow you to put the bed just where you want it. www.mattressnextday.co.uk