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Why Choosing A Good Mattress Is Important

Did you know that you will spend an average of 43,000 hours sleeping on your mattress in your lifetime? That sounds like a lot of hours and it is! For many people, four to eight hours a day, or rather, night, are spent sleeping. So it's quite easy to understand why your mattress is so important to your health and your daily life. The Relaxsan mattress is a memory foam mattress that moulds to your body shape, providing you with the utmost in comfort and perfect alignment for your spine. Relaxsan mattresses are made from the space age foam created by NASA in the United States and are perfect as a mattress because your body heat helps the foam to mould to your body shape helping to keep your entire body inline and comfortably positioned while you sleep. This is paramount to your overall health and well being and you will quickly find that you feel much healthier and more well rested after you've spent the night on a Relaxsan memory foam mattress. It is important that you 'test drive' your mattress ? don't purchase something that is inexpensive, on the contrary, your mattress should be one of the most expensive items in your home ? your back and health are worth the money.