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Why Memory Foam and Relaxsan Mattresses are Recommended by Physiotherapists

Physiotherapists highly recommend Relaxsan mattresses for one chief reason ? they are made from the space age product called memory foam, which was created by NASA in the United States. This product is perfect for mattresses because it forms to your body shape with body heat, eliminating any cricks or odd positions while you are sleeping. The memory foam mattress also eliminates any misalignment of your spine and neck helping you to get a more restful sleep. People who use memory foam mattresses such as the Relaxsan mattress are less likely to have back, spine, neck and hip problems because they sleep with their bodies fully aligned properly. This alignment is crucial to your bone and structural health because you are no longer creating pressure points as you sleep. Keeping your body aligned is an important step while you are sleeping and one that most people do not take into account when they purchase a mattress. Many people do spend less on a mattress and put less thought into the purchase than they should, however, with Relaxsan mattresses, you can have a quality mattress that is great for your posture and alignment, providing you with an excellent night's sleep for less than you thought possible.