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Why you want a no turn mattress

Turning the mattress on your bed can be quite a project. You usually need to clear things out of the way to make room to take it completely off the bed so you can turn it. You also need at least one other person to help you turn it. And finding the time is usually a hassle, too. Wouldn?t it be great if you had a mattress that never needed to be turned? You can if you purchase one of Dorlux?s no turn mattresses. A no turn mattress does not need to be taken off the bed and turned upside down. It simply needs to be rotated from top to bottom, removing the need to take it completely off the bed. You simply need to put the foot of the mattress where the head is. Are there other benefits to no turns? Yes there are. ? No turn mattresses are usually less expensive because the expensive fillings ? usually coils, only need to be on one side of the mattress. ? No turn mattresses are lighter in weight for the same reason. ? No turn mattresses can have attached pillow tops because the pillow top never ends up on the bottom. No turn mattresses take away the hassles that accompanied older mattresses. Dorlux has several no turns to choose from ? both in traditional spring and memory foam options. www.mattressnextday.co.uk