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Sometimes we like to stick with the classics, even when we're talking about our beds. We like affordability, but along with affordability we like quality. The saying "you get what you pay for" should not apply when you are looking for a bed with a mattress to die for. No one should have to sell a body part in order to acquire a bed that is going to last them a long time without sacrificing comfort. This is where Rest Assured's Classic 2000 comes in. The Classic 2000 gives you everything you would expect Rest Assured to provide for you, including a price that will have you jumping for joy. With four different spring counts available, you are more than likely going to find a Rest Assured bed that is going to have the mattress that will give you the night's sleep that you have been longing for but have been unable to find. Well, now you've found it, so you can deem this mission accomplished. Although the word "classic" is in the name of the Classic 2000, this doesn?t mean that it isn't going to bring a sense of style to your home. Actually, this bed is going to add a touch of style that you never thought a bed could, but most importantly its supersoft white fibre fillings and cotton is going to make your first night's sleep on the mattress one you will never forget. And to think that you will be able to relive that first night over and over again, resulting in sleep that you have never before experienced until the Classic 2000 entered your life. www.mattressnextday.co.uk