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Finding a new bed can be difficult, but that is because we tend to get lost in the sea of beds that taunt us with their promises of comfort and the "sleep of our lives." Yes, there are many beds out there that either meet or break their promises, but sometimes it isn't taken into consideration that each individual has their own needs when it comes to a mattress that makes them sleep like they have never slept before. Rest Assured does take this individuality into consideration, therefore they offer different styles of beds, different pocketed spring counts, turn and no turn mattresses, and mattresses with varying firmness. Not all customers are going to want a firm surface and not all are going to want a surface that moulds to their body. The areas in which a person needs support on their body may be different than the next, so marketing one type of mattress to everyone is not feasible. Let's take memory foam, for example. Memory foam has become very popular in recent years because of its comfort factor. It moulds to your body, preventing the curved parts of your body, your back in particular, from being unsupported. Yet there are those who prefer beds with firm mattresses, but they don't want to have to turn their mattress on a regular basis so they choose a latex-based mattress. There are so many options and Rest Assured has so many to meet your needs. This makes bed shopping considerably easier than being bombarded by the many salesmen who claim they have the mattress for you. Besides, buying a bed is an important investment, so you want to listen to your body and not false promises. www.mattressnextday.co.uk