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Helpful Guides & Tips for 90 X 200 Euro Single Mattresses

Finding the best quality and most comfortable mattress for your child to use is essential. This not only ensures they have a peaceful night's sleep but also that their bodies are supported properly while resting. Here at MattressNextDay, we carry a huge selection of children's mattresses in stock to suit any budget and taste. However much you have to spend and whatever style your kids love, we can help!

Best choice in the UK at amazing prices

We are proud to only work with the most well-known and respected brands around. Our search for the very best children's single mattresses across the UK and Europe has enabled us to discover the top manufacturers to stock. If you need a single mattress that is European sized 90cm x 200cm, then you have come to the right place.

From Coolflex to Hyder and SpringKing, the leading names we stock means you can always be sure of getting a 90cm x 200cm sized mattress that is top quality. Made from the finest materials and in a variety of firmness ratings, our children's European single mattresses make it easy to find one that helps them sleep and also protects their developing bodies.

Choose from a variety of designs

The European 90cm x 200cm single sized mattresses we stock for children come in a variety of options. Comfy foam mattresses will give them somewhere soft to snuggle while pocket sprung and open coil options offer the best support around when they are sleeping. The kid's European single sized mattresses we stock can accommodate a wide variety of bed types so you can be sure of them fitting your child's bed perfectly.

Whatever type of single bed they like to sleep in, the European style mattresses we supply are the ideal solution. It is key to be aware of the depth though if your child sleeps in something like a top bunk or cabin bed. These sorts of beds need a mattress that is between 6-7 inches deep, according to safety laws in the UK. To help you achieve this and keep your children safe, we have a wide choice of mattresses that conform to this requirement to purchase.

Help them have enjoyable night's sleeping

If you are re-designing your child's bedroom, the correct mattress is important. Our huge branded selection of children's 90cm x 200cm European single mattresses make it easy to get the look you want. With free, fast delivery, you can also be sure of getting the European mattress you choose as quickly as possible. If you need more help in finding the perfect children's bed furnishings to buy, contact one of our knowledgeable team today for help.

Can I buy linen for my 90 x 200 mattress?

Here in the UK, a single bed has 90 x 190 dimensions. Across Europe, there's a subtle but significant difference.

European single sized mattresses have 90 x 200 dimensions. If you have a European single mattress, you'll have noticed what this small difference means.

What are the problems with a 90 x 200 mattress?

A 90 x 200 European single mattress is ever so slightly longer than a standard UK single. Unfortunately, that slight difference can have an impact on your sleep experience.

Most shops will only sell bed linen, including bed sheets, in UK sizes. 

You're forced to stretch a single sheet further than it should reach, which can lead to your mattress being permanently curved and very uncomfortable to sleep on. Or, you're faced with a sheet that constantly falls off because it's too small for the mattress that it's covering.

If you've bought a European single bed and mattress, finding the right sheets can be tricky.

In the UK, 200cm lengths are reserved for King and Super King mattresses. All others are slightly shorter. You could bundle a King bed sheet around your Euro single mattress, but where do you put all of the excess fabric? If you tuck it under the mattress, you'll almost certainly notice it when you're lying in bed at night!

Where can you find linen for a 90 x 200 mattress?

Instead of going to a linen store in an attempt to find a suitable 90 x 200 sheet, or fabric to be cut to size, why not order one online today?

Order from MattressNextDay and get free 24-hour delivery, with a convenient ordering process that makes it easy to find sheets that fit.

Save time and money. Buy luxury cotton mattress protectors and fitted bed sheets that are actually designed for your bed, handmade in the UK to the highest of standards.

Shop in the comfort of your own home, with no need to search around for 90 x 200 bed linen. Now, that'll help you to get a good night's sleep.  

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