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Orthopaedic Mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses are great for individuals who suffer from back pain and other musculo-skeletal issues. This makes finding the right kind of orthopaedic mattress for you especially important. With the right amount of support, discomfort at key pressure points of the body is reduced, leading to better sleep and quality of life.


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At MattressNextDay, we offer a huge range of orthopaedic mattresses to suit any preference or need – with FREE next day delivery.

What is the best orthopaedic mattress?

The best orthopaedic mattress depends on what you need from your mattress in the first place. Orthopaedic mattresses are firmer than standard mattresses to help those that suffer from regular back, joint and muscle pain in the morning – or are great for those that prefer a more supportive sleeping position.

Orthopaedic mattresses are a revolutionary technology that cleverly spread the weight of your body around, rather than allowing you to sink firmly in one place like you would on a soft mattress. This helps support your body by taking the strain off your joints, back or other pain points, allowing you to gently drift off to sleep.

So which mattress is best for you? Our mattresses can come in a variety of types and styles to suit every taste and budget. Get too warm on an evening? Try a mattress with Coolflex technology! Want to focus specifically on alleviating back pain? Have a look at a Backcare Elite! All our mattresses come with free next day delivery, so you can have the best night's sleep of your life tomorrow!

How do orthopaedic mattresses help you?

On average we spend around 26 years of our life in bed. When sleeping with aches and pains, this may make this feel a lot longer! Most sleepless nights can be attributed to improper support, forcing you to toss and turn throughout the night. In contrast, a restful night’s sleep can be improved with a better mattress, offering better support for your body.

How long should my mattress last?

If you can’t remember how old your mattress is, then it’s probably time to start thinking about buying a new one. Studies show that a mattress’s supportive quality starts to decline after 7 years, or even as soon as 2-3 years for some cheap mattresses. It’s important to keep track of the life of your mattress in order to attain and maintain a restful night’s sleep.

Orthopaedic Support

Orthopaedic mattresses are generally rated firm or extra firm. By having this additional firmness, it allows your body weight to be more event distributed across the mattress, relieving painful pressure points and maintain a natural spinal alignment.

If your mattress is not designed to provide you with orthopaedic support, it can lead to increased pain, less sleep and increased stress levels if you are a chronic sufferer of musculo-skeletal issues.

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