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PayPal Credit

What exactly is PayPal Credit?

The easiest way to think of PayPal Credit and finance is that it's the same as a credit card but minus the plastic. It works by attaching a limited amount of credit to your account in PayPal so you can use it when you purchase goods online. As such, it is the perfect hassle-free credit solution when you come to buy your new mattress.

What PayPal Credit offers do you have running?

The great news around using this hassle-free credit solution is that you get 0% interest for 4 months as a special offer. This is not just any old introductory rate that you get as a one-off when you first use it though! Each time you purchase goods worth £99 or over, you get the 0% interest for 4 months in relation to the purchase. Please note that minimum payments still apply to balances on the 0% offer rate.

Once the 4 month promotion period has expired or your spend under £99 on any one order, the standard variable interest rate of 19.9% per annum will be charged. To continue on the 0% promotional rate, you should stay within your personal credit limit and keep up repayments each month. It is also possible to spread the cost of any order under £99 at the 19.9% per annum variable rate.

What are the instalment offers with PayPal Credit about?

If your shopping cart is eligible, you will be shown a variety of 0% instalment deals to consider. This hassle-free way of using credit allows you to spread the whole cost of any purchase over easier to manage fixed monthly payments. As such, it means you can get the mattress you want but without having to have all the money upfront.

How do you apply for PayPal credit?

The great news is that applying for PayPal credit and finance is very straightforward. When you have filled your cart with the items you want to buy, simply click the PayPal credit option when on the checkout page. This will bring up an application form online to complete in order to get access to the 0% interest for 4 months deal. If accepted, the credit limit is connected to your PayPal account after you have accepted the Credit Agreement terms.

If it is PayPal instalment deals you are interested in, this is also hassle-free. On the checkout page, simply click the Pay By Finance option and look through the list of offers which are shown. When you have found one you are happy with, select it by clicking the PayPal Credit button. You would then need to fill out a short application form online and wait for PayPal to check your credit history. If they are happy, you would accept the Credit Agreement and PayPal would add the specified amount of credit to your account.

Should I apply again if I have PayPal Credit already?

The simple answer is no. It is fine to take up these offers without reapplying as long as there is enough available credit to use for the purchase.

Do you need a PayPal account?

It is essential to have your own PayPal account set-up to use this hassle-free credit solution when shopping with us. If you have not got one already, then don't worry - you can open one when applying for the credit online. Creating a PayPal account is not only free but also quick and easy. Just put in your email address, accept PayPal's T's & C's and set a secure password for the new account.

I can't see a PayPal Credit payment option when checking out?

When buying mattresses from us, the items in your basket must be eligible to use PayPal credit and finance for the order. This means that the total basket value must be at least £99. In addition, this type of credit can't be used with any other types of special offer, cashback websites or promotional codes.

What can I do if my application for PayPal credit is refused?

In the unfortunate event that your application is rejected by PayPal, they will provide further details of why. We do offer alternative methods of paying for goods though so get in touch for more help if this happens.

Can I return items purchased with PayPal Credit?

Here at Mattress Next Day, it is possible to return items purchased with this type of hassle-free credit. It must meet our standard returns policy first but as long as this is the case, your money will be refunded to your PayPal Credit account when we get the goods back.

How much does PayPal Credit cost outside of any instalment deals?

If you decide to make use of PayPal credit and finance outside of any instalment deals, the below shows the normal costs:

Representative example:
Purchase rate 19.9% variable per annum
Representative rate 19.9% variable APR
Assumed Credit Limit £1,200.00