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Our BLACK FRIDAY Sale is now on! Don't miss the chance to grab an awesome deal. With massive savings of up to 70% off RRP, shop now while stocks last!

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Our BLACK FRIDAY Sale is now on! Don't miss the chance to grab an awesome deal. With massive savings of up to 70% off RRP, shop now while stocks last!

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Our BLACK FRIDAY Sale is now on! Don't miss the chance to grab an awesome deal. With massive savings of up to 70% off RRP, shop now while stocks last!

Mattress Sale FAQs

Our mattress sale and bed sale is now on, offering great savings on big brand names and luxury mattresses. 

We are slashing prices for a huge range of mattresses, as well as a host of other incentives such as free 24-hour delivery and free pillows.

All of our mattresses are handmade in the UK and include some of the most comfortable and innovative models that we have ever stocked. This year’s pieces include big brands such as Dormeo and Sleepeezee, and our sale prices start at less than £100.

How can we afford to do this? That’s just one of the many questions our customers ask during mattress sale season. Read on to find out the answer to this and many other questions in our Mattress Sale FAQs below…

Should I buy a mattress in a sale?

Everyone deserves to sleep on a great mattress, but the best mattress brands don’t come cheap. If you are looking for brand name deals, you should always consider a mattress sale, rather than paying full price. In most cases, you will be able to save money by purchasing stock which has been earmarked for clearance and to make way for new models. This simply means that you can get all the benefits of a high-end mattress, without paying full price. 

How can I find a mattress sale near me?

To find a bed and mattress sale near you, all you have to do is search online. A range of great delivery options means that you no longer have to travel to your nearest retail park or mattress warehouse, before struggling to take your chosen mattress home.

At MattressNextDay, we offer next day delivery to customers all across the UK, meaning that our mattress sale will always be within your reach. 

How can MattressNextDay afford to offer these deals?

Our clearance items come at a reduced price because we need to make room in our warehouse for new products. Mattresses take up a lot of space, and we are always on the lookout for an innovative new product or up and coming brand.

This is why we have seasonal sales, to free up space and help our customers to find a great deal on a product that they were already hoping to buy. But get them while they’re available –it is not easy to find a high-quality mattress at a discount, and our top-selling brands are sold fast.

What is the best mattress to buy in a sale?

The best mattress to buy is always the mattress that you like the best. This is true regardless of where you buy your mattress, or how much you pay for it.

A mattress is a very intimate purchase, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Some people like a soft mattress, while others prefer the structure and support offered by box springs. Some of our customers will only ever consider a mattress that has been made from all-natural materials, while others are simply trying to stick to a strict budget and want to get the best possible mattress for their money.

All of these people can benefit from buying their mattress in a sale. But remember - a bargain is only a bargain if you would have bought the product at full price. 

Try out a few different mattresses, jot down your favourite brands and features, then take this information to the MattressNextDay sale to find the mattress of your dreams at a fraction of the price.

Should I consider a memory foam mattress when it's on sale?

Memory foam mattresses are incredibly popular at the moment due to their versatility and affordability. Memory foam moulds around the shape of your body, automatically distributing your weight to offer maximum support and comfort. 

Memory foam bounces back quickly and retains its shape surprisingly well over time. This is true for both brand new memory foam mattresses and sale items alike. 

When you buy a memory foam mattress in a sale, you are making your money go much further, and investing in thousands of great night’s sleep in your future.

What does a sale on double mattresses mean?

A double mattress usually measures 4'6" x 6'3" or 135cm x 190cm. Any double mattresses in our sale will be classified as a standard double or a small double (measuring 4' x 6'3" or 120cm x 190cm). However, look out for our 'King for Double' deals, which offer king-size beds (5' x 6'6" or 150cm x 200cm) for the price of a double.

Is it a good idea to buy floor models in a mattress sale?

Buying a floor model is a great way to save money on your next mattress. However, many people have concerns that a floor model will be of inferior quality compared with box-fresh mattresses. 

At MattressNextDay, we only stock the best, UK-based mattress brands, all of which come with a years-long guarantee. Even the most popular floor models will only ever have been used for a few minutes at a time over a period of several weeks or months. This type of sporadic use will have minimal effect on the life expectancy of the mattress, and yet massive discounts can be found, due to their technically ‘used’ status. 

All sample mattresses and floor models are professionally cleaned before they are sold, so they will arrive at your door in near-mint condition – give or take some of the original packaging. 

If you are looking for a discount mattress without compromising on quality, floor models are a great option.

Do I need to buy a bed frame separately?

Bed frames are the foundation of the bed structure itself, forming a base to facilitate comfortable sleep. If you're not replacing an existing mattress then we recommend also purchasing a bed frame or divan bed. We have a wide selection of on sale beds alongside our mattress sale.

How will my mattress be delivered?

We offer next day delivery to all UK customers – just place your order before 5pm and your mattress will arrive the following working day. You can also book a specific day for your delivery, up to three weeks in advance, for no extra charge. 

Saturday deliveries can be arranged at a flat rate of £24.95, although we cannot offer a Sunday delivery service. If you purchase a Premium Room of Choice Upgrade (£14.95), our delivery drivers will even carry your new mattress upstairs and lay it in a room of your choice. 

We can also offer a mattress disposal service for just £39.99, where we take away your old mattress and ensure that it is recycled for parts, avoiding the environmentally hazardous trap of landfill.