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Silentnight Studio Mattresses

Silenight’s Studio mattresses have been designed with user comfort in mind. The comfort mattresses feature Silentnight’s innovative foam, infused with luxurious gel alongside memory foam – a hybrid mattress which gives ample cushioning and ventilation. Whether you love a soft mattress or something slightly firmer, Studio by Silentnight has something for everyone. Improve your sleep today with the help of this luxury mattress collection from Silentnight.

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About Silentnight

The UK’s biggest and brightest mattress manufacturer, Silentnight know the secrets behind restful sleep. Having spent 70 years at the top of the bed and mattress industry, Silentnight are well-versed in creating luxurious mattresses. Our full range of Silentnight mattresses are evidence of the high standards associated with the brand.

Silentnight have no interest in settling, continually pushing the boundaries to find the next sleep innovation. The award-winning mattress brand have produced everything from divan beds to high quality headboards, striving to create sustainable sleeping spaces where you can rest your head in peace. Studio by Silentnight is the next step in their quest to build the definitive sleeping experience.

Studio By Silentnight Mattress Range

Studio by Silentnight is a contemporary range of minimalist mattress-in-a-box offerings, made up of three layers. Between layers of Geltex and memory foam, the cooling mattresses offer unbeatable comfort, supporting your frame as you sleep.

An Allergy UK approved mattress range, the hypoallergenic mattresses feature an anti-allergy cover which is removable for ease of cleaning. Expertly designed to keep dust mites and irritations at bay, Studio by Silentnight sleeping surfaces are among the best mattresses for allergy sufferers.

Silentnight believe that the customer is always right and, unlike inferior rolled mattresses, the range doesn’t take a ‘one size fits all’ approach, rather allowing the user to select their desired comfort level. There are three mattress options available within the range, each catering to different requirements.

Studio By Silentnight Softer Mattress

A soft to medium mattress, this is a dream mattress for side sleepers and smaller individuals. Providing adequate cushioning for hips and shoulders without being overly firm, you’ll get a great night’s sleep when resting on this offering from the Silentnight Studio mattress collection.

Expertly designed for supreme orthopaedic support and pressure relief, this memory foam mattress is also breathable, preventing over-heating as you sleep. Incredibly comfortable and luxurious, this is the ultimate bed mattress for those looking for something on the softer end of the firmness scale.

Studio By Silentnight Medium Mattress

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s not too soft yet not too firm, then medium mattresses are just right. The perfect balancing act of comfort and support, a medium mattress gives you the best of both worlds, with a plush and luxurious feel coupled with generous levels of support.

An award-winning mattress, this medium mattress in a box is built with accolade-worthy quality and durability. If you’re unsure which mattress comfort level is right for you, then medium provides a good middle ground, suiting the needs of the majority of sleepers.

Studio By Silentnight Firmer Mattress

Firm mattresses are perfect for those who need a bit of extra support to drift off to sleep. The best mattresses for back sleepers and front sleepers alike, larger individuals can also benefit from the added rigidity of a firm bed mattress.

Designed to promote healthy spinal alignment, this firm mattress has less sagging than its softer counterparts, holding your body in position while you snooze. The firm rolled mattress evenly distributed the weight of your body, reducing the reliance on particular pressure points in the body.

Bespoke Divan Beds With Studio By Silentnight

Why settle for a pre-determined divan bed when you can build your own? Each mattress product page features the option to go for a divan base and mattress set. This takes you to the build a divan bundle widget. Divan beds come in many shapes, sizes and configurations, and now you can receive the Silentnight divan to your exact specifications.

Starting off with the blank canvas, you can let your imagination run wild, selecting your desired colour to fit in with your current colour scheme. Next up are the storage options, where you can choose between a no storage divan or a divan with 2 drawers. Top it all off with one of our showstopping headboards and your brand new divan bed is ready for ordering.

Which Studio By Silentnight Mattress Sizes Are There?

Choose between four main sizes of mattress to suit your requirements. The range kicks off with single mattresses, meaning you can kit out a kids bedroom with a specialist comfort mattress. This size is equally suited to guest rooms or home offices.

The next step up the size scale is the Silentnight double mattresses. Perfect for couples or solo-sleepers who love room to stretch, a double mattress will fit most standard sized bedrooms with ease. There are also king and super king mattresses, providing elegant sleeping environments which will make you feel like royalty. From small to large, each mattress has been painstakingly crafted to ensure you never have to settle for sleep that’s anything less than amazing.