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Bunk Beds

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  Bunk Beds – Buying Guide

Most Bunk beds are designed for children. Their main purpose is to provide extra space in a bedroom when two children have to share. When trying to choose the right type of Bunk bed there are a number of important factors that must be taken into consideration. Initially it must be decided if the children are old enough and sensible enough to use a Bunk bed. It is not generally advisable for children under 6 years old or children that are over active and may treat the Bunk bed as a climbing frame to have a Bunk bed. Many accidents from Bunk beds occur because children treat the bed as a playground and accidently fall off the top Bunk.

Bunk beds these days are generally much safer than ever before, because they are made with much better materials, better design, improved construction and most importantly adequate guard rails. Even with these improvements it will still depend largely on the children using them. Certain rules should be made, by the parent, on how to use the bed including how to use the ladder and pointing out the dangers of misusing the Bed especially the top Bunk.

When choosing a Bunk bed it is very important to examine its construction very carefully. Most Bunk beds have a base, which holds the mattress, made up of wooden slats. The gaps between the slats should be no more than 8 cms or 3 inches. The gap between the mattress and the guard rail should be no more than 20cms – 4-5 inches. This will ensure that any child on the top Bunk cannot slip through at any point. The mattress should be checked to also make sure that it is a reasonable fit and does not move about but remains securely in one place.

Bunk beds come with either a wooden frame or metal frame. Metal is much stronger, more rigid and it is not likely to go out of shape during seasonal changes. However, wood is much more pleasing on the eye and usually fits into the décor of the bedroom much better. It is important, however, to realise that a cheap wooden bed frame will not last as long as a metal or solid wooden bed, taking into account the stress caused by lively children playing on it. Another major factor in deciding what type of Bunk bed to choose will depend on the size and weight of the person or persons using it. But always remember that children will grow up and increase in height and weight and therefore future use should also be a consideration in the style and strength of the Bunk bed.

Most Bunk beds come as a flat pack and therefore it is vitally important to ensure that it is assembled correctly and securely. If you do not feel; completely happy about assembling it yourself make sure you employ a competent person to assemble it. Always remember your child’s safety will depend on the Bunk bed being safe.

Remember also that children do not treat their bed or a Bunk bed as we treat our own bed. We do not generally jump about or fight on it. Children will always put their bed through a punishing routine so always make sure that, whichever one you buy, it can stand up to the rigors of lively children.

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