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Rest Assured has been making beautiful beds since 1898. That's over 100 years' experience and insight into the perfect night's sleep. For your complete ease and comfort, their mattresses contain hundreds of springs placed closely together under layers of sumptuous fillings.

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Rest Assured - Buying Guide

Rest Assured - Buying Guide

Rest Assured have been making beautiful beds and mattresses for over 100 years. That's over 100 years experience and insight into a perfect nights sleep. Mattress Next Day have a choice of mattresses including pocket spring and a combination of pocket spring with memory foam.

The Rest Assured pocket spring mattresses are made using the latest spring technology. Each spring is pocketed into individual cloth pockets. This holds the spring at exactly the right tension and also allows each spring to move independently of one another. Each pocket spring is tied together to avoid any gapping but still allows them to respond to every movement you may make. As the springs are independent, then any movement on one side of the bed will not affect a partners sleep on the other side of the bed. It will also prevent any possibility of the two people sharing the bed from rolling together. The mattress includes a sumptuous natural filling of pure new wool and smooth silk giving superior comfort.

The cover is made using soft fabric of the highest quality and the mattress is hand tufted with soft felt tufts. The mattress border is hand stitched for a traditional look and a supportive mattress edge. The addition of strong hand stitched side handles make turning the mattress an easier task when you need to do so. Side vents are sewn into the sides to allow the mattress to breathe.

The Rest Assured Pocket Memory Mattresses are combined to the latest pocket spring technology with luxurious Memory Foam. The memory foam works together with your bodies natural temperature when being in bed, giving support to every part of your body to the optimum degree.

Because the memory foam reacts to your individual body it moulds itself to each part giving equal support, this helps to maintain correct posture and providing a good nights sleep. The memory foam is made with hypo-allergic foam to help to avoid problems with allergies. This memory foam is laid on top of the latest pocket springs which give the benefit of spring technology. Using individual pocket springs this gives the added advantage of allowing movement on one side of the bed not affecting the partner on the other side.

The quilted mattress cover is made from soft knitted fabric with soft tufts and hand stitched mattress edge giving a traditional look and a supportive mattress edge. There are hand stitched handles attached to the edges of the mattress to aid when it needs to be moved. However the Pocket Memory Mattress does not need to be turned as the memory foam must always be uppermost.

When purchasing a mattress it should be remembered that it should last up to 10 years. With a Rest Assured Mattress you can always be assured that it will remain supportive and comfortable throughout the entire period.

Rest Assured Mattresses are available to accommodate people who like either soft medium or firm mattresses.

When choosing the right mattress make sure that it is correct for you and your partner, especially if you are different in size. The advantage of Pocket Spring and Memory Foam is that partners of different size can use the same mattress and both receive the support and comfort they both need.

Rest Assured offer excellent support and comfort over the complete range of their mattresses.
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