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3ft Single Mattresses

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About 3ft Single Mattresses

At MattressNextDay, you’ll find an extensive collection of supportive and comfortable single mattresses.

Perfect for bedrooms where space is limited, the mattresses in our range will ensure you get the rest you deserve every night. From single bed mattresses you sink into to firmer options, we’re confident we’ll have something to suit your needs.

We have everything from pocket spring to memory foam options from some of the industry’s leading brands. With free 24-hour delivery available on orders over £100, buy online with MattressNextDay today!

Looking for something a little bit more spacious? Check out our double and king-size mattresses too.

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  3ft Single Mattress Buying Guide

When choosing a new 3 ft. mattress it is very important to not only know which bedroom it is for but who will be using it and how much use it will have. A mattress for a child's bedroom will have a great deal more use than a mattress for the spare or guest room. Also in many main bedrooms , 3 ft. beds and mattresses are used especially if the partners prefer single beds or partners require different mattresses when two mattresses can be linked together to form a double mattress each with its own particular characteristics.

There is a vast range of Mattresses available to choose from each with its own style and make up costing from under £100 to many hundreds of pounds. Depending which bedroom the mattress is for, may determine the amount you are prepared to pay for it. It should be remembered that you can spend one third of your life in bed and therefore would want it to be as comfortable and supportive as possible. A good Mattress should last at least 10 years.

As previously stated, how and where your mattress will be used will determine the type and style you may choose.

There are generally three types of mattresses available on the market, they are –

Basic type which has just standard material filling. These are generally the cheapest and can be used in a guest room which has very infrequent use, or you cannot afford the more expensive types. These mattresses can be very comfortable and have been available for a very long time.

The second type of mattress is the Pocket Spring Mattresses which are made from hundreds of small conical springs linked together with a covering of material. These have the advantage of being much more comfortable and supportive. They also give extra individual support to various parts of the body helping to keep the body spine in alignment which helps to provide a better nights sleep. In some of the better Pocket Spring Mattresses there is a double layer of springs. The top layer being much smaller and therefore giving increased comfort. These are generally more expensive than single layer Pocket Spring Mattresses. It is also advisable to make sure that the type of Pocket Springs in the mattress you are considering to buy has individual Pocket Springs and not a continuous spring arrangement because these do not give the same individual support.

The third type of Mattress is the Memory Foam Mattress. Memory Foam Mattresses have the major advantage that when you lay on them in bed your body temperature and weight affects the Memory Foam and moulds itself into the shape of your body. This has many advantages in that it helps to prevent pressure points. This is because the foam has moulded to your shape and supports each part of your body equally.

Memory Foam is made with millions of very small holes embedded in it and depending on the density of the Memory Foam will determine how hard or soft the mattress is. There are now Mattresses that have a combination of these interiors and you can find Pocket Spring Mattresses with a layer of Memory Foam on top of the springs giving you the best of both worlds. These obviously cost somewhat more than other types of mattresses but when you take into consideration that a good mattress will last in excess of 10 years the cost can be very reasonable when it is providing you with the best nights sleep you have ever had.

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