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5ft Kingsize Mattresses

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About 5ft Kingsize Mattresses

MattressNextDay is home to a huge collection of high-quality king-size mattresses from some of the industry’s leading brands.

Measuring 5’ in width, a king-size mattress offers more than enough space for two people and is the ultimate sleeping indulgence. To ensure you get a great night’s sleep every time, we stock a range of memory foam and pocket spring options so you can choose the best level of support for you.

We offer free 24-hour delivery on all orders over £100, so place your order online today!

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  King Size Mattress Buying Guide

Decades of research and development to be able to bring the ultimate sleeping comfort solutions for people, UK

mattress manufacturers have exhibited a creative touch of elegance and luxury. Needless to say that these mattresses

are not just a bed of roses but extremely therapeutic for the spine, thereby instilling healthy sleep patterns in an overly stressed out individual. If you've spent years on a mattress where you and your partner have been compromising for

space, its time that you looked into the options of getting a king size mattress that come in various designs, upholstered and tufted with the extra padded comfort that could bring undisturbed rest and slumber like never before. With UK market

for king size mattress hosting a vast choice, it has indeed become inevitable that one makes a thorough survey or

consults an expert on tips to buying a king size mattress suiting all your requirements.

According to a finding in UK it has been observed that most people complain of a back pain owing to the poorly equipped mattress quality that they have been lying on for years. The king size mattresses are designed to bring a royal and

spacious look to your bedroom as they boldly adorn the ambience of your bedroom. The space is a big advantage that

most people prefer a king size. The material that you would want the mattress to be made from can range from open sprung, pocket sprung, foam and orthopedic varieties. While buying a king size mattress, UK made, you need to keep in mind the following criteria.

1. Size of the mattress: Make sure that the king size mattress fits in perfectly on your bed. There are manufacturers that also make mattresses bigger than the king size for extremely huge beds. Ensure what kind you want so you don't end up buying a mattress that turns out to be a misfit. Depending on the bed base design, you need to keep in mind if the four edges are rounded or sharp. Accordingly make sure that you get a similar mattress or look out for the customized options for a king size mattress.

2. Firmness of the mattress: An all comfort mattress could land your back in further problems. A little amount of firmness

is important when you choose your king size mattress, owing to the support that your spine requires while sleeping. This not only keeps you away from all sorts of back related sleeping issues but also ensures a good and healthy sleep pattern.

3. Balancing your weight with the layers of padding: Not every king size mattress could be ideal for everyone. Since each one's constitution and physical make up is entirely different, learning what suits your body the best is vital. The body weight should be evenly balanced by the sturdy mattress that you purchase. If the mattress that you lie on sinks unevenly giving

you discomfort not only while sleeping but also while trying to get out of the bed, remember this isn't what your body

needs. Therefore lying on a mattress before purchasing it is something every buyer must consciously do.

4. Don't compromise on quality: Watch out for quality and don't be lured by the cheap prices you could get a king size mattress for, unless it is on a sale or a discount. It is indeed worth buying the sleeping space and comfort that a king size mattress can give you when you actually begin experiencing the benefits of enjoying a good night's sleep. Even if you have to pay more, it is a worthwhile investment as the quality of sleep will determine the quality of active hours you spend

during the day pursuing various important jobs.

5. Healthy mattress material: Ensure that you don't get a mattress that has material you could be allergic to. Though

most king size mattress manufacturers have successfully worked their way through bringing out some of the best

material that has no reaction on human skin, a double check on your side would give you an assurance while shopping.

With most conveniences of inspecting the quality and size of the king size mattress displayed online, one needs to go to

the store just to try out the bed he has had a glimpse of online. This technology based wave of online shopping has made buying easier. At one go a person could get a comparative chart on what is the best choice of a king size mattress that would suit him unbelievably. In order to check which grade of firmness he would want, it is advisable that he visits a store and tries the mattress out before jumping to any conclusions. The feel of the mattress is extremely important as it is not about simply buying a king size mattress but it is all about buying a lifetime of sleep to soothe your stressed mind and muscles.

Without wasting a minute track down all the seasonal discounts that you could get on your king size mattress and make

a bargain that would give you both quality and an ease on your pocket. Ideally a king size mattress is for those who are looking for royal comfort along with the advantage of extra sleeping space. This is a choice that needs to be made for a huge bedroom that could give your room the look of a haven of peace, tranquility and elegance.

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