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Silentnight Mattresses
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MattressNextDay is proud to be home to a range of top-quality Silentnight mattresses. Discover the range below.

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Silentnight Comfortable Foam
2 reviews for this product - 2 review(s)
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Silentnight Hayes Pine Wooden Bed Frame
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Silentnight Easycare Deluxe Mattress
3 reviews for this product - 3 review(s)
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Was: £179.99
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Silentnight Memory 3 Zone
4 reviews for this product - 4 review(s)
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Was: £179.99
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Silentnight Divan Base Only
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Was: £251.99
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Silentnight Oberon Seoul Memory
16 reviews for this product - 16 review(s)
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Was: £239.99
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Silentnight Essentials Pocket 1000
2 reviews for this product - 2 review(s)
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Was: £299.99
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Silentnight Classic Ortho Mattress
3 reviews for this product - 3 review(s)
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Was: £256.80
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Silentnight Easycare Deluxe Divan Set (No Drawer)
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Was: £323.98
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Silentnight Sofia 1200 Pocket Mattress
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Was: £311.99
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Silentnight Classic 1200 Pocket Deluxe
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Was: £359.99
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Silentnight Easycare Deluxe Divan Set (Drawers)
1 reviews for this product - 1 review(s)
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Was: £401.98
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Silentnight Mirapocket 1350 Naturals Mattress
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Was: £539.99
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Silentnight Mirapocket 2600 Naturals Mattress
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Was: £707.99
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Are Silentnight Products Right for You?

As you are shopping for mattresses, you will definitely want to consider Silentnight mattresses. These are some of the best mattresses in the industry, and we stock a full line of Silentnight products. Silentnight has been manufacturing mattresses and bedding products for over 60 years. In that time, the company has made over 40 million beds. Those numbers alone are enough to prove that Silentnight is a leader and expert in the bedding market. Estimates indicate that a product from this company is sold every 90 seconds. Obviously, they are doing something right when it comes to making beds! Since the 1980s, Silentnight has been the UK’s leading bed manufacturer and brand. The company’s popularity began when they created a new spring system that made their beds better quality than the competition. The “Ultimate Spring System” made Silentnight mattresses far more comfortable than traditional spring mattresses.

Today, the “Miracoil Spring System” is the premier Silentnight mattress, and its design embraces the quality that has helped the company lead the market for over 25 years. Today, you can benefit from the quality and history of this company by purchasing your own Silentnight mattress.

What Makes Silentnight Mattresses Different?

Perhaps you are wondering what makes a Silentnight mattress better than a mattress from one of their competitors. Obviously there is some benefit to purchasing Silentnight mattresses. If there were no difference, the company would not be leader of the UK mattress industry. Silentnight has led the industry with the patented Miracoil Sleep System. This unique design uses a special spring that keeps the people in the bed from rolling together during the night. Also, you will find that it is very difficult to roll off of a Silentnight mattress. This system is made out of one continuous spring that runs from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed. This allows a sleeper’s body weight to be distributed evenly from the top to the bottom of the bed. With this system, two people of differing sizes can sleep in the same bed without discomfort or unevenness in the bed. These beds can be filled with a variety of materials to change the firmness and comfort of the bed. Regardless of how firm or soft you choose your Silentnight bed to be, you will find that the support offered by the Miracoil Spring System cannot be beat by other spring beds

Does Silentnight Offer Foam Beds?

If you are looking to buy a foam mattress rather than a spring mattress, rest assured that there is a Silentnight mattress that will fit your needs. The Miratex mattress system is the Silentnight mattress line that uses foam instead of springs. This comfortable mattress line features mattresses that conform to the shape and contours of the sleeper’s body. This allows you to enjoy a very comfortable night’s sleep. Miratex mattresses combine a layer of memory foam and a layer of Miratex foam for the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Because these Silentnight mattresses utilize memory foam technology, you will find that they help alleviate back pain and tension headaches by distributing your body weight evenly over the bed’s surface. The “no roll together” benefit of the spring Silentnight mattresses is also found on the foam versions.

You will also not roll off of this bed easily. You will find, however, that Silentnight’s memory foam line gives you the added support you need along your back for a truly restful night’s sleep. This is a bed that you simply must have if you are suffering from back pain at night.

Silentnight’s Mirapocket Is Yet Another Option

Besides having both excellent spring mattresses and excellent memory foam mattresses, the Silentnight mattress collection also includes the Mirapocket mattress system. This innovative design combines the patented Miracoil spring system with a new mini pocket spring design. This gives each of these Silentnight mattresses two layers of springs. You will find that this makes the bed unbelievably comfortable! The pocket springs help give additional support and comfort to the bed. These Silentnight mattresses have a minimum of 1,350 of these pocket springs, and they are strategically placed within the mattress to provide support in the areas where it is most needed. Like every other Silentnight mattress, you will benefit from the no roll together and no roll off feature that has defined the brand. When you top a Mirapocket mattress with a deep pillow top, you will find that you are sleeping in the ultimate comfort. For instance, the Silentnight Mirapocket 2100 offers you a firm, but comfortable night’s sleep with a lush quilted top, the Mirapocket system, and a no-flip feature for easy maintenance. By combining long-standing mattress technology with an innovative new feature, the Mirapocket bed line is taking the industry by storm.

Silentnight Has Mattresses for All Needs

While the Mirapocket, Miracoil, and Miratex systems are the main systems in the Silentnight mattress line, you will find that the company offers several other products to meet your needs. If you suffer from breathing problems and allergies, consider the Silentnight Breatheasy. This foam mattress gives you all of the benefits of sleeping on luxurious memory foam, such as increased back support and reduced pressure on pressure points. Additionally, it features hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant materials that will bring relief to any allergy sufferer. Another of the Silentnight mattresses that you may want to consider is the Silentnight Miracoil Memory. This luxurious mattress combines the Miracoil system with a luxurious memory foam material. With this combination, you will benefit from the durability and comfort of a Miracoil mattress with the support and back pain relief that comes from a memory foam mattress. When you are looking for a mattress that really supports your back, these Silentnight mattresses are the only option. When you purchase your next Silentnight mattress from Mattress Next Day, you will have your new mattress in as little as 24 hours. We never charge for shipping, and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase!

Drift off to a silent and glorious night of uninterrupted slumber in a bed from Silentnight atop a luxuriously comfortable mattress from MattressNextDay.co.uk. You will be asking how you got along without this wonderful duo for complete and pampered sleeping for so long.

Beds, bedsteads, divans, sleigh beds, and headboards in a variety of styles including elegant upholstery wrapped and wood finished pieces, available in king, double, and single sizes. Beds designed with style and function appealing to adult tastes and bed styles and designs that appeal to children and teens.

Mattresses made of memory foam, springs guaranteed to support and not to spring an unexpected poke on you, and mattresses specifically designed to fit perfectly in bedsteads. All of this is made available at such affordable prices that you can afford to give the entire household a bed for nights of silent and glorious slumber. At these prices you can afford to outfit your guest room in style and offer guests to your home the comfort of sleeping in a bed from the Silentnight collection.

These beds are made to last for years of supported and comfortable use and with designs and finishes that will not fade over the years. The mattresses that you can purchase to make your time in bed the most luxurious time spent in bed ever, are made to retain their support and last longer than conventional mattresses. You can learn more about these mattresses on these pages.

Get started on finding the bed and mattress that will have you drifting off to a silent and glorious night of slumber tonight and for many nights to come.

A good nights rest for the Kiddies

A good nights rest for the Kiddies equals a good nights rest for Grown-ups

When you can't get good nights sleep you really pay for it the next day. You feel sluggish and less able to focus on your work and other obligations. Are you finding yourself and spouse getting less rest than you need because your child gets out of bed several times a night? Children also pay a price during the day when they did not sleep well during the night. They have trouble concentrating and performing at school and due to tiredness they are more apt to have a fresh mouth with teachers and parents and to get into scuffles with other children.

Adults and children need different amounts of sleep a night for optimal health, with children needing 10 to 12 hours of slumber, while adults need about 8 hours of slumber a night. If your child is having trouble going to sleep and or staying asleep throughout the night and there is no medical explanation for this, consider that your child's bed may be responsible for the lack of sleep in your household.

Kids feel safe and secure and sleep better in beds designed just for them. A quality, comfortable mattress for their bed is a must as well. Silentnight has a bed collection specially designed for children styles children and parents will like and made using quality materials for durability and value that grownups will appreciate. To find quality, comfortable mattresses look at our mattress selections to find a perfect mattress. A good nights rest for the kiddies equals a good nights rest for grownups too.

Is there help for the indecisive?

Question: I have wanted a new bed for quite some time now. I most likely could use a new mattress as well. My desire for a bed that will be comfortable for sleeping in and that is also a beautiful centerpiece for my bedroom is what I have been in search of.

Happily I have found my way here and to your Silentnight selection. But now that I have seen all of the beautiful styles of beds on offer, I cannot decide on which one style will work best as the centerpiece for my bedroom.

I have no difficulty in knowing that I want high quality furniture without having to pay an exorbitant amount of money for it. But considering that I am having this much trouble in making the right choice for me in a bed style, how on earth am I going to choose the perfect mattress for my new bed? Is there help available for the frustratingly indecisive like me?

Answer: Yes, we are here to assist our valued customers in making the decisions in bed and mattress styles that they will be the happiest with and get the most enjoyment, comfort, value, and lasting use from.

We can help you in selecting the bed style that bests fits the dimensions of your bedroom and the color and decorating scheme already in place, as well as selecting the style you will be happy to own and have as the centerpiece for your bedroom. We will also make suggestions to you on the type of mattress you may find work best for the bed you have chosen.

Modern to Traditional quality

Modern to Traditional quality, comfort, value assured

We are excited to share the Silentnight brand of fine bedroom furnishings with you. The finest in craftsmanship has gone into constructing each of these pieces for the highest in quality furniture for your bedroom possible. We searched hard to find the high quality bedroom furniture that we could bring to you at the lowest possible pricing and we are proud to now be able to offer this to you through a trusted brand such as the Silentnight brand of beds with styles from modern to traditional.

We are pleased that the Silentnight collection of bedroom furniture offers such a wide range of styles from which you can select the one that best complements the décor of your bedroom and your individual sense of style. Some people prefer the classic lines of the more traditional styles while others favor the nuances in more modern design styles. But we think that everyone will agree that regardless of whether your tastes in bedroom furnishings leans towards traditional or modern, you want to have more than just one or two bed styles to choose from.

The Silentnight collection of modern to traditional beds provides the assurance of quality, comfort, and value in each of the finely crafted pieces of furniture we proudly make available to you for purchase. We have made the ordering process as simple as possible; however we are always available to offer you any help you may need in selecting and purchasing the right bed for your home. For a collection of high quality comfort assured mattresses visit us.

Life before Silentnight

The bed I used to sleep on was an old hand me down and when I say old I mean old. This bed was somewhere in the vicinity of 25-30 years old. I was raised thinking that if something was still in working order then it was to be used until it wasn't anymore. It was as simple as that and since this bed was not full of exposed springs it was going to be good enough for several years to come. Besides it was free, you can't say no to free right?

Needless to say I didn't get the best of sleep on this old rickety mattress. I would wake up with a sore back, my hips hurt and sometimes I was more tired in the morning than I had been when I went to bed the night before.

I tried everything, I tried mattress covers, I bought feather beds to put atop the mattress, at one time I had a feather bed topper and a memory foam topper on the mattress at the same time! Do you know how expensive those things are? They cost me hundreds and hundreds of pounds and the rub of it is that I could have bought a whole new mattress for the same amount of money. All of this in order to "save" some cash in not buying a whole new mattress set.

I finally broke down and bought a new Silentnight bed for a great price at MattressNextDay. The first night I spent on it was like heaven and now I can't imagine ever having slept on that old rag of a bed.

What is bedtime without a stuffed animal?

Bedtime to most kids is nothing without their favorite stuffed animal. And really this is true for many adults too. Sure we don't want to admit it but we all love a cuddly little bear or hippo, you know it. Some of the cutest ones are those already all dressed for bed. They look adorable sitting by the pillow of a freshly made bed and they look even better all cuddled up in the arms of your little darling girl or boy.

The Silentnight Hippo and Duck is the perfect addition to any bed and he comes not only in different sizes but in different variations as well.

For example you can get this famous hippo in a ten or twenty inch classic stuffed version. These are so cuddly that they will bring you back to the days when you yourself were a babe getting tucked in at night by your mommy.

You will fall in love with his plush outer fur and his soft squishy middle and who does not love his striped pj's? They are perfect! But the best part of all the Silentnight hippos is the little yellow duckie on his arm. They make the most endearing pair.

If you want something a little different then why not choose the hippo beanie or the ever popular snoring hippo. This is a favorite among Silentnight customers. He moves and you would swear his snoring is the real thing only not nearly as annoying!

Have you met the Silentnight snoring Hippo yet?

Well, have you? If you have not yet been introduced to this miraculous stuffed toy then you are seriously missing out. This is the finest toy you will ever have the opportunity to enjoy. Not only is it soft and plushy it is animated!

Having this cuddly stuffed animal is like having a baby that is easy to take care of. It is as cute as all get out with its sleepy little hippo face and his striped pajamas are simply the most darling little things in blue and white stripes.

He makes the prefect gift for anyone on your list whether they are a child or an adult. Everyone can appreciate how adorable he is. His body moves and he snores as if really sleeping.

Another important thing about this hippo is that he meets all European safety standards so you know that when you buy him for a child they are not at risk of becoming injured when playing with him. This is always something you need to be aware of when purchasing a toy for a child of any age. The makers of this wonderful cuddly toy have gone to great lengths to make sure it is as safe and fun to play with as any other toy out there on the market today.

Everyone loves the Silentnight Snoring Hippo, he looks great, feels great and even sounds great. What more could you ask for in a stuffed toy?

Bounce into a good night's sleep

Bounce into a good night's sleep with a quality spring mattress

Springs are what make traditional beds so appealing. That gentle squeak you here as you get on or off the bed is music to many people's ears. While there are certainly newer and more technologically advanced materials that beds are made out of these days, sometimes you just can't beat a classic. With Silentnight, you can choose from a wide array of popular and immensely comfortable spring mattresses that are sure to make you smile, not to mention be easy on the pocket.

While all of Silentnight's spring mattresses do indeed use springs for comfort and support, there are still a number of options to choose from in order to get the bed that's perfect for you. Whether you are looking for support that is firm or soft, it's available here. We have spring mattresses that use latex, others that work to cushion your spine for orthopedic care, and even spring mattresses that are infused with memory foam to help you sleep better at night.

Prices vary among these models, though they are always competitive within their field. Take a close look at the spring beds we have to offer and choose one that's right for you. You'll soon be having a better night of rest than you've had in a while.

Fit your frame perfectly with a Bedstead Mattress

Fit your frame perfectly with a Bedstead Mattress

Finding a mattress that fits perfectly with the shape of your bed may be difficult for some people, especially if you have a bed frame with a slatted base. Here at MattressNextDay, however, we offer a wide range of Silentnight bedstead mattresses that are perfect for slatted bases. These mattresses offer excellent support, in addition to a special non-slip technology that will keep you on the bed for the duration of the night. After all, nobody wants a mattress they're going to fall off of, right?

Silentnight's bedstead mattresses are made from a number of materials, so you only need to pick the one that's best for you before making a purchase. We have mattresses made of linen, satin, silk, and chenille. All of these mattresses offer the best comfort and support money can buy, all at competitive prices.

So take a look at what's available on our website, and you'll see that we offer only the best bedstead mattresses out there. No matter if you desire a firm bed or a soft one, it will be there for you to purchase. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We'll be happy to help you make the right decision.

Silentnight beds gives back

Silentnight Beds may offer some of the best prices and incredible deals on today's best mattresses, but it also does much more than that. In fact, we are a company that contributes to a number of charity events by donating cuddly toys for fundraising activities, and by helping in any way a charity may request of us. We strive to set the best example we can by giving back to our community, in addition to supplying consumers with mattresses that will help them sleep better and feel better in the morning.

Some of our past contributions include the Gingerbread Brightening Lives Project, a fundraiser for St, Josheph's Catholic Primary School, and many others. If you are interested in the charities we have been involved with, you can contact the charity coordinator at turnerl@silentnight.co.uk.

We are dedicated to helping our community in any way possible, so if you have any special requests for us, or would just like to let us now about a charity you are sponsoring, please send it our way to the same address above. We'll do our best to see that everyone's dreams come true, and we're happy to our part to make it happen.

Sealy Posturepedic – The Crowning Jewel of Sealy

Sealy Posturepedic – The Crowning Jewel of Sealy Mattresses

As you are shopping for your next Sealy mattress, you will notice the prominence of the Sealy Posturepedic among the company’s many mattress choices. This mattress is the company’s crowning jewel. It was created in 2006 with the help of the Orthopaedic Advisory Board. The OAB was made up of orthopaedic surgeons and other medical professionals. The goal of the Board was to help Sealy create a mattress that would give people the chance to sleep more comfortably. The resulting Sealy mattress gives more support to users, while at the same time reducing problems from pressure points. The secret to these Sealy mattresses is the push-back support system. This inner spring system helps redistribute weight so that the heavier parts of the sleeper’s body do not feel pressure from the bed. The support from the mattress comes from the steel rod that circles the mattress. Each outer spring is power clipped to this rod, adding even more support to the sleep system. The bed is filled with luxury fibre to contribute even more to a great night’s sleep. These features have combined to make the Sealy Posturepedic mattress one of the most popular mattresses in the world.
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