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Choose from our massive range of mattresses! We stock hundreds of different types, so we’ll have the perfect one for you! From single, double and superking sizes, to pocket sprung, memory foam and orthopaedic constructions, our collection features the biggest brands including Silentnight, Sealy and Rest Assured. With something for everyone: we offer great value for money. Available with Free Next Day Delivery - Buy it today, sleep on it tomorrow!

Modern manufacturing techniques and materials have revolutionised mattresses. You can now choose from memory foam, pocket spring, reflex foam, latex foam or open coil designs - our free Mattress Buying Guide will explain it all.

Our online website lays out the wide range of size, firmness, type, design and price in an easy to understand manner. Or, if you prefer, chat with our specialists on 0333 0069 769. When you've chosen, you can have it at your door in 24 hours - free for orders over £150.



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Ultimate Mattress Guide & Helpful Tips

Choose from our massive range of mattresses! We stock hundreds of different types, so we’ll have the perfect one for you! From single, double and superking sizes, to pocket sprung, memory foam and orthopaedic constructions, our collection features the biggest brands including Silentnight, Sealy and Rest Assured. With something for everyone: we offer great value for money. Available with Free Next Day Delivery - Buy it today, sleep on it tomorrow!

Modern manufacturing techniques and materials have revolutionised mattresses. You can now choose from memory foam, pocket spring, reflex foam, latex foam or open coil designs - our free Mattress Buying Guide will explain it all.

Our online website lays out the wide range of size, firmness, type, design and price in an easy to understand manner. Or, if you prefer, chat with our specialists at 0333 0069 769. When you've chosen, you can have it at your door in 24 hours - free for orders over £150.

What are the different types of mattresses?

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for you, it pays to understand how different models are built. From pocket spring to memory foam, and soft to firm, mattresses are constructed differently and we each have a preference for our own comfort.

If you’re thinking about changing your mattress but don’t quite know where to begin, here’s our handy guide to various mattress constructions to help you make an informed decision. All our mattresses are crafted to the highest standards and are guaranteed next day delivery, whichever mattress you choose.

Pocket spring

A pocket spring mattress contains hundreds or even thousands of small springs, all wrapped up in individual soft fabric pockets within the mattress lining. These are then filled with various soft and luxuriant fillings, creating that sense of comfort as you sink into the bed. Because the springs are not attached to the lining, they are free to move about independently and this provides enhanced support, as they fit themselves around your body’s contours as you sleep. 

Free movement also means they help prevent ‘rolling’ at night, even if you share your bed with a partner and there’s a weight difference. A pocket spring mattress is great if you suffer from back or joint pain because they provide an excellent level of support where you need it most.

If a pocket spring mattress is your preferred option by the end of this guide, take a look at our full online catalogue to see which brand you might prefer. You’ll find the best spring mattress manufacturers and receive our guarantee of next day delivery.

Memory foam

Memory foam mattresses also offer excellent support and comfort, shaping themselves around your body as you sleep. Memory foam was developed by NASA in the late 1960s and it’s been widely available for domestic use for several years, including in memory foam mattresses. Memory foam is made up of polyurethane and harmless chemicals which increase its density and viscosity, giving it that lovely, soft feel for the highest levels of comfort.

Because a memory foam mattress shapes itself around you as you sleep, it helps cushion and provides comfort at pressure points such as those on your shoulders and hips. Pressure points can become sore if they’re not adequately protected, so if you’ve been experiencing pain which wakes you up at night, memory foam could be the best choice of mattress for you.

Choose a memory foam mattress from us and you’ll get the usual free next day delivery guarantee, and we have all the best-named brands for you to choose from.


Orthopaedic mattresses are specially designed to give greater comfort and support to the neck, spine, hips and lower extremities, in other words, the weight-bearing parts of our bodies. These joints can often take the strain day-to-day and need to be correctly supported at night in order to fully recover, and see you aren’t woken up by aches and pains.

For that reason, an orthopaedic mattress tends to be firmer and denser than other types of mattress. Orthopaedic mattresses are typically made from high-density foam which comes in solid blocks, although there are still some classic spring coil mattresses to be found.

If you’re suffering from a medical condition or simply prefer the firmer and sturdier types of mattress, then see our orthopaedic section of the online catalogue. There you’ll find some of the top mattress manufacturers and, as always, we can guarantee you next day delivery.

Mattress Firmness Scale

Once you’ve chosen the type of mattress you’re after, you’ll need to choose the degree of firmness which best suits you and your comfort levels. Some people like their mattresses incredibly soft, while others can only get a good night’s sleep if their mattresses are firm. Here are the three options available, and how to choose the right firmness for you.


A soft mattress is the best choice for those who tend to sleep on their sides, providing maximum comfort. This is because they help keep your spine aligned while you sleep, by allowing your shoulders and hips to sink deeper into the mattress. As your hips and shoulders are also pressure points and can develop sores, a soft mattress helps give them the extra cushioning they need.

Soft mattresses are also a good choice for children, giving them the spinal support they require as their bodies continue to grow and develop. They give greater comfort to little ones who find it hard to settle and they’re highly recommended for those weighing under nine stone, who don’t need a firm mattress to support their weight.


Hitting the happy middle of the road comfort point, a medium mattress can cater to a variety of sleepers. If you tend to sleep on your front then a medium mattress is an excellent choice, because they offer much-needed spinal support and comfort for front-sleepers. It’s hard to get support in the right places if this is your normal sleeping position, but a medium mattress can help with that.

They’re also highly recommended for those who sleep on their backs and weigh between 9 and 16 stone, providing additional support and comfort if this is your usual sleep position.


Sometimes when they hear the words ‘firm mattress’ people think ‘uncomfortable’, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. These are undoubtedly the most supportive of the three, and provide as much comfort as softer models. A firm mattress helps the spine stay naturally aligned at night so they’re a great choice for back sleepers of any age and weight. They are, however, particularly good for those over 16 stone who need a firmer mattress to support their weight.

A firm mattress ensures those key joints in the body are well supported at all times, meaning they’re a good option if you suffer from back, hip or joint pain. Firmer mattresses provide comfort for aching joints and help ease aches.

What is the best mattress?

With mattresses made from different materials, with all different levels of support, it's not possible to find just one mattress that's definitely best for everyone.

You'll need to find a mattress that fits your budget, is the right size and feels right for you. If you're a side sleeper you'll need a soft mattress that hugs your body and moulds to your curves, whilst sleeping on your front requires firm support to stop problems with your lower back. If you're unsure, try something in the middle that balances softness and support.

Different materials work well for different individuals. Do you want a breathable foam that keeps you cool through the night or the support of springs that flex and move if you're prone to tossing and turning?

If you'll be sleeping with a partner, you'll want a mattress that supports two people separately. Some are designed to meet the needs of two different types of sleeper, stopping two people from rolling together in the middle of the night.

To find the best mattress, do your research and think about the way that you sleep. The best mattress for you may not be the same as the best one for somebody else.

How do I choose a mattress?

Before you buy a mattress, think about your usual sleeping position. If you sleep on your back, you'll need good support to avoid any spine alignment issues. If you sleep on your side, you'll need a mattress that moulds to the curves of your body.

Your budget will play a big part in choosing the perfect mattress. If you have a little less, look for an open spring mattress. If you have more to spend, pocket springs provide more long-lasting support.

Larger body sizes need more support, which may mean more springs in your mattress. This means that if you weigh more, you may want to spend a little bit more on a mattress. One with fewer springs may feel less comfortable after less than a year. Alternatively, look for memory foam that adapts to your body's movements. Memory foam is a good all-rounder, ideal for partners of two different weights.

Pocket springs are also ideal for people that sleep with a partner. Each spring flexes and moves independently, which means that there's less chance of two people rolling together.

Of course, you shouldn't forget to check the size of your mattress. They usually come in standard Single, Double, King and Super King sizes. But, check the measurements to make sure that you're not making a basic mistake.

How long do mattresses last?

A high-quality mattress should last roughly 7-10 years. If you bought on a budget, plan to replace yours in about half a decade.

You might not notice your mattress deteriorating over time but will see the difference once you've purchased a new one. If you weigh more than average, your mattress may need to be replaced a little more often.

If you're noticing aches and pains, waking in the night or feeling less refreshed in the morning, then it may be time to think about replacing your current mattress.

If you've bought a memory foam mattress, you might find that it lasts a little longer than average. Foam isn't quite as prone to wear and tear as other materials. Pocket springs last longer than open ones.

If you have a spring mattress, you'll notice the difference over time. You may be able to feel the springs as you lie on top of them.

You can prolong the life of your mattress with good care from the day it arrives. Regularly turn, rotate and flip to give your mattress time to recover. You can also extend the life of your mattress with regular cleaning and vacuuming.

How do I clean a mattress?

Just like the rest of your bedding, a mattress needs regular cleaning.

Mattresses can be home to dust, mites and other allergens. Your mattress may also be affected by sweat and other moisture that exists in your house.

Clean your mattress at least twice a year, and ideally at least twice as often. Start with the vacuum cleaner, getting into every nook and cranny. Many vacuum cleaners have a specific upholstery attachment.

Next, you'll want to reduce the risk of any bad odours. You can use a product like baking soda, and add a few drops of essential oils to give your mattress a boost. Be careful not to use too many chemicals - remember you'll be sleeping on top of them!

If you've noticed stains, clean these with a mixture of warm water and a good quality washing up liquid. Give your mattress time to dry, before you put the bed sheets back on.

Once you've cleaned the mattress, washed away stains and used your baking soda mix, go over it one last time. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove the loose powder and any dust that you might have brought out.

What mattresses do hotels like Premier Inn and Travelodge use?

Premier Inn advertises its exclusive Hypnos mattress, which is used in all of their hotels. This pillow top mattress has more than 1,000 pocket springs. On top of the springs, a layer of wool provides pillow-soft comfort.

You might think that this level of comfort isn't available elsewhere, but the exclusive Hypnos mattress is very similar to many other pillow-top mattresses.

Great alternatives to the Premier Inn mattress include the Sleepeezee Wool Supreme, which has 2400 pocket springs along with the wool top for comfort. Alternatively, the Hyder Black mattress that uses both wool and cashmere.

Like the Premier Inn, Travelodge has its very own range of mattresses. The Travelodge Dreamer™ has 950 pocket springs and is designed to be hypoallergenic. Enjoy similar benefits with the Sleepeeze Hotel Classic.
Why not view our full range of hotel mattresses to add to your own guest accommodation or to bring the hotel into your home?

Do you offer mattresses with next day delivery?

You don't have to wait long for a better night's sleep with our Next Day Delivery service.

Buy online for delivery to most mainland UK addresses.

If you spend more than £150, Next Day Delivery is free. We'll just add £9.95 if your order is less than this in total. Don't worry about the cost of delivery adding a lot at the checkout.

If you've ordered at the end of the week, you don't need to wait until Monday. Upgrade your delivery for £24.95 to get your mattress on a Saturday instead.

We aim to deliver the very next day whenever it's possible to do so. If you live in the Highlands or Grampians, there may be a slight delay.

Some postcodes may be subject to an additional £30 fee. All of the information about these extra charges can be found on our Delivery page.

What's the difference between memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses?

Pocket sprung mattresses have independent springs, each in its own fabric pocket. These springs move in response to your movement, providing the support that adapts to your position.

Pocket sprung mattresses last longer than those without these separate fabric pockets. They're also great for couples, supporting each person and reducing the roll-together risk.

If you don't want springs, you can choose memory foam. These mattresses provide flexible support, bouncing back once you're out of the way. If you're not sure about the best mattress firmness, these provide the best of both worlds.

A memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic, without the natural fibres others use. They're often used in care homes and other environments where cleanliness and health are top priorities.

To decide between the two, think about how you like your mattress to feel. Memory foam will hug you, cradling your body, whilst pocket springs will hold you up high. Pocket springs distribute your weight, whilst memory foam moulds to your body.

If you move a lot during your sleep, the pocket springs will support you more. Memory foam can hold you in place, creating a little pit of comfort.

What mattress is best for couples?

Sharing a bed with someone else isn't always as easy as it seems. Sleeping beside another person can have a negative effect.

For a good sleep alongside your partner, the right mattress is a basic essential.

If you're purchasing a mattress with springs, you will want one that stops roll-together. Choose individual pocket springs, which flex and move to support your body. Open springs don't provide the right level of individual support, whilst pocket springs will help to stop those bumps in the middle of the night. Choose as many pocket springs as your budget allows. A mattress with lots of pocket springs will provide the right support for each person.

Memory foam mattresses are also suitable for couples that are sleeping together. They hug your body, moulding to its shape, and can help to hold you in place. If you or a partner roll around a lot, this may be the most suitable option.

Two people may prefer two different levels of support. You'll need to check with your partner, to make sure that you're on the same page. If you're unsure, go for Medium firmness or choose memory foam.

Are mattresses recyclable?

We're all doing our bit for the planet, more conscious of the products we use. How do you dispose of your old mattress without adding to your local landfill?

We offer mattress disposal, with a variety of end destinations.

Some mattresses will be donated to charity, where they can be used again. Others are ripped apart for recycling, separated into different materials. Sometimes, an old mattress can be resold as a used second-hand product. There are so many ways to dispose of a mattress without it going to waste.

Your mattress springs might be used in a car seat. Old stuffing could become insulation in the walls of a house. You can recycle your mattress at a local centre, or pay for us to collect it.

If you'd like us to recycle your mattress, there is a small charge for this service. Add UK mattress disposal and recycling to your basket when you're placing your order.

No matter what the condition of your old mattress, we can give it a new lease of life.

How much sleep do I need at night?

We aren't all the same. One person might need a little more sleep than another. But, studies have shown that a majority of people fit within a fairly narrow range.

The amount of sleep you need will vary at different times. Certain medical conditions can affect the amount of sleep that you need, so take any sleep guide with a small pinch of salt. If you're concerned about your energy levels or your usual sleep pattern, consult a GP or other medical professional.

As a rough guide, a healthy adult should sleep between 7-9 hours a night. Some may need a little more sleep, whilst others might be fine on slightly less. Older adults, over 65, don't need as much sleep as they once did. Anything from 5-9 hours may be appropriate.

Children need different amounts of sleep at different ages, from around 17 hours as a newborn to approximately 10 once they get to school age. Teenagers may seem to sleep all the time but really need 8-10 hours. Teens need slightly more sleep than their parents, but don't need to be asleep throughout the day - a good sleep routine is essential at this age, for good growth of mind and body.

How much should I spend on a mattress?

As a general rule, the more you can spend the better the mattress you'll get. More expensive mattresses can provide a night of better sleep, as well as lasting longer overall.

Higher prices typically mean that mattresses use better materials. They might have more springs, for more flexible support, or a wider variety of fillings. You can expect an expensive mattress to have many extra features, like cooling layers and natural British fibres.

All that said, you shouldn't feel too worried if your mattress budget is tight. With the right care, any budget mattress can provide many nights of good sleep. Just be prepared to replace your mattress more often if it cost very little.

If you're buying from a well-known brand, plan to spend between £350-500. This budget will provide a great balance of quality and affordability. If you then find a mattress that's outside your budget, you can make a sensible comparison. Are the extra features worthwhile for you, or would you feel better-saving money?

Remember to look out for discounts and deals, including mattresses at clearance prices. Often you can find high-quality mattresses at better prices if your timing is right.

With free delivery to the UK mainland, you won't need to find extra money in your budget to get your new mattress to your door.

What mattress is best for back pain?

If you suffer from back pain, the right mattress makes all the difference. You need the right combination of sumptuous comfort and support.

The best mattress for back pain is usually one that's medium-firm. If your mattress is too firm, it can push your spine into an incorrect alignment. Too soft, and it doesn't provide the level of support that you need.

Be prepared to buy a mattress with plenty of pocket springs. These mattresses can support your body and keep your spine in alignment. If you're prone to sleeping on your stomach, a more dense mattress is especially important.

Memory foam is a great choice because it moulds to the shape of your body. This is a great alternative to a mattress with many pocket springs and could be the best choice for couples with different requirements.

You need your spine to rest in a natural position, which doesn't always happen with open sprung budget mattresses. Don't cut costs if back pain is a problem that you frequently suffer with.

A medium-firm mattress doesn't need to stretch your bank balance. A good orthopaedic mattress can cost less than £150. An old mattress can cause back pain even in healthy individuals, and so it's very likely that any new mattress will lead to a reduction in pain. But, by choosing a mattress for back pain, you'll enjoy a better sleep night after night 

There are lots of things to weigh up when you’re considering your mattress options

We hope this guide has gone some way to making the final decision that bit easier. Think about your age, weight and your favourite sleep posture, as well as the level of firmness you’re after and any medical conditions which might need to be taken into account.

At MattressNextDay, we have spring, foam and orthopaedic mattresses with soft, medium and firm fillings. Everyone has a preference when it comes to the style, size and softness they require from their mattress, but you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit within our extensive mattress catalogue. Choosing mattresses needn’t be tricky with the right information, but if you still need help picking your mattresses then simply get in touch with our team.

We have products from some of the biggest and most well-respected mattress brands, giving you the greatest range of choice on the market when it comes to mattresses. Order from us and we’ll deliver your new mattress the very next day, so say goodbye to a poor night’s sleep by choosing a new mattress from us. 

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