4ft 6” Double Mattresses

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At 4ft 6” x 6ft 3” (54” x 75”) or 135 x 190 cm, the double mattress is a good size for couples sharing a bed. Choose from various materials and construction like latex, innersprings and memory foam. You can also opt for pocket springs which have individual metal coils embedded in soft material—this type of mattress minimizes motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

4ft 6 Double Mattress - Buying

The Mattress is the most important part of any bed. Although you want the bed to be the centre piece in your bedroom you want it to be stylish and fit into the décor, it is the Mattress that is going to ensure that you will get a good nights sleep, which is the primary purpose of the bed

Before actually going in for 4ft mattresses, you confirm for yourself why actually would you need them, for how long you are going to use them and the utility purpose you would want to meet with its purchase. Once this is lucid, you may narrow down upon the kind of design you would want to go in for…either classic or contemporary. When that dilemma too is resolved, you may then figure out whether you would want to go in for metal beds or wooden beds or divan bed sets or leather beds. You may choose a bed whose maintenance is absolutely hassle-free and concomitantly it augments the beauty of your room.

There is a vast range of Mattresses to choose from and it will depend to a great extent how much you can afford. Prices can range from under £100 to over a thousand pounds. It is always advisable to buy the most cost effective mattress you can afford. You will be spending about one third of your life in bed, lying on the mattress, therefore you will want to be as comfortable as possible, ensuring a good restful nights sleep.

There are many styles of mattress, each style being a different type. Mattresses come in various `hardness` from very soft to very hard. When choosing how firm you consider ideal, you should always take into account the weight and size of your partner if you intend to share a bed. A mattress that is too soft can end up giving you back ache and if it too firm then it will not give adequate support to all parts of your body.

Mattresses are now made in various ways including standard filling, pocket spring and memory foam. Each of these types of mattress has its own unique properties. The standard filling mattress is usually the cheapest style and could be suitable if you have very little money or you want it for a Guest room that will only be used infrequently

Pocket Spring Mattresses are now the most common form of mattress. The Pocket Spring Mattress is made using many hundreds or even thousands of small metal springs inside the mattress covered with soft material, so you do not feel the springs. This type of mattress has many advantages in that each spring reacts to the individual part of the body giving support where it is needed. This is ideal in that because they are individual springs any movement on one side of the bed will not affect a partner on the other side of the bed.

Mattresses for slatted beds

To have a perfect night`s sleep so that you wake up refreshed in the morning is extremely important. Sleeping, in particular, can be a major problem for those suffering from back, shoulder or neck pain, which is exactly why there has been an increase in the demand for slatted bed bases.

Slatted bed bases are, in most cases, made of solid Beech wood from sustainable European forestry.. Each of these bed bases has sprung slats that produce a convex surface, to create an ideal base for the perfect support that is a prerequisite of the spine being able to relax fully in its natural shape and line, without the distortion that can be caused by having a bed that is too hard or too soft.

There are companies that produce bed bases with adjustable tension on the slats through the lumber region of the frame, to achieve just the right level of firmness for individual needs.
In addition to providing the ideal base for good orthopedic support, an increasing number of people are now recognizing the importance of effective heat regulation and moisture aspiration in creating and maintaining a healthy sleeping environment. Slatted bed bases allow mattresses to breathe and regulate in a way that just is not possible through a solid bed base.

Although a bed and more importantly the bed base is of great importance, especially in the look and design of the bedroom, the quality and style of the mattress is the major component in ensuring that you have a good night`s sleep.

As anyone with a slatted bed will testify, they do put an incredible strain on your mattress . As the name suggests the slatted base will give support the some parts of the mattress whereas other parts of the mattress will not receive any support. Therefore when choosing a mattress to fit onto the slatted base of your bed you should make sure that it has been constructed with the right materials to be resilient to this uneven support, ensuring that the mattresses will give the same support throughout its life, which is normally about 10 to 15 years.

Ideally, you should purchase a new bed and a new mattress at the same time. Buying a new mattress to go with a broken or damaged bed frame is fruitless. If the bed can't adequately support the mattress, the mattress can't adequately support you. Moreover, if the mattress isn't accompanied by a properly functioning bed, many manufacturers warrantees will be invalidated, leaving you no recourse if the mattress is damaged by improper support.

When choosing a new mattress always make sure that it is suitable for your bed especially if it has a slatted base. Slatted base beds have many advantages over solid base beds but only if you have the right mattress.

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Made to measure mattresses

There could be many reasons for you to have to purchase a made to measure mattress. The most common reason being that you or your partner is very tall and a standard length mattress is to small. Another reason for having a made to measure mattress is for people who are experiencing sleep problems due to health issues. On the other hand, some people are just fussy about the mattress they sleep on and can afford to have a mattress specially designed for them.

Having a custom made mattress will allow you to have it measured and made to your individual dimensions especially if you are above average height. A mattress should be at least one foot longer than your height ensuring that you have adequate room to move and turn. It is also worth noting that if you have a mattress that is bigger than the standard then it is quite possible that you will need larger bed linen.. The perfect mattress is one that gives you the right amount of support and comfort for a perfect night`s sleep.

Most manufacturers make mattresses to meet mass consumer needs and there are very few that will make mattresses that are not a standard size. This can be both frustrating and disappointing. But don't despair because you can find online sites for manufacturers who do just what you need. Companies that make specialty mattresses are far more equipped to make one to your specifications.

Not only are mattresses made to special sizes but also how they are made and what materials are to be used. The important thing is you need to understand mattresses and how they are built before you have one made. You can do a little research so you know what to ask for and so you can comprehend what they are saying when asking you questions about your individual needs. Understanding the terminology and how it can benefit you can help in ensuring you select the ideal materials for your mattress.

There are two main types of mattresses and they are the Pocket spring and the Memory Foam. The pocket spring mattress is made using up to 1000 individual small springs set in independent cloth pockets. These springs move independently from one another giving perfect support to all parts of the body. It also has the advantage in any movement by one partner in the bed will not disturb the other partner. The Memory foam mattress has the ability to mould to the shape of the person lying on it making it ideal for suffers of back pain.

However, you should keep in mind that a custom made mattress might cost a little more - but it will be a worthwhile price to pay for you to have exactly what you need. This will provide for better sleep and comfort. You spend a third of your time sleeping and a good mattress is the only way to achieve a restful sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the following day.

Mattress Next Day is probably the largest mattress superstore on the internet. Selling a wide range of mattresses from leading manufacturers, we can offer quality mattresses at fantastic prices. Our next day delivery service is free or, if you prefer, you can select your own delivery date. We can even guarantee delivery before 9.30am on request. Take a look at our range of mattresses now at www.mattressnextday.co.uk, or call us on 0844 3911 222 for more information.

A Guide to perfect mattresses

Having the right amount and quality of sleep is a very important part of a person's life as it is the time when our body and brain relaxes and revitalises itself. To have the right support and comfort will almost entirely depend on the mattress that you sleep on. When choosing a mattress you will be confronted with a very wide choice and it can be very difficult in deciding which is the most suitable for you.

The type of mattress you choose will depend on the bedroom it is for and who will be using the bed. If it is for a child's bedroom or a guest /spare bedroom, then the type of mattress chosen could be very different from what you would want for your main bedroom.

A guest bedroom mattress would not need to be as expensive as the main bedroom as it will only be used very occasionally, whereas the main bedroom will be used virtually every night. A child's bedroom needs a mattress that can stand up to the rough and tumble of the normal boisterous ways that children can use a bed. If the mattress is for the main bedroom then there are generally a number of factors to be taken into account. Is the bed for you and a partner, are you similar in height and weight, do either suffer from any back problems or do either have any allergies.

There is now a very wide choice of mattresses available including the most basic material filled which are generally the cheapest. This type of mattress could be satisfactory for a spare room etc. The most popular type of mattress is called the Pocket Spring Mattress. This is made using a great many small springs linked together with a material layer covering them This type of mattress is very popular as it gives individual support to various parts of the body when laying on it. It also has the advantage of one partner not disturbing the other partner if they toss and turn in bed. The pocket springs can be made of various tensions to allow for people who want a soft or firm mattress. You should be careful when choosing a spring mattress, making sure that it has individual pocket springs and not just one continuous spring arrangement. The pocket spring mattresses sometimes include a second layer of smaller springs on top of the main springs, these give even more comfort.

Another type of mattress is what is known as a Memory Foam Mattress. This is made from a special foam material that has very small air bubbles built into it. The Memory Foam mattress has the added advantage in that it reacts to your body heat and weight. As you lay in bed the mattress moulds to your body shape making sure that you have equal pressure on all parts of your body overcoming the problem of pressure points. This type of mattress has the added advantage in being perfect for a couple where the partners are different in stature. The Memory Foam will mould itself to each individual giving each the ideal support for a comfortable night`s sleep.

Some manufacturers have included Memory Foam together with pocket springs within their mattresses. This gives the best of both worlds making for an even more perfect night`s sleep.

Mattress Next Day is probably the largest mattress superstore on the internet. Selling a wide range of mattresses from leading manufacturers, we can offer quality mattresses at fantastic prices. Our next day delivery service is free or, if you prefer, you can select your own delivery date. We can even guarantee delivery before 9.30am on request. Take a look at our range of mattresses now at www.mattressnextday.co.uk, or call us on 0844 3911 222 for more information.

Choosing the right mattress for your children

When looking for a mattress for you babies cot there are a number of options which you should consider. Newborn babies sleep on average 18 hours per day, which is why choosing the correct mattress for your baby is essential.

Some cots come with a foam mattress as standard, included in the price. Foam mattresses are perfectly safe, and provide an adequate sleeping surface for your baby. They may be made from a natural latex foam or a synthetic foam. Both of these types of mattresses have been tested and are certified to British standards, containing no chemical known to be harmful to your baby. Most foam mattresses also have a wipeable, waterproof cover which is not usually removable. The better type of cot mattress has a removable cover which allows you to wash and therefore be much more hygienic

There are, of course, many other mattress which you may decide will be better for your baby. Alternatives include sprung mattresses, which are generally deeper and more supportive than a foam mattress, and with a firmer resting surface. Typically this type of mattress will have pockets of springs sandwiched between layers of synthetic or natural latex foam or fabric and usually a removable washable fabric cover. Some sprung mattresses are combined with natural fibers, typically cotton or wool mixtures, The best sort of sprung mattress is a pocket-spring mattress, which has individual mini springs in pockets throughout the mattress providing good, firm and even support. Additional benefits may include anti dust mite barrier layers or anti-bacterial finishes, or waterproof covers.

If you decide to use a waterproof mattress protector you will not only prolong the life of the mattress but you can remove it and wash it to remove any bacterial build up and infection. Mattress toppers can be used for extra comfort beneath the sheet, these quilted or padded layers should be washable at high temperatures and will reduce the need for frequent washing of the mattress cover. If the mattress itself gets badly soiled or urine-soaked, it should be replaced, so some form of mattress protection is recommended.

Wholly organic mattresses using entirely natural fibers are available for all sizes of crib, cot and cot-bed. Organic mattresses are made from either rubber or cotton. Organic cotton continues to be the more preferable material, as these organic mattresses are less expensive. Organic mattresses are almost fully made of 100-percent organic cotton, with the exception of internal metal springs to create support and organic wool for a fire retardant surface. Some organic cotton mattresses even have a layer of food-grade polyethylene to act as a mattress pad in case of leaks. Organic rubber baby mattresses, on the other hand, are composed of a core made from natural rubber, which is naturally absorbent and won't allow bedbugs and other pests to inhabit the interior. This type of mattress, in addition, also uses organic wool for its fire retardant properties and has organic cotton lining the outside.

In conclusion it should be remembered that a new born baby does a lot of growing and developing in it`s first few months and therefore every effort should be made to give it all the support and comfort it needs.

Mattress Next Day is probably the largest mattress superstore on the internet. Selling a wide range of mattresses from leading manufacturers, we can offer quality mattresses at fantastic prices. Our next day delivery service is free or, if you prefer, you can select your own delivery date. We can even guarantee delivery before 9.30am on request. Take a look at our range of mattresses now at www.mattressnextday.co.uk, or call us on 0844 3911 222 for more information.

Benefits of zipped mattresses

There can be many advantages in having mattresses that can be zipped together. Zipped mattresses are where two single sized mattresses are zipped together to form a double mattress.

Mattresses can be zipped together many reasons such in hotels where a bedroom can be converted to accommodate two single beds or a double bed using the same mattresses. This idea can also be used for a guest bedroom in your home allowing you to let your friends have single beds or a double.

Having zipped mattresses can also be an advantage to couples who require different sleeping arrangements. This can be where one person has back pain, for whatever reason, and the other partner does not, meaning they each require a different mattress but they do not want to sleep in separate beds. If your partner doesn`t suffer from back pain why not try a Zip Link mattress which places 2 independent mattress types together in a zip link bag giving you both a great night`s sleep.

People who have back problems may already understand how important it is to find the right level of support and comfort in a mattress. Having a good quality mattress with optimum comfort and support can help to not only relieve the symptoms of lower back pain, but can also prevent back pain in the future. Buying a high quality and supportive mattress now can help back health in the long term.

One of the most common causes of lower back pain is from sleeping in an awkward position from lack of mattress support or sleeping on a poor quality mattress. This causes stress on the back muscles putting them under strain, which then leads on to pains in the back muscles. It is therefore extremely important that the mattress gives the right support throughout the night.

Not only does the incorrect choice of mattress cause stress by keeping the spine in the wrong alignment, but it can also affect sleep patterns giving a poor and uncomfortable sleep, which results in people not having the right support for a perfect night`s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses will help to keep you in position during the night which can help hold your spine in place. These mattresses tend to get hot very quickly so as an alternative why not check out a latex mattress which does the same but breathes.

Zipped link mattresses also have other advantages in that they are much easier to move. If you want to turn your mattress from top ti tail if can be very difficult especially if the bedroom is on the small size. By having the ability to unzip the double mattress and make it into two single mattresses the these would be much easier to handle.

When considering if it is advantageous to have zipped link mattresses for your bedroom you should firstly consider who will be using it and if either partner has any special requirements.

Mattresses for children

When it comes to buying a mattress for a child it is different than buying one for an adult. It should be taken into account that children are not as heavy so they need a softer sleeping surface in order that the mattress will conform to the shape of their body without creating pressure points causing more tossing and turning and potential aches and pains, preventing a good night`s sleep.

According to many experts, children can usually sleep on any reasonable surface. This, however, does not mean that any mattress will give them the support and comfort they need in order for their brain and body to properly develop.

There are two main types of mattress which will give the right support and comfort to a child. A pocket spring mattress and a memory foam mattress.

The pocket spring mattress is made up using a large number of tiny springs covered in material so that the spring cannot be felt. This type of mattress will give the correct support to the body in all the right places. This type of mattress is very popular and is available in a wide range of prices.

Memory foam mattress for a child`s bed can be the perfect solution especially if they suffer from any allergies. Memory has the ability to mild to the shape of the person lying on it and will give perfect support to all parts of the body overcoming any problems of pressure points. It should be understood that a memory foam works on the weight of the person laying on it and therefore when purchasing one it needs to have a soft feel.

A good night's sleep is necessary for anyone to function properly, let alone a growing and developing child. There is no more sure way to rob someone of a well deserved night's sleep than to have them sleep on an uncomfortable; non supportive mattress. For a child's mattress it is easy to fall into the idea that cheaper is better, even though for an affordable amount more there are far superior options.

Overall, the best blend of comfort, support, and affordability in a child's mattress is the Visco memory foam mattress. With a very soft feel, the support and pressure relief of memory foam, and a machine washable cover, this mattress is perfect for most children. In any case, for your child's sake and your own peace of mind, don't buy them the cheapest thing you can find, but always buy the best mattress you can afford.

Mattresses for bad backs

If you suffer from a bad back then it is important that you have as much support when you go to bed. The most important part of your bed is the mattress as this is what gives your back the correct support where it is needed most. The spine of your back should be in as straight a line as possible from your head to your hips. If the mattress your are using is too hard then the spine at your hips and shoulders will tend to be higher than at the middle of your back, causing it to be misaligned and also cause pressure points. If the mattress is too soft then this again can cause a misalignment.

People who suffer from bad backs and other bone related problems, have often had to resort to very firm mattresses, sometimes they are so hard that although good for the back, they are uncomfortable. This is especially a problem for partners sleeping in the same double bed, where one person has back problems but the other has no sleeping issues and wants a comfortable bed. With the introduction of the memory foam mattress, these issues can be eliminated. First of all the mattress no longer needs to be super hard, and can be of medium density and still give the support necessary for the person with back problems while the other person can still have a comfortable sleep

The reason a memory foam mattress is ideal for anyone with joint problems or back ache is the ability of the memory foam to mould to the body shape depending on the weight of the particular part of the person, therefore giving your whole body the same support all over with no high pressure points on your hips or shoulders that you usually get with a sprung mattress. Since memory foam mattresses have been sold in the UK, it has been found that they relieve pain symptoms for anyone who suffers from back pain or joint problems. They are widely used in orthopedic wards.

Research has also shown that you toss and turn up to 80% less on a memory foam mattress (when compared to sprung mattresses), therefore you will not need to turn as much in the night, which sometimes can be a struggle itself if you suffer from back pain or joint pain.

A good quality mattress should also have zoned lumbar support channels, which will also aid good posture around the lumbar areas; this will also prevent any lower back pain that may be associated with a conventional sprung mattress. Also the density must be of high quality and of a high density. Some mattresses use 'L' (low) grade foam, you really should be looking for a mattress with at least an A grade which is average grade, but the most suitable is S grade foam, this means it is superior grade, which means it is used in high usage areas like seat and sofas. These are usually more expensive, but the investment is worth it in the long run, as the mattress will last a lot longer and give you all the support you need to help overcome any back pain.

How to buy a mattress for less

When it comes to the time that you need a new mattress for your bed then it is always a good idea to find a mattress that is in a price range that suits your budget. This does not necessarily mean that you have to purchase a cheap mattress that will not give you the support and comfort you need for a good night`s sleep. There are always many places that have reduced the price of their stock for one reason or another.

Another factor in choosing which mattress to buy will depend on which bedroom it is for. A spare bedroom or a child`s bedroom does not require the same mattress that you will want in the master bedroom.

Finding a mattress on sale is one of the best ways to get a quality mattress at a much lower price. It is always a good idea to decide on which type of mattress is ideal for you and then search for this mattress in as many different outlets as you can for the best price. You can therefore be assured that the mattress you purchase will be the right one and not some cheap mattress that will not give you the right support.

Searching for a mattress online is one of the best ways of finding a mattress. First, there is a lot of competition between online retailers that help to ensure that the price remains low and very often they will offer free delivery. These online companies usually stock all the major manufacturers' mattresses at discounted prices. They are able to do this as they do not have the overheads that a retail shop will have.

Another reason for the mattress being reduce in price is that these online retailers can often become "overstocked" and will need to sell the mattresses they have had in stock for some time to make room for the newer mattresses. When this happens, they will greatly reduce the cost of the mattress. Look online for these sales because they are advertised well.

A lot of times companies will offer discounts on mattresses if you buy them together with other items. A discount sale of this type is one that discounts the price of everything that you buy, as long as you buy them all together. For mattresses, include things like pillows, bed spreads and comforters can often produce a good discount on each if you buy them together. Also in these hard times , it is well worth asking for a discount as most companies would rather make a sale, even at a discount than not.
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