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Guest Beds

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About Guest Beds

This type of bed is one of the best among great bed options for a small room and a convenient way to have a guest bed available when you need it, but may be stored away to free up the space in the bedroom. They provide space for sleeping a couple of people without taking up the extra space of an ordinary bed. It is great for small rooms and frequent sleepovers. If you don't need an extra sleeping place all the time, the smaller bed is put away under the main bed.

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  Guest Bed - Buying Guide

When choosing a bed for a Guests bedroom a number of factors must be taken into account. One of the first things to consider and take into consideration is the size of the bedroom. In many cases the Guest bedroom is usually smaller than many other bedrooms in the household. This will then decide to a certain degree the size of the bed that can be accommodated. If you choose a bed that is too wide and does not give any room each side of the bed, then it will not only make it difficult to change the bedclothes, but also to adequately clean around and under the bed.

When choosing a bed for the Guest bedroom it is important to have access to the bed from the side of the bed, if the bed is too large it would mean climbing over the bed which is not very welcoming. It is also better if there is space beside the Head of the bed so that a bedside cabinet or table can be incorporated. Many people like to have a bedside light that they can switch off or on whilst in bed. Also many people like to have a glass of water beside the bed in case they wake up in the night thirsty.

Another factor in choosing a bed for the Guest room knows the type of Guest you usually have to stay. If it is only single people you have staying overnight, then a single bed would be appropriate. Even with a single bed it is always best to try and choose a bed as big as possible. A 3ft. single bed is much better than a 2ft. 6” bed. Again this will depend on the size of the bedroom.

If you hope to have couples staying with you then you will have to provide a double bed or two single beds. Two single beds will take up a lot more room than a double bed and therefore the size of the bedroom again will play a major part in deciding if two beds can fit comfortably.

Most Guest rooms that are used to accommodate couples have a double bed. There are many sizes of double beds ranging from the 4 ft. double up to a King size bed. It is not usually necessary to provide a very large bed in the Guest bedroom and a 4 ft. or 4 ft.6” bed is generally sufficient.

The next important factor in choosing a Guest bed is deciding the type of bedstead that will look nice in the Guest bedroom. Even though it is “only” the Guest bedroom it is very important that it looks attractive and welcoming. It must be remembered that your Guests have in all probability, have just left their own bedroom which they are proud of, therefore to put them into a bedroom that is not welcoming will not make them feel comfortable. It is generally the case that the Guest bedroom you have given them will be much smaller than what they are used to in their own home.

When deciding on how you will furnish your Guest bedroom try and remember that you should make it as welcoming and comfortable as possible. To ensure this comfort always think about what the Guest will be sleeping on. The mattress is the most important part of the bed. It should give support and comfort to ensure your Guests will have a perfect night’s sleep.

  Trundle Bed

A trundle bed is a type of bed that is built on rollers to make it store away underneathanother bed. The main bed is a conventional bed, but the bedframe has been built to resemble a huge drawer, this houses the trundle bed that can be pulled out when required to be used. The trundle bed is a bed-within-a-bed.If there is a need to get an extra sleeping place, just slide the trundle out. If it is not needed anymore, you can push it back under the bed thus giving yourself some extra free floor space. When combined with a daybed, trundle beds are a great way to maximize space and comfort in a bedroom, especially if it is a small bedroom.These beds are ideal for families with young children who have to share one bedroom. The trundle bed is pulled out from under the main bed at bedtime but during the day it is stored away giving extra floor space for playing or doing homework during the daytime. If there is nobody to sleep on the trundle, or during the daytime, simply put it under the main bed without the need to take away the additional mattress or bed linen so that it is ready to be slept in at night.Trundle beds are also ideal for a guest room as they allow you to sleep either a single person or a couple without having the guest bedroom crowded out most of the time.Trundle beds are strong, sturdy, durable, and made of quality materials and will accommodate most sleepers giving them a supportive and comfortable night`s sleep..

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