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Looking to upgrade your sleep experience with the best and most outstanding luxury bed frames on the market? Our collection of luxury beds will transform your bedroom into a 5-star hotel. High quality luxury bed frames might seem more expensive than cheaper bed frames, however they are often constructed with better quality materials that are more durable, so will last longer and give you more for your money in the long term. 

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Great service, delivery within 24 hours, delivery men were on time and helpful. Mattress is super comfy, great value for money.

Peter 20th Feb
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Easy to order and its a really next day delivery. Drivers was on time so dont need to all day waiting.

Marite 20th Feb
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First finding a quality mattress that can be delivered so quickly.The delivery went very smoothly, fitted in with my timing. The mattress was exceptional, really great quality and so comfortable. I am really glad I chose my product through this supplier. Especially as it's a risk for an important purchase. Thank you

Farra Pedley 20th Feb

What is a luxury bed frame?

One person’s idea of luxury can be totally different to someone else’s. However, we’ve collated our range of luxury beds are ones made with the highest quality materials that are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

A four-poster bed might be your idea of luxury, while our range of beautifully upholstered grand bed frames with high headboards look like they’re straight from a movie!

How can you make your bed more luxurious?

Our guide on 7 secrets to making your bed feel like a 5 star hotel offers you plenty of advice on making your bed feel more luxurious, such as using a smaller duvet cover to keep it fluffy. However, a luxury bed frame is the easiest way to upgrade your bedroom. It’ll instantly create a grand and sophisticated feel to your room, impressing guests and having you feel like royalty as you sleep. 

Selecting the perfect bed for your bedroom involves more than just choosing the right size; it's a reflection of your personal style and comfort preferences. The first aspect to consider is the size of the bed. Are you looking for a cosy single bed, a spacious double, the regal allure of a queen-size, or the expansive comfort of a king-size or even larger? Your decision will not only depend on the dimensions of your bedroom but also on your individual preferences for sleeping space.

Moving on to style, beds have evolved beyond mere functionality to become a focal point of bedroom aesthetics. Timeless and elegant options like upholstered frames can add a touch of grandeur, transforming your bedroom into a luxurious sanctuary. For a more contemporary vibe, consider modern ottoman beds that seamlessly combine style with storage functionality. Oversized headboards are another stylish choice, creating a bold statement piece that draws attention and elevates the overall look of the room.

Once you've chosen the perfect bed frame, the next step is to transform it into a haven of comfort. This involves selecting high-quality linens, sumptuous pillows, and a cosy duvet. The linens you choose can set the tone for the entire bedroom, whether you opt for crisp whites for a clean and classic look or rich, vibrant colours for a more dramatic atmosphere. Luxury pillows provide both support and a touch of opulence, enhancing your overall sleeping experience. Completing the ensemble with a carefully chosen duvet ensures that you'll be enveloped in warmth and comfort every night.

Are luxury bed frames more expensive?

Luxury items often seem to come with a heftier price tag, but this is because the items tend to be made with more expensive or hard-to-come-by materials, or they’re handmade by experts and crafted with excellence. This sort of handiwork should always be appreciated and often means paying a little more!

Here at MattressNextDay, we’re all about giving you the best possible items for your bedroom at the best price. You don’t have to pay more to enjoy your perfect sleep - it’s all about finding what’s right for you. Use our MattressFinder to find the perfect bed for the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have.

Are divan frames considered luxurious beds?

Divan beds are perfect for storage and easy to assemble, and there’s no reason they can’t add sophisticated luxury to your bedroom.

The upholstered design of many divan beds makes them super stylish, adding a touch of glamour to any bedroom. Our range of luxury divan beds come in a choice of colours, too, so you can ensure your bedroom is as elegant and classy as you want it.