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Sofa Beds

Flexible, comfortable, and stylish, sofa beds are a dual-function piece of furniture, perfect for those who host occasional guests. Contemporary sofa bed frames have come a long way from hard and clunky models, evolving into user-friendly, comfy chair beds.

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Ordered sunday night,delivered monday afternoon.Super comfy mattress.Would use again in a heart beat.

Mark St 18th Apr
Trustpilot Star rating Verified

Good selection of mattress for all size and firmness and price points with option to take old mattress away a little pricey maybe but usefull and a varied delivery time slots to suit. Have used several times and will continue to do so

Gary 18th Apr
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Sunday delivery was an option which really worked for me and was free, which was a bonus. The communication was really good and they turned up on time. The guys were in and out in 5 mins. The mattress is sooo comfortable and really good value.

Christine 18th Apr

Help & Buying Guides

What are sofa beds?

For living areas with minimal space, sleeper sofa beds are a dream come true. Functioning as a relaxing sofa to sit on, before converting into a single sofa bed, the versatility of the model makes it ideal for hosting guests. Perfect for accommodating guests, our cutting-edge sleeper sofa beds blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room, with classic and comfortable sofa designs to match your needs.

What rooms are sofa beds suited to?

The multi-purpose nature of sofa beds makes them perfect for a variety of living spaces. From guest bedrooms to home offices, a small sofa bed is great for convenient and comfortable sleep. While sofa beds are evocative of small spaces and student rooms, modern bed settees are available in a wide range of sizes.

With everything from single sofa beds to large corner sofas on offer, sofa beds can be applied to living rooms, bedrooms and spare rooms of all sizes. Ideal for getting some shuteye after a hard day’s work in the office or for hosting family over the holidays, the range of sofa beds on the market makes them a great option for several rooms.

What are the different types of sofa beds?

Sofa beds come in a wide variety of types. From single sofa beds to large bed settees, the wide range of sofa beds on offer provides comfort and style to any room. As the average living space shrinks, sofa settee beds are growing in prominence, sprouting innovative and fashionable designs. Classic styles, such as our leather and upholstered sofa bed, are timeless pieces which feature the durability to take pride of place as your main everyday sofa.

Corner sofa beds can be personalised and styled to become a statement piece and are one of the best ways to maximise space in your room too. Suited to a larger room, corner sofas are great for socialising and relaxing with friends. Other popular types of sofa beds, such as folding sofa beds and lift and pull sofa beds, are popular options available in styles which are suited to any room.

How to choose the right size sofa bed

The sofa is the cornerstone of any room. Choosing the right sofa bed size boils down to a crucial question – how much space do you have?

Consider where you’ll be placing the chair bed. As a main living room sofa for a standard-sized room, you can opt for a corner sofa or double sofa bed. Intended use is also an element to think about.

For a box room guest bed, a single sofa bed is perfect. However, if you’re looking for a comfy sofa bed for watching TV and relaxing, then you may need something larger. All measurements can be found in our handy size guide – simply match them to your room’s dimensions.

For help choosing the right sofa bed size for you, read our Ultimate UK Bed & Mattress Size Guide.

What are the benefits of a sofa bed over a futon bed?

The saviour of countless students, a futon is the inverse of a sofa bed. Futon mattresses are a sleeping space primarily, folding into couch-like futon sofa furniture. While they provide a quick and convenient sleeping space, futons aren’t as comfortable to sit on as sofa beds.

Aesthetically, futons lack the classy finish of a sofa bed. The discreet bed is a key benefit of sofa beds, while futon beds are out in the open. Simply put, sofa beds lend themselves better to trendy living spaces as the bed is hidden away.

Futon beds also require the addition of a thicker mattress for heightened comfort, potentially leading to further cost which belies their budget-bed selling point.

What are the differences between a sofa bed and a guest bed?

Parties, holidays, special occasions – guest and sofa beds are great for accommodating extra guests. Guest beds, or trundle beds as they’re commonly known, are pull-out beds which extend from another bed.

While guest beds offer storage solutions when out of use, sofa beds top the table for versatility. Sofa bed design lends itself to contemporary styles and can be applied to a wide variety of rooms due to its hidden bed nature.

Do sofa beds require a mattress?

The days of impromptu guests getting a restless night’s sleep on paper-thin sofa beds are behind us. Modern pull-out bed innovation has confined guest bed problems to the past. But are mattresses required for sofa beds?

Although traditionally thinner than a standard mattress, most sofa beds are innovatively designed with an integrated mattress for cosy and restful sleep. An upgrade from a night on the sofa, guests can expect comfort from pull-out beds.

Increased sofa bed prominence has even seen modern innovations such as memory foam mattresses make strides in sofa bed design. While mattresses aren’t required, mattress protectors are recommended for a prolonged lifespan.

What styles and colours of sofa beds are popular?

Adding a sofa bed to your room’s decor has never been easier thanks to our fashionable designs. From sleek and smooth leather sofa beds to textured fabric sofa beds that are full of character, these designs are incredibly popular.

Grey is a popular choice for interior designers due to its neutrality. Our stylish grey sofa beds are no exception. A perfect accompaniment to all styles and colour schemes, upholstered grey sofas can work well with all interior design accessories - especially the popular crushed velvet.

For the classic look, a black sofa bed adds a touch of class to all rooms. Black leather sofa beds are eternally popular, requiring minimal maintenance due to their dark design.

Shop our cheap sofa beds

MattressNextDay covers all your sofa bed needs. Our entire range comprises high-quality yet cheap sofa beds, guaranteed to meet your requirements and surpass your expectations. Competitively priced, our bed settees are a worthwhile investment for anyone who hosts guests. 

All our sofa beds come with a minimum 12-month guarantee, although select models feature an additional 5-year warranty. We also offer free nationwide next-day delivery as standard. 

Size Imperial Metric
Cot Mattress 3'9" x 1'9" 120cm x 60cm
Cot Bed Mattress 4'6" x 2'3" 140cm x 70cm
Adjustable Small Single 2'6" x 6'6" 75cm x 200cm
Adjustable Single 3' x 6'6" 90cm x 200cm
Adjustable Small Double 4' x 6'6" 120cm x 200cm
Adjustable Double 4'6" x 6'6" 135cm x 200cm
Small Single 2'6" x 6'3" 75cm x 190cm
Single 3' x 6'3" 90cm x 190cm
Small Double 4' x 6'3" 120cm x 190cm
Double 4'6" x 6'3" 135cm x 190cm
King Size 5' x 6'6" 150cm x 200cm
Super King 6' x 6'6" 180cm x 200cm
European Small Single 2'8" x 6'6" 80cm x 200cm
European Single 3' x 6'6" 90cm x 200cm
European Double 4'7" x 6'6" 140cm x 200cm
European King Size 5'3" x 6'6" 160cm x 200cm

All mattress sizes given are approximate and stated sizes refer to the sleeping surface only. Mattresses sizes may vary slightly from their stated dimensions due to manufacturing tolerances, please allow +/- 2 inches (5cm).

Support Best for
 Icon for Memory Foam Memory Foam Body moulding and pressure relieving
 Icon for Natural Fibres Natural Fibres Unrivalled comfort, naturally temperature-regulating
 Icon for Latex Latex Breathable, supportive and eco friendly
 Icon for Cool Gel Memory Foam Cool Gel Memory Foam Active cooling properties, ideal for hot sleepers
 Icon for Soft White Fibres Soft White Fibres Hypoallergenic polyester, soft and durable

Support Best for
 Icon for Pocket Springs Pocket Springs Individual springs for tailored support
 Icon for Foam Foam Conforms to your body's shape, silent (no springs)
 Icon for Open Coil Springs Open Coil Springs Traditional, interlinked springs
 Icon for Pocket Springs Latex Bouncy yet supportive, great for hot sleepers

Firmness Best for
Good for side sleepers, a softer level of support
Good all-rounder for front, side or back sleepers
Medium - Firm
Good for people who change sleeping position
Good for people who sleep on their front or back
Extra Firm
The firmest level of support, also known as orthopaedic