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Guest Beds

We’ve all had that feeling of guilt, tucked away in bed while your house guest tosses and turns on the couch or an air bed. Guest bed frames make sure everyone has a peaceful night of rest.

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MattressNextDay is your one stop shop for a guest bed with or without trundles. Featuring competitively priced painted wood guest beds, your family and friends are guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep when you choose our functional and fashionable guest beds. All our folding guest beds come with a minimum 12 months guarantee, although selected models feature an additional 5-year warranty. We also offer free nationwide next day delivery as standard. To find the best guest bed for you, simply click here!

How To Choose The Right Size Guest Bed

With so many different styles to choose from, the correct guest bed size depends on your room. If you’re adding a foldaway guest bed to a narrow spare room, then a single guest bed will suffice. Double guest beds are great for wider rooms with space to spare, adept at giving visiting couples a comfortable place to rest their heads.

When purchasing a guest bed with trundle, ensure that you accurately measure the room it will be situated in. Should the guest room be too narrow, the trundle bed won’t be able to fully emerge.

What Is A Guest Bed?

Answering the prayers of home occupants who frequently house family and friends, guest beds provide a temporary sleeping space. No need to panic when couples come to stay, as double guest beds are equally as common as their single counterparts. Quite the opposite to a rough sleep on the sofa, these comfortable beds are very hospitable, and stylish to boot. Foldaway guest beds are a popular choice for accommodating guests, and it’s easy to see why.

What Are The Benefits Of Guest Beds?

Never get caught out by an unexpected guest again with the addition of a guest bed. Offering extra sleeping space, foldaway guest beds can be placed in spare bedrooms, or in some cases folded away until they’re called into action. Folding beds are a fantastic space saving solution, negating the need to create a new room for guests. Trendy dual-function guest beds are a great way to create a sleeping space without intruding on your interior design.

The enhanced comfort offered by guest beds with mattresses make them a popular choice, eliminating uncomfortable visits for your friends and family. With single guest beds available for children and solo occupants, to a guest bed with trundle which reveals a hidden extra bed, there are a plethora of options to achieve maximum comfort.

Day beds are a common choice due to their versatility. This type of dual-function guest bed is suited to rooms such as home offices, with a visually appealing style which seamlessly blends in with all interior designs.

In What Rooms Could You Find A Guest Bed?

From giving relatives a place to stay over the holidays, to preparing a private space for unexpected visitors, guest beds are a clever way to make overnight guests feel comfortable in your home.

Guest beds with mattresses are ideal for a spare room, creating a homely environment without taking up too much space. For homes which don’t have a spare room, a trundle bed seamlessly hides away a spare space for sleeping. With a whole new sleeper tucked away beneath your bed frame, this space-saving guest bed can be found in bedrooms, before moving anywhere once detached.

For the incredibly space-limited homes, an air bed can be a great temporary sleeping solution, while the narrow design of a day bed is perfect for offices or small spaces.

What Are The Advantages Of A Guest Bed Over A Sofa Bed?

Every home needs space for a guest or two. Guest beds and sofa beds are two of the most popular styles of spare beds for visitors, due to their adaptability and stylish nature. But which should you choose? If you’re looking for a folding bed which can pull double duty as a storage device, a guest bed benefits from its multi-functional design.

Perfect for maximising floor space and creating a cosy atmosphere, folding guest beds are less visible than sofa beds. While sofa beds are often the centrepiece of a room, the inconspicuous design of a guest bed frame makes it a spare room must-have. Also great for kids, the pull-out underbed of a trundle guest bed offers more space than a sofa bed, while remaining equally space efficient.

What Are The Differences Between A Sofa Bed And A Trundle Bed?

While sofa beds are a trendy and versatile style, guest beds feature widely in spare bedrooms and offices. Our range of guest beds come with or without underbed trundles. If you’re looking to maximise storage space and utilising multi-functional pieces of bedroom furniture, a trundle bed is an essential.

Perfect for creating an additional space for sleeping out of nowhere, certain trundle beds store an additional sleeping space underneath the bed frame. This is incredibly useful when housing multiple guests, offering two beds in one. Rather than housing a bed, some trundles feature deep storage shelves which pull out from beneath the bed frame, this hidden storage compartment is great for keeping your room free of clutter.

Trundle beds help to create a free and spacious environment for your guests, improving their quality of sleep and overall restfulness.

What Mattresses Are Suitable For Guest Beds With Trundles?

Providing maximum comfort and taking up minimum space, guest beds with trundles require single bed mattresses. Our 3ft single mattress range features memory foampocket sprunglatex and special orthopaedic variations. Factor in who you’re catering for when choosing the best mattress for your guest bed.

Our comprehensive range boasts mattresses in varying comfort grades and thicknesses. For those on the fence, a mattress with medium firmness will provide a good night’s sleep to the average person.

Extra bedding is another key consideration when kitting out a trundle guest bed. While accommodating for last minute guests may seem like a nightmare, MattressNextDay are on hand to make your friends and family’s stay run like a dream.

What Styles And Colours Of Guest Beds Are Popular?

Offering a clean and striking design, white guest beds are a modern and stylish option. A white painted wood guest bed is popular as it can be contrasted with vibrant colours to add a layer of depth and character to your spare room.

Complementing a wide range of textures and fabrics, white wooden guest beds can underline the interior design of the rest of the room, ensuring practicality as well as a trendy touch. Our offerings comprise of sturdy white solid wood bed frames with shelves, slats and optional trundles. Other popular designs include divan guest beds, guest sofa beds and chair beds.