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Mattress Fillings

Mattress manufacturers use a number of different fillings for their products.

Whilst non-sprung mattresses don't need an additional layer of filling, sprung mattresses must have a filling material packed around the springs in order to ensure that the mattress is comfortable for the sleeper. The mattress industry uses a number of different materials, depending on the type of mattress and whether it is at the budget or luxury end of the market.

In some cases, more than one type of filling is used, because the different properties of the filling material are beneficial to different parts of the mattress. Here are some of the more commonly-used mattress fillings:

Wool - manufacturers use wool because of its many useful properties - it has a low risk of flammability, is breathable and durable and has a soft, luxurious feel.

Polyester - a man-made fabric that is relatively cost-effective to use and helps to protect the mattress against wear and tear because it recovers quickly when not in use.

Coir fibre - this is made from coconut fibre and is usually manufactured into pads which are then packed around the springs to prevent them from pushing through the ticking. Alternatives to coir fibre padding include synthetic fibre pads and padding made from compressed wool.

Cotton - a naturally soft material, cotton may be used as a filling directly underneath the ticking in order to provide extra comfort. It is also a very absorbent material, which makes it a good choice for mattress filling.

Hair - mattresses still use hair fillings, but usually in conjunction with other filling materials.

Luxury fillings - at the top end of the market, the finest fibres, all natural, are used to create a layered mattress that provides the ultimate in comfort and support. These fillings could include mohair, silk and cashmere.

Most mattress producers use a combination of these fillings to create the feel they are looking for. The correct choice of filling, together with good manufacturing techniques, which ensure that the filling is properly attached to the springs so that it is always performing at its best, provides you with a mattress that will give you all the support and comfort you need.

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