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6ft Super King Size Beds

Treat yourself to the best sleep possible in a bed fit for a king. With extra space to wriggle and stretch, super king bed frames are the best beds for cover-stealing couples, tall adults and morning cuddles with the kids. From upholstered superking beds, to wooden and metal frames, our extensive range of large beds cover all needs and requirements.

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What size is a super king bed?

Struggling to drift off? Why not supersize your sleeping surface. Our luxury super king bed frames measure in at 6ft x 6.6ft (180cm x 200cm/70in x 78in), offering elegance and style to bedrooms with ample space.

A step up in size from our king size frames, the super king size bed frames boast an additional foot in width, providing couples with the freedom to move around without causing disturbance. Should your room accommodate it, a super king frame is the ultimate in bedtime comfort, ideal for those with sleep problems and special requirements.

Do you need a super king size bed frame?

A luxurious super king size bed may seem like the stuff of dreams. But do you need a super king frame? It all comes down to the space, or lack thereof, that you have to work with. Super king size beds are only suitable for large bedrooms that can accommodate such a space-taking bed design. If you have a bedroom with rough dimensions of 14ft x 10ft then you’re in luck – a super king bed is the bed for you.

For slightly smaller spaces, scale back to a king size bed to enjoy comparable levels of comfort. Super king size beds are great for families, providing adequate room for fidgeting couples, sharing story time with kids and a curled-up dog.

The enhanced size of a super king bed frame also makes it suitable for larger individuals who require extra space. There are things to consider when purchasing a super king bed, however. Namely, bedding. There’s less variation when it comes to super king sized bedding, while the price is more expensive than smaller models.

What are the different types of super king beds?

Oozing elegance and flair, our super king size bed frames come in a comprehensive array of styles to fit all needs. Whether you’re looking for wooden super king beds or modern fabric bed frames, our wide range of beds caters to all requirements. Each type of luxury 6ft super king bed frame offers exceptional value for money, boasting high durability levels to provide comfortable and restful sleep for years to come. If you’re looking to match the super king size bed frame to existing bedroom decor or as the focal point of a new bedroom, we offer everything from chic silver and classic charcoal designs to white super king bed frames.

Wooden super king size bed frames

Looking to create a homely, inviting ambience in your large bedroom? Look no further than our super king wooden bed frames. An earthy and natural looking style, wooden bed farms add depth and warmth to a bedroom, with a traditional aesthetic that’s resistant to changes in fashion. Wooden super king beds embody strength and rigidity, ensuring a lengthy lifespan.

A valuable investment for any large bedroom, our solid wood beds are available in multiple wood tones. From strong oaks to versatile pine super king beds, our range features all you need to achieve any finish or look for a bedroom. To add a drop of colour to your bedroom decor, we also offer painted wood super king size beds.

Opening up a range of possibilities, this stylish design trend further expands the levels of luxury on offer, with ground-breaking silver and vanilla large sized beds available. 

Upholstered super king size bed frames

A fashionable and classy modern bed design, the fabric bed frame is a cosy and luxurious way to add texture to a larger bedroom. Super-king upholstered beds are the ultimate in elegance, with a soft fabric design which creates a cosy bedroom environment. The perfect centre piece for an eclectic and stylish interior design, super king fabric bed frames can be built around, remaining in place while the bedroom decor evolves around it.

Featuring a luxurious headboard, rolling footboard and smooth frame, super king size upholstered beds are the ultimate statement piece for your master bedroom. Perfect for rustic, traditional homes as well as modern, chic abodes, fabric upholstered super king bed frames are a rich and versatile design.

How much are super king beds?

Super king beds and super king mattresses are a little more expensive as they are larger than standard doubles. The more ornate the design, the more you’ll pay. But what you need to remember is that a super king bed is an investment, and will last you for years to come. At MattressNextDay, we make things easier and cheaper by offering free delivery to mainland UK addresses on all our super king beds and mattresses.  

What is the best mattress for a super king size bed frame?

With everything from super king sized memory foam mattresses, to pocket sprung models, we offer the ultimate 6ft mattresses for super king size beds. Levels of firmness and comfort are key indicators to consider. Competitively priced, our range of super king mattresses are extremely comfortable, available in a range of materials to provide the best night’s sleep possible.

If you’re tossing and turning over the best type of mattress for you, then a medium firmness is a safe bet to go for. Ranging from special orthopaedic mattresses, to latex super king mattresses, you’ll be certain to find the best mattress for a super king size bed frame.

How to choose the right super king bed?

The first thing you need to check is that you have enough room to fit your super king bed into your bedroom. Check that there is adequate space around the sides for you to move, open doors, or access storage, too. So our top tip is to measure twice before you buy!

If you want to include some extra storage then look for super king beds that have divan or ottoman bases. Ottomans open from the side or the base, so if space is tight, they make more sense than a divan where the drawers will need extra space on the sides to open fully. Then it’s time to pick the type of super king bed – wooden or metal? A wooden super king bed frame will be heavier than a metal option. However, a metal frame does need a little more looking after and regular maintenance if you want to prevent any squeaks or creaks. Consider access into the bedroom, too. A metal frame is easily assembled and comes flat packed, whereas a wooden frame may be a struggle to get through a narrow doorway!