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Latex Mattresses

Looking for a sustainable mattress which provides supreme posture support? Look no further than our range of latex mattresses. Sourced from natural latex, these affordable mattresses are suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions and come in sizes which suit all age groups. With everything from a pocket sprung latex mattress to king size latex mattresses on offer, the best bed and mattress manufacturers are on hand to give you a dreamy sleep on a quality organic latex mattress.

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How to choose the best Latex Mattresses

What Is A Latex Mattress?

Comprised of a latex layer on top of a spring mattress, a latex mattress contours to your body shape. This type of mattress is similar to memory foam mattresses but is made from natural materials.

There’s no need to alter your sleeping position when choosing a latex mattress, as the body support offered by the design can be applied to side sleepers, back sleepers and stomach sleepers alike. Perfectly adept at relieving pressure points as you sleep, a latex bed mattress could be the solution for sleeping problems such as interrupted sleep caused by joint pain.

Pioneered by the Dunlopillo latex mattress, the technology has sprouted latex pillows which offer the same high levels of comfort.

Types of Latex Mattresses

Latex mattress types are defined by the type of spring that the latex layer sits on top of. This includes:

  • Pocket Sprung Latex Mattresses
  • Traditional Sprung Latex Mattresses
  • Octasprung Latex Mattresses

Each of these types maintains the benefits of a latex mattress.

Benefits of A Latex Mattress

Aside from feeling luxurious and comfortable, there are a wealth of latex mattress benefits.

Firstly, the elasticity of a latex mattress offers support and pressure relief without the added depth of some other models. The responsive mattress adapts to body shapes and works towards achieving better posture and spinal alignment, in turn reducing the likelihood of encountering pain as you sleep.

Many latex mattresses offered are single sided, meaning that you don’t have to flip a latex mattress. This low-maintenance feature enhances the lifespan of latex foam mattress further as they require less care than other mattress types such as pocket sprung or pillow top.

A latex mattress is quality mattress for people who suffer with allergies. The natural latex construction is dust mite-resistant and stays as good as new for a long time.

You can read more about the benefits of a latex mattress in our latex mattress buying guide.

Which Latex Mattress Is Best?

Which latex mattress is best depends on personal preference. It’s important to find the correct comfort level for you.

As latex mattresses are cushioned, they tend to come in soft or medium.  Soft comfort levels are best for side sleepers, whereas medium is best for those that sleep on their back or front.

You can read more in our mattress firmness guide.

Shop Our Cheap Latex Mattresses

Whether you’re shopping for a king size latex mattress or a single latex mattress, all of our latex mattress collection ticks the boxes for comfort, cost and durability. Available at affordable prices, our range is suitable for all bedrooms in the home, bringing a great night’s sleep to all the family.  Choose from varying firmness levels, depth and spring count to receive a custom-made sleeping experience which will revolutionise the way you rest and recuperate.

From the best latex mattress for side sleepers to latex mattresses for back pain, the entirety of our cutting-edge range is available with a 12 month guarantee as standard. A select sample of models come with a further 5-year warranty, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck with our latex mattresses. You won’t be left twiddling your thumbs waiting, as our nationwide next day mattress delivery service runs like a dream, improving sleep quality in no time at all.