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Savile Bed Company Mattresses

Discover the perfect balance of comfort, firmness, and luxury with the Savile Bed Company's Elite Luxury Mattresses. Handmade in England, these mattresses showcase the exceptional blend of natural materials, including horse hair, organic cotton, and a medley of fine wool types for ultimate comfort. Savile mattresses provide the solution for back pain, posture issues, and ensures good spine alignment, offering you a sleep experience like no other. Explore our Savile collection and embrace the sleep you deserve.

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Great service, delivery within 24 hours, delivery men were on time and helpful. Mattress is super comfy, great value for money.

Peter 20th Feb
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Easy to order and its a really next day delivery. Drivers was on time so dont need to all day waiting.

Marite 20th Feb
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First finding a quality mattress that can be delivered so quickly.The delivery went very smoothly, fitted in with my timing. The mattress was exceptional, really great quality and so comfortable. I am really glad I chose my product through this supplier. Especially as it's a risk for an important purchase. Thank you

Farra Pedley 20th Feb

4 benefits of Savile Bed Company mattresses

It’s not just by mistake that Savile has become one of the most sought-after bed manufacturers in the UK. In fact, there are 4 key traits that help make Savile stand out and are the reason they are still kitting out bedrooms all across the country.

1. Never compromising on quality

All Savile beds and mattresses have been designed and manufactured with large amounts of testing and quality control. This ensures that no matter which one you buy, you can guarantee it will last you a long time and never let you down.

2. A clear focus on comfort

After a long, stressful day at work, your Savile bed is the perfect way to truly unwind and relax. You will come to depend on the comfort it offers, and how it can leave you refreshed and invigorated for the new day ahead.

3. Authentic style and craftsmanship

Savile prides itself on still delivering beds which have been handcrafted in a careful and meticulous manner. All craftsmen are specially trained and fully certified to deliver 100% satisfaction each and every time.

4. A desire to keep on innovating

This authentic craftsmanship is well balanced with an adaption of new technology and techniques. This blend of the old and the new means that Savile can continue to develop handmade, well-crafted beds that are in-line with evolving trends and innovations.

What types of Savile beds are available?

Savile beds are one of the top bed manufacturers in the UK. They take real pride in their beds, and refuse to compromise on quality, with in-depth testing and quality control to make sure every Savile bed is perfect. Long-lasting, incredibly comfortable, and innovative, Savile beds focus on comfort as well as sustainability. At MattressNextDay, we have some of Savile’s best beds on offer, ranging from 2000 natural pocket mattresses with a medium-firm rating, all the way up to 5000 natural pocket mattresses with a softer, more luxurious feel. You’ll also benefit from free next-day delivery and our low prices – so you can be confident that our price won't be beaten elsewhere.