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Double Divan Beds

135cm x 190cm, 4ft 6" x 6ft 3"

4ft 6 double divan beds are ideal for anyone looking to invest in a larger sleeping space. They make the perfect solution for couples interested in keeping their side of the bed untouched and match up perfectly with larger rooms where space needs to be filled. We offer a range of cheap double divan beds in a variety of designs, many with great storage options. Have a browse through and find your dream bed today with fast delivery

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Why choose a double divan bed?

Double divan beds are an excellent option to go for if you’re looking for a combination of size and storage. They add a sense of elegance to larger rooms, especially when combined with an aesthetically pleasing headboard. They’re also the first choice for many couples who are looking for some extra sleeping space.

Here at MattressNextDay, we’ve put together a small guide to help understand double divan a little bit better. Unless you’re all clued up on what double divan beds are and why you should consider one, continue to read on for helpful tips and more information.

What size is a divan double bed?

The average size of a double divan bed with mattress is a 135cm wide and 190cm long. In imperial dimensions, this equates to 4 foot 6 inches wide and 6 foot 3 inches long. Our range of double divan beds work great with our double mattresses.

When comparing this to a small double divan, you get an additional 6 inches. Perfect if you’re looking to share the bed with a partner and not fight for spare space.

What are the benefits of a divan double bed?

Divan double beds are a classic choice for many people and households, and they happen to have many benefits when compared with standard double bed frames.

They often come in a neat little set

Double divan beds with mattress are a common find when searching for your next purchase. Unlike some bed frame styles, divan doubles often come paired in a set, which saves you time and also means you don’t have any mattress overhang. The overhang is where the mattress you purchase is too big for the bed frame. So when you get a set, you can rest assured the accompanying mattress will fit perfectly.

Double divan beds can be separated to make two beds

If you place a zip and link mattress atop of a divan bed, it is possible to create two beds from one. Ideal if you have friends staying over and need an extra sleeping space. Additionally, this method could also be applied to save money on two children’s beds. You could purchase one divan double bed with a zip and link mattress, filling two needs with one deed.

Flexible and easily moveable

An instantly noticeable benefit of divan double beds is their flexibility. Because the bed frames split into two parts, they are incredibly easy to move about – useful if you’re changing rooms or homes. If you ever need to move the bed, it is as simple as removing the mattress, splitting the base, and moving the individual pieces to your desired location. A practical feature if you’re moving a bed by yourself.

Do double divan beds come with storage?

Divan double beds with storage are a common option when selecting the perfect bed frame. Your bed takes up a lot of room, leaving less storage space for random paraphernalia that doesn’t have a home.

If you find yourself short of storage when investing in a new double, get a divan bed with storage. Many divan doubles have efficient storage options which offer a practical use for the empty space in the bed frame. Depending on the bed, you can get 1-4 different draws to utilise or an entire compartment if you opt for an ottoman bed divan style.