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MLILY Mattresses

MLILY mattresses are sleeping solutions which strive to improve the way you sleep. A global partner of Manchester United, MLILY dine at the top table of the industry, supplying affordable mattresses which truly make a difference to the way you sleep. Sleep fuels performance – redefine your sleep with a MLILY comfort mattress and become well-rested, refreshed and ready for what lies ahead. We can supply the full MLILY Mattress range. If there's a model you require which is not currently on our website, please call us on 0333 0069 769. We will match (or in some cases beat!) any quote or price you have been given from another company!

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How to choose the best MLILY Mattresses

About MLILY Mattresses

Originating in China, MLILY set out to change the culture of sleep. At a time where cheap, hard, unsupportive beds where the norm, MLILY mattresses bucked the trend. Introducing their memory foam mattresses, MLILY set about educating and informing on the psychological and physical benefits of sleep, as well as the importance of a comfortable sleeping surface.

Now a global mattress brand, MLILY creates bed mattresses which supplement a healthy lifestyle. Powered by sleep scientists who work around the clock to find the latest sleep innovations, MLILY recognise that improved sleep can lead to improved quality of life. Their mission is to redefine sleep and produce the most advanced mattresses on the market.

Where Are MLILY Mattresses Manufactured?

Supplying quality mattresses to all four corners of the world, MLILY has factories in China, Thailand, Serbia, Spain and North America. Having begun life in the far east before expanding globally, the mattress company’s largest factory is in Jiangsu, China. The MLILY sleep research centre is also based here, forming a development hub for the latest and greatest sleep technologies.

Which Materials Are MLILY Mattresses Made From?

MLILY mattresses are made from premium materials such as silk for a cool night’s sleep. There are also natural mattresses, such as bamboo and aloe vera, on offer featuring anti-allergy properties.

Only the finest materials are used in the construction of MLILY mattresses, exhibiting a triple threat of quality, durability and luxury. Combined with the latest in sleep technology, the range offers incomparable levels of comfort and support.

What Makes A MLILY Mattress So Comfortable?

Most MLILY mattress models feature Gel-Infused Cloud Memory Foam. Gel memory foam is different from traditional memory foam as its surface reduces heat retention allowing for a cooler night’s sleep. This innovative foam mattress design allows for higher levels of pressure relief.

The high-end mattresses combine multiple layers for added comfort and offer a variety of options. While most mattresses feature a foam layer above coils and springs, MLILY mattresses have a unique coil foundation encased in high-density polyfoam to enable ease of motion.

Official Mattress Partner Of Manchester United

A partnership of dreams, MLILY mattresses are Manchester United’s secret weapon. Our state of the art mattresses have been called up for first team duty, elevating performance levels through restful, uninterrupted sleep. The link between sleep and elite performance lies in recovery and regeneration. Given the professional seal of approval, MLILY mattresses can send your sleep quality to the top of the table.

MLILY Harmony Mattress Range

MLILY harmony mattresses are one of the flagship ranges on offer. The hybrid mattresses focus on support and comfort, made with multiple layers which exude relaxation and tranquillity.

Combining the benefits of memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses, the luxury mattresses aid with pressure relief and temperature control. The range features everything from specialist mattress for back pain to hypoallergenic mattresses, giving everyone a good night’s sleep in a comfortable environment.

What Type Of Sleeper Is Suited To A MLILY Mattress?

The sheer volume of mattress on offer in our MLILY range makes them the mattress of choice for all kinds of sleepers. Perfect for alleviating back and joint as well as promoting a comfortable sleeping position, you’ll find the best mattresses for back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers alike when you shop MLILY mattresses.

Motion transfer is a key feature in mattresses for light sleepers and those who share a bed. You don’t want to bounced awake by a partner coming to bed late or tossing and turning in the night. Each MLILY mattress features a unique construction, resulting in an extremely low motion transfer which enables smoot and uninterrupted sleep.

Within the MLILY range, there are orthopaedic mattresses on offer for pain relief. These sleeping aids are among the best mattresses for back pain, targeting relief for painful pressure points. Similarly, MLILY’s memory foam bed mattresses conform to the curves of the body to support natural spine alignment.

Do I Need To Flip My Mattress?

There is no need to flip a MLILY mattresses. The single sided mattresses can instead by rotated once every 3 months to help maintain its longevity and evenly spread wear across the mattress base.

How To Clean The Mattress Cover

Featuring a removable cover, the majority of MLILY mattress models can be professionally dry cleaned. It is recommended to steer clear of home washing machines as they can disrupt the quilted foams. For best results, hand wash in cold water and leave to dry naturally. To improve the performance and lifespan of your mattress, our mattress protectors are the ultimate companion.