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MLILY Mattresses & Pillows

We can supply the full MLILY Mattress range. If there's a model you require which is not currently on our website, please call us on 0333 0069 769. We will match (or in some cases beat!) any quote or price you have been given from another company!

MLILY mattresses promise comfort and are very reasonably priced due to MLILY’s expert knowledge from meticulous research. MLILY use gel memory foam, often combined with pocket springs, to create mattresses that offer superior sleep comfort and support with a traditional feel. MLILY are also committed to addressing typical mattress problems including overheating and slow recovery from mattress settlement.

At MattressNextDay our price match promise means you won’t find a better deal elsewhere. With our free UK and next-day delivery services, you could have your new MLILY memory foam mattress by tomorrow! Interest-free credit is available, so there’s no need to wait until payday. Shop from our huge range of mattresses today.

MLILY the global brand

MLILY, a global partner of Manchester United, began their journey by manufacturing their specialist mattresses in China and marketing them to a nation that were used to sleeping on very hard, cheaply made beds which offered them no support. From this, the vision was born to "Redefine Sleep" and educate this market on the benefits of a proper mattress to overall wellbeing.

Each mattress is crafted with customers' health and lifestyles taken into consideration. Sleep scientists work incredibly hard to ensure that they have a mattress to suit every individual as no two people have the same requirements.

There is a huge range which includes gel, foam, hybrids, pocket gel, mattress toppers and even pillows. Each product is designed to accommodate different individuals so pop into a local store today to work out which product meets your needs. Whether it is the Harmony series to help keep you cool whilst improving the circulation of oxygen and blood in your body or a combination of pocket springs and gel to target your back pain, there is a bed for you.

Better yet, 24 hour delivery means you could be getting a good night sleep in no time at all!


MLILY Mattresses & Pillows

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MLILY are changing the way the world sleeps. China’s biggest mattress manufacturer now sells its range of mattresses around the globe and MLILY recognise that when it comes to sleep, like a pair of shoes, one size does not fit all.

There’s an MLILY mattress to suit every sleep pattern, every sleep concern and every budget. A global partner of Manchester United, MLILY’s goal is to “redefine sleep” for everyone.

Where are MLILY mattresses manufactured?

MLILY has factories in China, Thailand, Serbia, Spain and North America. The company’s largest is in Jiangsu, China, and employs over 1,500 people. It is also the location of the MLILY sleep research centre.

What materials are MLILY mattresses made of?

All of MLILY’s mattresses are manufactured from high-quality, durable materials. Combined with the latest in sleep technology, the range offers incomparable levels of comfort and support.

MLILY mattresses are available with premium materials such as silk for a cool night’s sleep and natural and organic materials which are hypo-allergenic such as bamboo and aloe vera.

All of the foams used by MLILY are high density. MLILY mattresses retain their shape longer than regular foam mattresses as the quality of the foams makes the mattress more durable.

The products are manufactured without the use of pesticides and herbicides and contain no PBDE (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) which can cause serious health problems. MLILY foams are made without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, or heavy metals.

What makes MLILY mattresses so comfortable?

Most of MLILY’s mattresses feature Gel-Infused Cloud Memory Foam. Gel memory foam is different from traditional memory foam as its surface reduces heat retention allowing for a cooler night’s sleep than older mattresses and allows for high levels of pressure relief.

The mattresses combine a number of multiple layers for added comfort and offer a variety of options. While most mattresses feature a foam layer above coils and springs, MLILY mattresses have a unique coil foundation encased in high-density polyfoam to enable ease of motion.

What kind of sleepers do MLILY mattresses best suit?

The MLILY range consists of over a dozen different mattresses designed for every type of sleeper including those with back pain and joint point, and also for different side sleepers and those who sleep on their back and stomach.

Motion transfer is a key feature for light sleepers and those who share a bed. You don’t want to be bounced awake by a partner coming to bed late. MLILY’s unique construction results in an extremely low motion transfer enabling a smooth and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Should I choose a firm or soft MLILY mattress?

Different models in the MLILY range will give sleepers a different feel. People with different body shapes and sizes have different needs. The most important factor is whether the mattress provides the right support for natural spine alignment.

Are MLILY mattresses suitable for people with bad backs and chronic pain issues?

MLILY’s memory foam conforms to the curves of the body to support the natural alignment of the spine. This reduces the stress and strain on your body and can help to alleviate pain.

Are MLILY mattresses suitable for those with allergies?

MLILY’s memory foam is naturally antimicrobial, making it an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. The growth of allergens such as mould, fungus and dust mites is inhibited by MLILY’s memory foam, helping to prevent allergic reactions and symptoms.

All MLILY products have excellent ventilation properties and the unique AirFoam technology ensures that the products breathe well and that air can circulate throughout.

What warranty does an MLILY mattress come with?

All MLILY mattresses come with a manufacturer’s warranty covering workmanship, manufacturer’s defects, and materials. The length of the guarantee depends on the product purchased.

How do I buy an MLILY mattress?

A huge range of MLILY mattresses and accessories are available from mattressnextday.co.uk.

How do I get the best deal on an MLILY mattress?

Mattressnextday.co.uk offer the best deals on MLILY mattresses and our lowest price promise means we will match any deal you may be able to find cheaper elsewhere subject to terms and conditions.

What delivery options are there for MLILY mattresses?

We have a range of available including next day delivery, Saturday deliveries and you can have your mattress delivered direct to a room of your choice.

We offer free delivery on orders over £150. Contact our customer services team to discuss your delivery requirements.

How should I set up my MLILY mattress?

You should unpack your new MLILY mattress in a well-ventilated area. This will allow that “new mattress” smell to dissipate. The mattress will come rolled up and take a few hours to fully expand.

How do I maintain my MLILY mattress?

MLILY mattresses are designed with a single sleeping surface meaning you do not need to “flip” your mattress.

You should rotate the mattress 180 degrees every three months or so to promote longevity. Most MLILY mattresses have a removable cover which can be dry cleaned. Machine washing is not recommended. Always follow the care instructions that come with the mattress.  

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