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MLILY® Mattresses

MLILY® mattresses are sleeping solutions which strive to improve the way you sleep. A global partner of Manchester United, MLILY® dine at the top table of the industry, supplying affordable mattresses which truly make a difference to the way you sleep.

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We were kept updated all the way through from purchase right up until delivery which was very helpful.

Linda Rudd 11th Jul
Trustpilot Star rating Verified

From ordering to delivery they were very good. Ordering offices very easy, delivery very quick and delivery company very efficient and careful.

Anita B 9th Jul
Trustpilot Star rating Verified

So far so good with the mattress, the quality is excellent and is as described. First class speedy delivery service received and would not hesitate to recommend.

Vicki 9th Jul

About MLILY mattresses

Now a global mattress brand, MLILY creates bed mattresses which supplement a healthy lifestyle. Powered by sleep scientists who work around the clock to find the latest sleep innovations, MLILY recognise that improved sleep can lead to improved quality of life. Their mission is to redefine sleep and produce the most advanced mattresses on the market.

Supplying quality mattresses to all four corners of the world, MLILY has factories in China, Thailand, Serbia, Spain and North America. Having begun life in the far east before expanding globally, the mattress company’s largest factory is in Jiangsu, China. The MLILY sleep research centre is also based here, forming a development hub for the latest and greatest sleep technologies.

MLILY Harmony mattress range

MLILY harmony mattresses are one of the flagship ranges on offer. The hybrid mattresses focus on support and comfort, made with multiple layers which exude relaxation and tranquillity.

Combining the benefits of memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses, the luxury mattresses aid with pressure relief and temperature control. The range features everything from specialist mattress for back pain to hypoallergenic mattresses, giving everyone a good night’s sleep in a comfortable environment.

How to clean the mattress cover

Featuring a removable cover, the majority of MLILY mattress models can be professionally dry cleaned. It is recommended to steer clear of home washing machines as they can disrupt the quilted foams. For best results, hand wash in cold water and leave to dry naturally. To improve the performance and lifespan of your mattress, our mattress protectors are the ultimate companion.

What is the new MLILY Bamboo collection 

Bamboo mattresses have grown hugely in popularity in recent years - especially amongst people who are looking to do their bit for sustainability. As a natural, eco-friendly fibre, bamboo is a great choice for all sorts of housewares and fabrics, from clothing to bedding.

That's why we're proud to announce that you can now buy the Mlily Bamboo Series at MattressNextDay - part of the brand's online Inspired collection. These bamboo charcoal memory foam mattresses are available in eight different models, each coming with a fantastic five-year guarantee. And they're a great choice for allergy sufferers too: bamboo has great antimicrobial properties, meaning it resists dust mites and bacteria that can be a problem for some mattress types.

But that's not the only benefit of Mlily's Bamboo Series. Bamboo is highly absorbent, making sure that sweat doesn't ruin a good night's sleep. It is hypoallergenic too, and can also help to regulate temperature, meaning that you won't feel either too cold or too hot at night. And the memory foam within these mattresses gives you a great level of support, tailored to your own body too.

Bamboo Series Bamboo+

The Bamboo+ is the entry-level mattress in Mlily's bamboo range. It features a 2cm layer of the brand's Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam, along with an additional 3cm layer of their Flex Comfort Foam, designed to provide you with flexible support.

At the core of the mattress are 800 pocket springs for a great level of support, sitting above their Aero Flex Support Border: an aerodynamically designed border that is built in a way that provides support across the entire mattress, from corner to corner. And at the very base of the Bamboo+ mattress, you'll find a 4cm layer of their Core Support Foam: a special base layer that is designed to give even more support still, making sure you have a great night's sleep.

The Bamboo+ - like the other mattresses in the Mlily Bamboo Series - is delivered vacuum packed and rolled, and can be slept on just 2 hours after unrolling.

Bamboo Series Bamboo+ Ortho

If back and joint pain are a concern for you, then you may find that the Bamboo Series Bamboo+ Ortho is a better match for your needs than the Bamboo+.

Like the Bamboo+, the Bamboo+ Ortho also features a 2cm layer of Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam at the top, but underneath this you'll find a 3cm layer of their Ortho Comfort Foam, rather than their Flex Comfort Foam. While the Flex Comfort Foam is more supple, the Ortho Comfort Foam is a significantly firmer foam layer, which is designed to ease and reduce joint and back pain.

While this is also an 800 spring mattress, the Bamboo+ Ortho uses Mlily's custom Ortho Firm Pocket Springs, which enhance the orthopaedic properties of the mattress. Below the springs, you'll find the same Aero-Flex Support Border and 4cm layer of Core Support Foam as the Bamboo+.

Bamboo+ Deluxe

The Mlily Bamboo+ Deluxe shares some similarities with the Bamboo+ and Bamboo+ Ortho, but also has some big differences. The first of these is that it features a 3cm - rather than 2cm - layer of Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam at the very top of the mattress: an even larger area that is designed to regulate temperature, moisture and odour, as well as adapting to your body's individual shape and sleeping positions.

You'll find a 2cm layer of Flex Comfort Foam below - and at the very heart of the mattress, MLily have included a layer of 1500 of their custom pocket springs: a deeper spring layer to provide an even more luxurious level of support. As with the other Bamboo+ mattresses, this mattress is finished with an Aero-Flex Support Border, and a 4cm layer of Core Support Foam at the very base.

Bamboo+ Deluxe Ortho

The Bamboo+ Deluxe Ortho mattress from Mlily is the next model up from their Bamboo+ Ortho. Again, this is an orthopaedic mattress, designed for those who want to protect their back and joints, if they already experience back or joint problems.

At the top of the mattress is a 3cm layer of Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam - deeper than the Bamboo+ Ortho. Like the Bamboo+ Ortho, it also features a 3cm layer of Ortho Comfort Foam for firm support, but it's the springs that make the real difference.

While the Bamboo+ Ortho features 800 Ortho Firm Pocket Springs, this number rises to 1500 in the Bamboo+ Deluxe Ortho model, giving even greater support. Like the Bamboo+ Ortho, the Deluxe model also features an Aero-Flex Support Border layer - and right at the base you'll find a 5cm - rather than 4cm - layer of Core Support Foam for fantastic, recovery-enhancing sleep.

Bamboo+ Superb

If you're looking for a higher spring count still, then the Bamboo+ Superb could be the MLily bamboo mattress for you. A 5cm layer of their aerodynamically designed Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam at the top of the mattress works hard to regulate odour, moisture and temperature, and, like other mattresses in the range, it also includes a 2cm layer of Flex Comfort Foam, an Aero-Flex Support Border, and 4cm of Core Support Foam at the base.

The biggest difference in the Bamboo+ Superb is in the number of springs nestled inside the heart of the mattress. With no fewer than 2500 of the brand's custom pocket springs nestled deep inside, you can be sure that you're buying a high performance mattress that is truly built for incredible comfort - especially when its high spring count is combined with the brand's four other layers inside the mattress.

Bamboo+ Superb Ortho

The Bamboo+ Superb Ortho is a version of the Bamboo+ Superb that is designed specifically for those looking for a luxurious orthopaedic mattress. Underneath its 3cm layer of Air-Flow Bamboo Charcoal Memory Foam is a 3cm layer of Ortho Comfort Foam, so you can be sure that you're getting a firm, supportive mattress that both helps combat back and joint pain and moulds perfectly to suit your body.

At the base, you'll benefit from MLily's Aero-Flex Support Border and 5cm of Core Support Foam - and in the middle, the Bamboo+ Superb Ortho features an impressive 2500 custom Ortho Firm Pocket Springs. The high spring count - and the fact that these springs are specifically designed for tailored orthopaedic support - create an incredible level of comfort, firmness and support that will be perfect for those looking for a mattress that looks after their back and joints.

Bamboo+ Serene

While many of MLily's Bamboo+ mattresses feature five different layers, the Bamboo+ Serene features an impressive eight. A Flex Support Foam layer sits below the Flex Comfort foam layer, which adds an extra level of firmer support - and there are extra springs, too. In addition to the 2500 custom pocket springs that sit right at the core, they've included a layer of 2000 Adapt Mini-Springs. Each of these springs adjusts to the different pressure points in your body when you lay on the mattress, helping to ease joint pain.

At the very top of the mattress is a layer of MLily's Nanocool Ice Fabric, which is perfect for those who struggle to get to a comfortable temperature when they sleep. This layer is all about keeping cool: it gives your mattress a refreshing and cooling feel right across the surface, meaning that you can sleep in greater comfort!

Bamboo+ Serene Ortho

The Bamboo+ Serene Ortho mattress has all of the same great features as the Bamboo+ Serene - but with extra support tailored for those who are looking for a super thick, incredibly comfortable mattress for orthopaedic support. Along with its layers of Flex Support Foam and Ortho Support Foam, it includes 2500 Ortho Firm Pocket Springs as well as 2000 Adapt Mini-Springs, so you'll not only be well-supported by this mattress, you'll also have existing joint pain eased.

It also, like the Serene, includes a layer of MLily's Nanocool Ice Fabric across the top of the mattress. Joint pain relief, firm support for orthopaedic problems, an impressive spring count spanning two different layers and a temperature control layer to prevent you from overheating while you sleep - there are numerous benefits to the Bamboo+ Serene Ortho mattress...what's not to like?

Which materials are MLILY mattresses made from?

MLILY mattresses are made from premium materials such as silk for a cool night’s sleep. There are also natural mattresses, such as bamboo and aloe vera, on offer featuring anti-allergy properties.

Only the finest materials are used in the construction of MLILY mattresses, exhibiting a triple threat of quality, durability and luxury. Combined with the latest in sleep technology, the range offers incomparable levels of comfort and support.

What makes a MLILY mattress so comfortable?

Most MLILY mattress models feature Gel-Infused Cloud Memory Foam. Gel memory foam is different from traditional memory foam as its surface reduces heat retention allowing for a cooler night’s sleep. This innovative foam mattress design allows for higher levels of pressure relief.

The high-end mattresses combine multiple layers for added comfort and offer a variety of options. While most mattresses feature a foam layer above coils and springs, MLILY mattresses have a unique coil foundation encased in high-density polyfoam to enable ease of motion.

What type of sleeper is suited to a MLILY mattress?

The sheer volume of mattress on offer in our MLILY range makes them the mattress of choice for all kinds of sleepers. Perfect for alleviating back and joint as well as promoting a comfortable sleeping position, you’ll find the best mattresses for back sleepers, best mattress for side sleepers and front sleepers alike when you shop MLILY mattresses.

Motion transfer is a key feature in mattresses for light sleepers and those who share a bed. You don’t want to bounced awake by a partner coming to bed late or tossing and turning in the night. Each MLILY mattress features a unique construction, resulting in an extremely low motion transfer which enables smoot and uninterrupted sleep.

Within the MLILY range, there are orthopaedic mattresses on offer for pain relief. These sleeping aids are among the best mattresses for back pain, targeting relief for painful pressure points. Similarly, MLILY’s memory foam bed mattresses conform to the curves of the body to support natural spine alignment.

Do I need to flip my mattress?

There is no need to flip a MLILY mattresses. The single sided mattresses can instead by rotated once every 3 months to help maintain its longevity and evenly spread wear across the mattress base.

Size Imperial Metric
Cot Mattress 3'9" x 1'9" 120cm x 60cm
Cot Bed Mattress 4'6" x 2'3" 140cm x 70cm
Adjustable Small Single 2'6" x 6'6" 75cm x 200cm
Adjustable Single 3' x 6'6" 90cm x 200cm
Adjustable Small Double 4' x 6'6" 120cm x 200cm
Adjustable Double 4'6" x 6'6" 135cm x 200cm
Small Single 2'6" x 6'3" 75cm x 190cm
Single 3' x 6'3" 90cm x 190cm
Small Double 4' x 6'3" 120cm x 190cm
Double 4'6" x 6'3" 135cm x 190cm
King Size 5' x 6'6" 150cm x 200cm
Super King 6' x 6'6" 180cm x 200cm
European Small Single 2'8" x 6'6" 80cm x 200cm
European Single 3' x 6'6" 90cm x 200cm
European Double 4'7" x 6'6" 140cm x 200cm
European King Size 5'3" x 6'6" 160cm x 200cm

All mattress sizes given are approximate and stated sizes refer to the sleeping surface only. Mattresses sizes may vary slightly from their stated dimensions due to manufacturing tolerances, please allow +/- 2 inches (5cm).

Support Best for
 Icon for Memory Foam Memory Foam Body moulding and pressure relieving
 Icon for Natural Fibres Natural Fibres Unrivalled comfort, naturally temperature-regulating
 Icon for Latex Latex Breathable, supportive and eco friendly
 Icon for Cool Gel Memory Foam Cool Gel Memory Foam Active cooling properties, ideal for hot sleepers
 Icon for Soft White Fibres Soft White Fibres Hypoallergenic polyester, soft and durable

Support Best for
 Icon for Pocket Springs Pocket Springs Individual springs for tailored support
 Icon for Foam Foam Conforms to your body's shape, silent (no springs)
 Icon for Open Coil Springs Open Coil Springs Traditional, interlinked springs
 Icon for Pocket Springs Latex Bouncy yet supportive, great for hot sleepers

Firmness Best for
Good for side sleepers, a softer level of support
Good all-rounder for front, side or back sleepers
Medium - Firm
Good for people who change sleeping position
Good for people who sleep on their front or back
Extra Firm
The firmest level of support, also known as orthopaedic

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