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Divan Bases Only

There are so many reasons to choose a divan bed. A storage bed of choice for kids’ rooms and spare bedrooms, the majority of divans feature underbed storage, managing clutter and creating a calming sleeping environment. They’re also chic and trendy without costing a king’s ransom.

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How to choose the best Divan Bases Only

What Is A Divan Bed Base?

Divan bases combine sturdy and reliable wooden frames with luxurious and elegant upholstered fabric covers. Commonly available as a divan bed and mattress set, our divan base only range comprises of aesthetically appealing designs which can be paired with the mattress of your dreams.

You don’t have to be a DIY aficionado to assemble our cheap divan beds. Luxury divans are arguably the most straightforward bed to assemble, arriving in two halves which can be attached with ease.

You get the most bang for your buck with divan sets and divan bases alike, providing style and comfort with change to spare.

Fabric divan beds typically takes up less room when compared to more traditional frames, as their width matches that of the mattress, with no additional framework.

A storage divan base takes up even less space, pulling double duty to keep your room neat and tidy with hidden storage compartments.

If you’re looking to maximise space without sacrificing style, then a modern divan bed is the sleeping solution for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Divan Bed Base?

Choosing the right bed for you can be a headscratcher. We spend a third of our lives tucked away under the covers, so getting the best bed base is a necessity.

Tough and long-lasting, a divan bed deals with upwards of a decade’s worth of sleep with the right amount of care. Investing in the best divan base is a sure-fire way of improving sleep quality for years to come.

There are different types of divan beds for sale, each having their own benefits.

Platform Top Divan

If you favour a firm and supportive bed base to sleep on, then a platform top divan bed is right for you. Also referred to as a hard top or boarded top bed base, platform divans don’t feature a spring-loaded base, rather boasting a solid wood frame made from timber.

The perfect accompaniment for a specialist orthopaedic mattress, this divan lift up storage bed offers improved back support, helping sufferers of joint pain to get a great night’s sleep.

Sprung Edge Base

The primary difference between a platform top base and a sprung divan base is the construction of the base itself. A cushioned divan base, sprung edge divan bases feature springs which run between the edges of the bed for shock absorption. This innovative design provides a softer experience, allowing users to sink into their sleeping position.

Widely considered a more luxurious divan bed base, spring-loaded divans are slightly higher in price than their firmer counterparts. For those looking for the ultimate divan bed, it’s a small price to pay.

Can You Buy A Divan Base Without A Mattress?

With an ocean of divan bed with mattress sets to wade through, searching for a divan bed base only can be overwhelming. Our range of divan beds without mattresses makes the process pain free, offering a collection of divan bases only for those who don’t require a mattress.

Whether you’re wishing to use your existing mattress, or keeping your options open, choosing a divan without a mattress is a cost-effective way to add style to your room. When shopping for the best mattress for your divan bed, look no further than our mattress range.

From memory foam to pocket sprung, you’ll be certain to find the best divan mattress for peaceful sleep.

What Divan Bed Base Size Is Right For Me?

Matching your divan bed to the measurements of your room is just as important as the bases design. Ranging from small single kids’ divans to magnificent and grand king size divan beds, our comprehensive luxury divan bed bases have something for every bedroom.

Divan storage beds are narrower than typical bed frames but require extra consideration due to their drawers. Ensure that you account for the extra space taken by an opening divan drawer.

Do All Divan Bed Bases Have Storage?

Bed bases with storage are a lifesaver for the busy family home, managing the chaos of everyday life to keep your room neat and tidy. We offer everything from 2-drawer divans to continental drawer divan bed bases, keeping clutter out of sight and out of mind. But is there a divan bed base for rooms with plenty of storage? The answer is a resounding yes.

As well as storage divans, we also offer divan beds without drawers. These no storage divan bed bases are available in all sizes and styles, meaning that you sacrifice none of the benefits of a divan bed when you leave the drawers behind.

How Long Do Divan Bases Last?

A long-lasting addition to your bedroom, a divan bed base can provide a decade’s worth of comfort and restful sleep. As with any piece of bedroom furniture, an upholstered divan bed requires a bit of TLC to reach its full potential and is just as susceptible to wear and tear as any bed frame. Sturdy in design, divan bed bases are a low-maintenance and high-quality sleeping option which is built to last the long haul.

Shop Our Cheap Divan Bed Bases

With everything from king size divan bed bases to grey divan beds, our divan bed base only range is certain to have the best bed for you. Divans without mattresses are great for those upgrading an older divan or wishing to keep their existing mattress without shelling out unnecessarily.

Our divan bed bases are NBF approved and come with a 1 year warranty, meaning you won’t be kept up at night worrying about their quality. Delivered exceptionally quickly, you can find your new cheap divan base today.