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Softer Mattresses

For many, there’s no better feeling than settling into a super soft mattress after a hard day’s work. A soft mattress is perfect for lighter individuals who favour the ergonomic comfort associated with this type of mattress. Soft mattresses also offer superb pressure relief and consistent blood circulation, offering improved quality of sleep.

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How to choose the best soft mattresses

Our soft mattresses are available with a variety of top of the range features, including soft touch memory foam filling, orthopaedic posture support and pocket sprung technology. As the top mattress manufacturer, we also offer expertise from the best mattress bands on the market, including Sleepeezee and Silentnight. Quality is guaranteed when you choose a mattress with soft firmness from the sleep experts.

Suitable for all bedrooms, our range of soft mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. Find the best soft mattress for your bedroom, with a soft single mattress, soft double mattress and even more luxurious, soft king mattress for sale. If you’re on a budget, our affordable selection will give you a good night’s sleep without costing a fortune.

Why choose a soft mattress?

Soft mattresses are ideal for those of a lighter build, as they don’t need the extra support a firmer mattress would provide. If you weigh under nine stone then a soft or medium-soft mattress is a good choice. For this reason, a softer mattress is perfect for those who have difficulty getting settled at night time.

Mattresses with extra softness can be more comforting and aid with nodding off, particularly prevalent is our specialist soft orthopaedic mattress for back and joint pain.

How soft should my mattress be?

The right mattress is a very personal choice that depends on a number of factors. You’ll need to consider your size, your weight, your sleeping position and your preference. You’ll also have to consider whether you have any back issues, as a firmer mattress may help to provide you with additional support. The tension of a mattress usually falls into three main groups – soft, medium and firm. As well as these you’ll also have variations including medium-firm and extra firm. Your weight will determine what level of firmness provides you with the best support. Someone who weighs around 10 stone will find a firm or extra-firm mattress a little hard. Someone who tips the scales at 18 stone will find a soft mattress offers little support. If you want more support but like a softer feel, a good combination would be a medium-firm mattress or firm mattress with a soft mattress topper. 

Firmness       Weight range
SoftLight - up to 12 stone
MediumMedium - between 13 to 16 stone   
FirmHeavy - between 16 to 19 stone
Extra firm/ Orthopaedic     20 stone and above/ back care

What is the softest type of mattress?

From pocket sprung to memory foam, our soft mattress range come in a variety of mattress types to suit all requirements. Whether you prefer a mattress you can sink into, or one which holds your body up, the volume of cheap soft mattresses on offer will give you the key to unlock the best night’s sleep possible.

Latex mattresses are one of the most popular types of soft mattress available. Our latex-backed mattresses offer a luxurious touch. To further enhance the comfort and elegance of your mattress, our mattress toppers and duvets are the finishing touch that your soft mattress needs.

Is a soft mattress good for your back?

It’s a common misconception that a firm mattress is always better for back pain. Many fear that a softer mattress equates to a bad back. This is a myth which has been busted by our contemporary soft mattress designs.

One of the best mattresses for lower back pain, soft mattresses conform to the natural curves of the body, aligning the joints and providing support to the spine. The perfect mattress for older people, utilising a soft bed mattress can reduce back pain and provide pain relief for those struggling with aching joints.

Are memory foam mattresses soft?

Memory foam mattresses are the pinnacle of sleep technology, innovatively contouring to the shape of an individual’s body on contact. Available in all sizes, our foam bed mattresses are incredibly soft in comparison to their pocket sprung counterparts, with a cushioned finish which offers superb lumbar support. These hypoallergenic mattresses promote a correct spinal alignment, and are highly effective at absorbing movement.

While memory foam mattress can be purchased in a range of firmness levels, from medium-soft to firm, our range of soft memory foam bed mattresses are an incredibly popular choice. If you’re looking for the softest mattress on offer, our super soft memory foam mattress selection ticks all the right boxes.

We also offer specialist orthopaedic memory foam mattress for extra support, perfect for those who struggle with the waking nightmare of interrupted sleep caused by aches and pains of the joints. For the best night’s sleep possible in a soft mattress, our memory foam offerings are a dream come true.

Is a soft mattress good for side sleepers?

Arguably the best mattress for side sleepers, a soft mattress is perfect for creating a comfortable sleeping environment for those who naturally assume this position. Soft mattresses keep your spine correctly aligned while you sleep by allowing your shoulder and hip to sink deeper into the mattress.

With your spine aligned by the soft mattress firmness level, you’re more likely to get a peaceful and restful night’s sleep, free from interruptions caused by aches and pains associated with a poor sleeping posture.

Are soft mattresses suitable for children?

Similar to the benefits of soft mattress for side sleepers, a soft mattress is perfectly suitable for children’s beds. As a child’s bones are still forming and growing, a soft bed mattress aids with their posture and spine alignment, providing a good night’s sleep.

A soft single mattress is also great for restless sleeper, aiding with those who stir in the night due to the enhanced comfort of a soft plush mattress. Our range features all the small sized soft mattress your little ones need to send them to dream land.