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Dormeo Mattresses

Dormeo mattresses are a household name in the sleep industry, fuelled by 15 years of passion and expertise. Having solved the sleeping woes of countless people worldwide, these top of the range mattresses are now available at affordable prices. 

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About Dormeo

Dormeo is synonymous with luxury. Getting a good night’s sleep on a Dormeo mattress will leave you well-rested and prepared for the day ahead, free of back and joint pain. The benefits of Dormeo mattresses lie in the values which power their production – namely, innovation with the aim of optimum comfort. Having changed the face of sleep for 15 years, they show no signs of slowing down.

An international mattress brand, Dormeo produce high quality mattresses at low prices, making the dream of improved sleep a reality for even those on a budget. For example, Dormeo memory foam mattresses are as affordable as they are comfortable, suiting all budgets and requirements. The same can be said of Dormeo’s Octasmart mattresses, as well as their aloe vera foam sleepers and Dormeo Octaspring mattresses.

Dormeo Ecocell Core Mattresses

All Dormeo mattresses are built with a patented Ecocell core. Setting themselves apart as one of the best mattress brands, this innovative feature is unique to Dormeo. Ecocell is a firm foam material with an open cell structure. This allows air to circulate freely, cooling the mattress and minimising the risk of overheating.

Ecocell is designed to keep its shape, even under pressure, and is protected against sagging. They’re hypoallergenic too, preventing the build up of dust and mites for a safe and hygienic sleeping environment.

Mattress Firmness Guide

Whether you’re looking for the best mattresses for side sleepers, or struggling to receive the right amount of support, it’s important to consider the firmness of your mattress. Dormeo single mattresses offer three firmness ratings, kicking off with soft to medium mattresses for a plush feel.

A happy middle ground between soft and firm, medium mattresses are ideal for the restless sleeper, with a shallower sink compared to its softer counterparts. The next step up is the medium to firm mattress, suited to sleepers looking for minimal cushioning and greater support.

Dormeo Mattress Sale With MattressNextDay

Featuring a 15 year guarantee, Dormeo single mattresses are also available with free nationwide next day delivery, helping you to receive the quality sleep you’ve always dreamed of faster than ever before. And go one step further with our range of mattress protectors and pillows.

Where Are Dormeo Mattresses Manufactured?

Dormeo mattresses are designed and manufactured in Italy. After crafting, they’re shipped with care and provide a luxury mattress wherever you are in the world. Expect all the finesse of Italian design made from the finest materials.

Why Choose Dormeo Memory Foam?

Dormeo memory plus mattresses are made with high density memory foam, chosen for its ability to relieve pressure. Combined with Italian design principles and a dedication to comfort, they are a leading brand in all things memory foam.

Memory foam was first developed by NASA, supporting astronauts during landing and take-off. The innovative material has since revolutionised the way people sleep, in the form of memory foam mattresses. A mattress with memory foam uses the heat from your body to mould into a comfortable shape, providing a great night’s sleep which is tailored to your needs.

Will Dormeo Memory Foam Mattresses Help With Back Pain?

If you’re looking for a mattress for back pain, look no further than a Dormeo memory foam mattress. Expect superior relief to pressure points and equal weight distribution across your body. This reduces back and neck strain, helping to keep your spine aligned all night long. And don’t forget to check out our orthopaedic mattresses either, these are designed specifically to reduce back and neck strain.

Can You Flip A Dormeo Mattress?

A Dormeo mattress does not require flipping. The foam mattresses are single sided, meaning there’s no need to turn them. For maintenance purposes, we recommend simply rotating the mattress head to toe on a fortnightly basis.