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Memory Foam Mattresses

A crowning achievement of sleep innovation, memory foam mattresses offer the ultimate in cushion and comfort, suitable for a wide range of sleepers. From a single memory foam mattress to king size memory foam mattresses, our comprehensive range has been expertly curated to improve sleep quality for all age groups.

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How to choose the best Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam mattress moulds to your body’s shape on contact, evenly distributing your weight into a comfy sleeping position. The hypoallergenic mattress technology also keeps health problems such as asthma at bay to help provide an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Available in all sizes and firmness ratings, we stock everything from single to super king and king size memory foam mattresses to suit all needs. These mattresses are cost effective and high in quality, providing flexible cushioning and support which is tailored to your specific body type.

Shop Our Memory Foam Mattresses

MattressNextDay stock a wide range of memory foam mattresses from leading mattress brands such as SilentnightSleepeezee and Dormeo. Available in a range of sizes and comfort levels, the comprehensive selection caters to all needs. We also offer memory foam pillows for the ultimate in comfort.

Coming with a 12 month guarantee as standard, selected models are further protected by a 5 year warranty. Our nationwide next day mattress delivery service allows you to buy a single memory foam mattress today and sleep on it tomorrow, depending on stock.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA. This technology is used to provide high levels of comfort and support. Consisting of viscoelastic foam, the breathable material reacts to body temperature while allowing air to pass through, conforming to your shape without overheating. To find out more, visit our memory foam mattress guide.

What’s The Difference Between Memory Foam And Pocket Sprung Mattresses?

The main difference between pocket sprung and memory foam is the construction. Pocket sprung mattresses are made with a number of internal springs, as the name suggests. This spring mattress design prevents deep absorption of the body, rather holding it up as you sleep. Pocket springs provide support with minimal cushion, depending on the firmness level you choose.

Memory foam spreads weight evenly, conforming to the shape of the body. Memory foam mattresses guide you to a healthy sleeping position while improving posture. If you’re struggling with aches and pains, a memory foam mattress will help due to its soothing elasticity.

How Many Years Does A Memory Foam Mattress Last?

The average lifespan of a single bed memory foam mattress is between 8-10 years. As with all beds, mattresses and bedding, regular maintenance will make the most out of memory foam. With the right amount of TLC, a memory foam mattress can last even longer due to its durable construction. If you notice sags or decreased comfort, the time to replace your memory mattress may be approaching.

Designed to combat dust mites and bed bugs, the hypoallergenic interior of memory foam is suitable for those who suffer with irritations while they sleep. To maintain freshness and good hygiene, regular cleaning and care is essential. Memory foam is among the easiest mattress types to clean, requiring nothing more than a dry cloth and a vacuum cleaner to keep on top of cleanliness.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Firm or Soft?

Memory foam mattresses come in a range of comfort levels to suit your specific requirements and sleeping preferences. While it is generally a more plush design in comparison with traditional spring mattresses, memory foam can be purchased in firmness ratings ranging from soft to extra firm.

Due to the cushioned memory foam layer, they sink in deeper than other types of mattresses, meaning they will typically have a more supple top layer than that of a standard mattress. If you prefer a firmer mattress, the options at the top end of the firmness scale will provide the balance and support you need.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good For Your Back?

Memory foam helps to promote a healthy spinal alignment through shaping to the individual contours of your body. The material has been chosen by many to help with interrupted sleep caused by night time aches. They are suitable mattresses for back pain and joint trouble due to the orthopaedic support targeted to the body’s pressure points.

With similar benefits as those offered by our specialist orthopaedic mattresses, the responsive mattress design is made to mould your body into a position where you feel most comfortable. Through allowing you to sink deeply while providing support, single memory foam mattress ensure even body support, reducing strain on the back.