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Memory Foam Mattresses

A crowning achievement of sleep innovation, memory foam mattresses offer the ultimate cushion and comfort, suitable for a wide range of sleepers. From a single memory foam mattress to a memory foam king mattress, our comprehensive range has been expertly curated to improve sleep quality for all age groups.

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Great service and communication . Delivery was on time and the delivery men friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend. Very pleased with mattress, thanks!only negative cost of removing old single mattress was a bit pricey.

Lin B 29th Feb
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Mattress delivered quickly and taken to my room as I asked. Delivery drivers missed the old one being taken away but checked paperwork and grabbed it.Website was decent, prices were fair and beat the competition (recycling and delivery were over 30 cheaper) and their range was great

Kevin Smith 29th Feb
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Excellent. Highly recommend. Next day delivery. Clear efficient communication. Call an hour before hand to confirm arrival time. Product is excellent. Nothing to fault.

Andrew 29th Feb

Help & Buying Guides

What is a memory foam mattress?

Memory foam was originally developed by NASA. This technology is used to provide high levels of comfort and support. Consisting of viscoelastic foam, the breathable material reacts to your body temperature while allowing air to pass through, conforming to your shape without overheating. To find out more, check out how to choose the best memory foam mattress.

A memory foam mattress moulds to your body’s shape on contact, evenly distributing your weight into a comfy sleeping position. The hypoallergenic mattress technology also keeps health problems such as asthma at bay to help provide an uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Which memory foam mattress is best for me?

The best memory foam mattress will depend on several factors. Firstly, consider your sleeping position. If you sleep on your back you’ll need a medium firm mattress to support your spine and relieve pressure points. However, if it’s too firm it may not give you the correct level of comfort.

If you’re a front sleeper, you’ll need a firm mattress that prevents your back from arching. If your back is not supported properly, it could put pressure on your internal organs and lead to long-term health issues. Side sleepers need a medium firmness that moulds to the shape of your body and also prevents those pressure points from affecting your neck, shoulders, lower back and hips. 

Are memory foam mattresses cheap?

You can pay as little or as much as you want for a memory foam mattress. Options range from budget-friendly to exclusive. You get all the benefits of memory foam including outstanding levels of comfort and support. And remember, when you order your new mattress, you’ll also get free delivery to UK mainland addresses. We can also take your old mattress away for recycling.

  • Budget – Budget memory foam mattresses start at around £150 and go up to around £200.

  • Mid-range – If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, a mid-range memory foam mattress will cost you between £200 and £500.

Top-of-the-range – The sky’s the limit with top-of-the-range memory foam mattresses, and you can expect to pay anything from £500 up to around £1600-£2000.

What’s the difference between memory foam and pocket-sprung mattresses?

The main difference between pocket sprung and memory foam is the construction. Pocket-sprung mattresses are made with many internal springs while memory foam is made from layers of foam with a dense matrix. This construction means that memory foam mattresses:

  • Spread the weight evenly, conforming to the shape of the body

  • Encourage you to adopt a healthy sleeping position

  • Improve posture

  • Adapt to your movements, cradling your body and avoiding pressure points

  • Banish aches and pains, especially joint pain

Are memory foam mattresses firm or soft?

Memory foam mattresses come in a range of comfort levels to suit your specific requirements and sleeping preferences. While it is generally a more plush design in comparison with traditional spring mattresses, memory foam can be purchased in firmness ratings ranging from soft to extra firm. Our guide on preparing and caring for your memory foam mattress will give you advice on how to change the firmness of your mattress as your needs change.

Are memory foam mattresses good for your back?

Memory foam helps to promote a healthy spinal alignment by shaping around the individual contours of your body. The material has been chosen by many to help with interrupted sleep caused by nighttime aches. They are suitable mattresses for back pain and joint trouble due to the orthopaedic support targeted to the body’s pressure points.

Still undecided on what mattress is right for you and your home? Check out our mattress buying guide for further advice. Alternatively, if you are a sufferer of arthritis, then check out our best mattress for arthritis guide. 

Can you get memory foam mattress toppers?

Yes. Memory foam mattress toppers are a great idea if you want a firm mattress but also want the moulded comfort and support that memory foam provides. They are great for side sleepers who want a softer feel when they snuggle down at the end of the day. They’re also a cost-effective way to prolong the lifespan of your mattress.