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Ottoman Divan Beds

Creating a homely, relaxing atmosphere is key to getting the bedroom of your dreams. A divan ottoman bed ticks the boxes for comfort and convenience, featuring a hidden storage compartment for clutter control.

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Shop our cheap ottoman divan storage beds

Whether you’re looking for a king size ottoman divan or a small double divan ottoman bed, our expertly selected range of ottoman divan bed frames are the best way to save space in a cost-effective and stylish way. From kids’ bedrooms to studio apartments, these innovative and affordable storage beds keep your sleeping sanctuary tidy and free of clutter.

Our entire range of ottoman divan bed bases come with a minimum 1 year guarantee, while selected ottoman models offer an additional 5 year warranty. Made in the UK, we also provide quick delivery that you can rely on. With high quality household names such as Silentnight ottoman divan beds available for purchase, you can find the best divan bed with storage for you right here.

What are ottoman divan beds?

Put simply, ottoman divans are comfortable beds with lift-up bases. Whereas standard storage divans feature pull-out drawers, the hidden weapon of an ottoman divan bed lies in its lift-up mechanism, revealing a spacious storage area.

A bed of choice for kid’s bedrooms and spare rooms, an ottoman can store anything from toys to linen, before lifting with ease. The practical storage solution is the best way to maximise floor space in a bedroom, utilising underbed storage to free up space around the ottoman. This innovative design is instrumental in maintaining a clean and tranquil sleeping environment.

Why choose a divan bed with storage or an ottoman?

Divan lift up beds come in an array of styles and can suit almost all décor, from traditional to contemporary. Our upholstered ottoman divan bed frames are user-friendly and well-suited to rooms which require space-saving, such as tight box rooms and studio apartments.

Fabric ottomans add a textured edge to your bedroom, complementing existing decorations and furniture.

While most ottomans come with headboards as standard, our divan headboard range is ideal for anyone looking for a replacement or upgrade for their current divan bed base and headboard set.

How do ottoman storage beds work?

Deceptively simple in function, divan beds with storage deal with the weight of the mattress with the aid of gas struts or pistons. A gas lift divan base does the heavy lifting for you, meaning that elevating an ottoman divan takes minimal exertion.

Primarily opening at the front, our ottoman divan bed bases also come in alternative designs, including half ottomans and side open ottoman divans.

More than a place to keep mess hidden away, the easy entry of a single divan bed with storage means that you can store items which require regular access. The ultimate divan base for anyone looking for a comfortable dual-function storage bed, ottoman storage frames save space the stylish way.

By eliminating the need for an over-saturation of storage furniture, our cheap ottoman beds also save money. Simple storage and night-time comfort rolled into one, a divan bed with storage is a winner for those looking for a good night’s sleep without spending a fortune.

What sizes are ottoman divan beds available in?

You’ll be certain to find an ottoman divan bed that’s fit for any room within our extensive range. For a spare room, kid’s bedroom or a home office, a single ottoman bed will do the trick, offering adequate space for a single occupant.

Couples looking for room to stretch without having to hoard the covers can choose between a queen size 4ft ottoman divan bed or a standard double divan base.

Maybe you’d prefer an ottoman storage bed that’s fit for a king. If your room has adequate space to handle it, we also offer luxurious king and super king divan ottoman bed bases, perfect for a master bedroom with plenty of room to spare.

When choosing the right ottoman divan size for you, the measurements of your room are important to consider. As ottomans don’t feature drawers, there’s more room to play with in comparison to a standard divan storage bed. However, be extra wary of the space required to lift the ottoman storage end of the divan base fully.

With all types of affordable ottoman bases available within our range, it’s never been easier to take your bedroom design to new heights with a comfortable and functional storage bed.

What mattresses are suitable for ottoman divan beds?

Combining practicality and comfort, ottoman divans are a high-quality and innovative design which can be used by anyone. Similarly, our entire range of mattresses are perfectly suitable for restful sleep on an ottoman storage bed.

Memory foam mattresses

To make the most out of the lifting mechanism of your ottoman, it may be a good idea to opt for a lighter new mattress, such as those made from memory foam. A memory foam divan mattress is composed from lightweight materials which are cushioned to absorb the frame of the user and find the optimum sleeping position for comfort.

Latex & pocket sprung mattresses

We also offer latex mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses for ottoman divans in various thicknesses to suit light and deep sleepers alike.

Orthopaedic mattresses

Interrupted sleep caused by back pain is a real problem for many. Our specialist orthopaedic mattresses for ottoman divans provide additional spinal support, helping to achieve a soothing and restful sleep.

Mattress sizes

Size is perhaps the most important thing to consider when selecting the best mattress for your divan. Our comprehensive size range covers everything from a single bed mattress to king size divan beds.

As there’s no extra framework to a divan, the mattress aligns with the edge of the ottoman frame. For the perfect fit, simply match up the mattress size with that of the bed.