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Roll Up Mattresses

View our rolled mattress range, including foam, sprung, pocket and memory - free delivery on this easy to carry or transport collection.

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Are rolled mattresses any good?

Rolled mattresses are either memory foam or latex foam mattresses, so they’re much easier to position than the traditional style sprung mattress, especially if the route up to your bedroom involves a narrow hallway and tight stairs! Rather than having to force an unwieldy mattress around that super-tight corner and through a narrow doorway, it’s simply a matter of carrying a manageable box upstairs and into the room of your choice. Once you’re there, simply unbox the mattress, take it out of its wrapping and allow it to regain its final shape over a period of 24-48 hours. So rolled mattresses: 

  • Are smaller and easier to manage 
  • Offer the same level of comfort and support
  • Are quick and easy to position in the room of your choice
  • Regain their full size and shape in just 24-48 hours Rolled mattresses are incredibly practical and easy to install – but remember that once they’re out of the box, it’s impossible to get them back in!

Rolled up & vacuum packed mattress FAQs

Our rolled-up and vacuum-packed mattress range includes foam, pocket, memory and spring options. If you are looking for a mattress which is handmade in the UK, our rolled-up and vacuum-packed mattresses are a great option. They are very easy to transport and are all available with free delivery and our lowest price guarantee.

If you would like to find out more, our useful FAQs section below will provide the insight you need.

What is a rolled-up mattress?

It is a mattress which is compressed to a small size by rolling it up, a vacuum is then used to reduce the size as much as possible. This makes them much easier to move and carry upstairs than traditional packed options, without scuffing walls and navigating awkward staircases. Once it's in your desired room, just roll out mattress.

Which brands are available?

Here at MattressNextDay, we hold in stock a large range of rolled-up mattresses, including popular brands such as DormeoSilentnightCoolflex and Relyon.

What types of rolled-up mattresses are available?

Choosing an easy to transport option does not mean you will be compromising on quality, as our range incorporates tried and tested mattress technology you can trust. From memory foam and sprung mattresses to those with wool silk and cashmere fillings, we have a range of options to guarantee a peaceful, supported and refreshing sleep. Whichever option you choose, you will benefit from a great price and free delivery.

Do the mattresses get delivered rolled up?

We offer a 24-hour delivery service, which makes our vacuum-packed options ideal for those who need a quick and reliable service. This is great if you need a mattress at short notice and once delivered you will be able to move it within your home quickly and easily.

Their compact size makes them ideal for use as spare beds without needing plenty of free space, simply store away until needed. Alternatively, if you need to transport them to another destination, they will fit inside an average car.

What is the best way to unpack a vacuum-packed mattress?

They are very easy to unpack, simply remove the protective packaging and place it on the bed. Over a period of 2 hours it will gradually expand to its usual shape. Simply leave the mattress in its required location at room temperature and it will soon be ready to sleep on. There may be some initial creases which are left from the way it was packed; however, these will gradually disappear over a few days.

Is any damage caused when it is rolled up?

No, the packaging process will not cause any damage to your mattress. In fact, because of the vacuum packaging process, it will remain fresh and untouched until the day you unwrap it. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products with a lowest-price guarantee, so you can have complete peace of mind in the way our mattresses are packaged and transported.

Are there any environmental benefits to ordering rolled instead of standard options?

Yes, it takes up less space in the van, which means our drivers are able to complete fewer journeys. This reduces the amount of fuel we use during our free deliveries and helps reduce our carbon footprint. By improving efficiency, we reduce our environmental impact and can also pass the cost savings across to our customers, in the form of low prices and free deliveries.

In addition, the plastic packaging which is used during vacuum packing can be widely recycled. Simply check with your local authority if they are able to accept flexible plastic. If you are unsure, simply look for recycling options available for plastic bottles, food bags and bubble wrap, as our packaging will fall into the same category.