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3ft Single Beds

Quality bed frames are an investment worth making. The average person spends a third of their lifetime sleeping, so why cut corners when choosing the right single bed frame for you?

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How to choose the best 3ft Single Beds

What Is The Size Of A Single Bed Frame?

Great for getting a good night’s sleep in a small room, our top of the range single bed frames measure in at 3ft x 6.3ft (90cm x 190cm/35in x 75in). This is the smallest bed frame that we offer. 3ft single bed frame sizes are a common choice for children and solo adult sleepers. Ideally suited to spare bedrooms, children’s rooms or small adult bedrooms, our single beds maximise night-time comfort where floor space is at a premium. Narrower than their larger counterparts, short single beds are a superb space-saving solution for sleeping in tight areas such as studios or small bedrooms.

What Is The Best Mattress For A Single Bed Frame?

Memory foam, latex, pocket sprung – our comprehensive single sized mattress range has everything you need for restful sleep. Firmness, size and filling are the key factors to consider when choosing the best single mattress for you. Perfect for all 3ft single bed frames, our 3ft mattresses offer comfort at a competitive price. Sized for a snug fit in conjunction with our single bed frames, our range of mattresses are designed to improve quality of sleep.

Unsure which mattress is right for you? Opting for medium firmness is a good rule of thumb for the undecided. Whether you’re looking for single mattresses for children, or specialist orthopaedic mattresses, we stock the perfect companion to your single bed frame.

What Frames Are Available?

Adding an elegant touch to all bedroom decor, our high-quality single bed frames come in the following types:

Metal Single Bed Frames

Metal beds are an incredibly versatile option. Equally at home in both traditional and modern bedrooms, the striking metal look can provide a tasteful contrast to the textures of a room. A simple yet effective design, a steel 3ft bed is an inexpensive and stable method of adding class to your room.

For a clean and glossy aesthetic, look no further than our single metal bed frames. The wide array of styles afforded by their metal design can be applied to any small sized bedroom. The cutting-edge metallic bed frame designs are incredibly sleek, with an eye-catching sheen that adds character and class to a room. Tough and long-lasting, single metal bed frames will last for years and require little to no maintenance.

Wooden Single Bed Frames

Sometimes the classics can’t be beaten. Evocative of a warm and homely atmosphere, a single wooden bed frame is the cornerstone of classic single bedroom design. Natural in appearance, our glossy wooden single bed frames have been manufactured from a comprehensive range of wood types. With pine single bed frames, hearty honey oak, painted wood bed models and more on offer, our rustic wooden beds can be applied to single bedrooms of all types.

A timeless design, wood frames won’t ever go out of style, forming a lasting centrepiece to build the rest of the room around. Light on the eyes, as well as the wallet, these wooden beds pack a punch when it comes to strength and sturdiness. The solid wood design provides enhanced stability and a robust edge, making it less susceptible to wear-and-tear. If you’re looking for durability combined with a natural style to finish any bedroom, our wooden models are the 3ft bed frame for you.

Upholstered Single Bed Frames

Stay on-trend with our chic single fabric bed frame designs. A modern, fashionable model, the upholstered single bed is a luxurious way to make your bedroom cosier. Practical as well as trendy, upholstered beds benefit from being exceptionally easy to assemble and maintain, offering a user-friendly finish which is perfect for any single bedroom.

The textured design of a fabric bed frame adds a unique dimension to a bedroom, opening up interior design opportunities for the rest of the room. A top of the range, fashionable fabric bed will be the backbone of the room, remaining constant while the rest of the room can be updated around it as trends change.

Single Beds With Storage

Keep clutter at bay in your small bedroom by choosing a single bed frame with storage. Contemporary built-in beds tick the boxes when it comes to durability, style and size, with the added bonus of extra storage space sealing the deal for many users.

Storage beds are the best way to maximise floor space, making them perfect for kid’s rooms and spare bedrooms. One of the most popular form of storage bed is the ottoman. A bedroom is more than a place to rest your head, it’s also a place to relax and unwind. The simple clutter-storage offered by a single ottoman bed frame helps create a calm and clean environment.

Similarly, single divan bed frames provide a neat appearance, pulling double-duty to keep your items off the floor and out of sight. Single storage beds are adept at creating tidiness and tranquillity without sacrificing style.