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Firm Mattresses

If you’re looking for extra support in bed, our range of firm mattresses is worth exploring. We offer firm mattresses in many different sizes, each with unique benefits and features ensuring that you can find the best mattress to suit your sleeping needs. Browse our collection below.

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Our Firm Mattresses For Sale

We offer a selection of mattresses online made from a variety of materials, including memory foamlatex and pockets springs, in a range of sizes, depths and spring counts.

If you gravitate towards a hard mattress, an extra firm mattress or an orthopaedic mattress may be right for you. Especially designed to evenly distribute your weight, these models could help you to put a stop to back, neck, shoulder and hip pain.

Order Online Today

To find the perfect firm mattresses, browse our wide selection online today. All offer the above benefits and are handmade in the UK. With 24-hour free delivery, it will be with you as soon as possible once ordered.

Find out more by contacting our team who will answer any questions you may have.

Is A Firm Mattress Good For Your Back?

Thinking about investing in a new mattress for back pain? It is recommended to select a firm mattress to help combat pain in your back or spine when you sleep. If your mattress is too soft and unsupportive, you can sink into it too deeply which can cause your back to curve. If your surface is too hard, meanwhile, you can put too much pressure on different parts of your body, leading to aches, pains and stiffness. A decent firm mattress can prevent your spine from arching as you sleep, helping you to keep a healthy alignment and avoid back pain, stiffness and other bodily aches.

Who Are Firm Mattresses Best Suited To?

Firm mattresses are ideal if you like sleeping on your back or your stomach, this kind of mattress can support your weight without causing pain to pressure points, such as your heels, toes, buttocks, ribcage, elbows, shoulders and head.

Comfort is a very subjective area and what might be the right resistance for one person may be completely wrong for another so it’s important to know what kind of tension suits you before you buy.

What Are The Benefits Of A Firm Mattress?

When using a firm mattress, you are helping your body to sleep peacefully each night with the correct alignment. If you have been bending during the day or sitting for long periods, after a hard day's work the stability that firm mattresses supplies will help greatly in reducing any pain you may currently feel.

What Mattress Firmness Do Hotels Use?

Many hotels have firm mattresses throughout their rooms. Some hotels add an extra element of comfort and luxury by adding a firm memory foam mattress topper on top of the mattress. This also helps prolong the life of a mattress as well as providing an extra level of support.