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Coolflex Mattresses

Take away the heat with our Coolflex mattress range. A cooling mattress which soothes and aids with relaxation, these comfortable mattresses come in a variety of sizes and designs to seamlessly match any bed or divan.

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Helpful guides & tips for Coolflex mattresses

A Coolflex mattress is the best way to improve your sleep if you’re experiencing back pain. A form of orthopaedic mattress, this the ultimate mattress for neck pain, aching joints and more, helping to shift the user into a correct sleeping position for improved spinal alignment. If you can’t handle the heat, these supportive mattresses will cool down your pressure points, supporting your body just enough to whisk you away to a peaceful sleep.

What are Coolflex mattresses?

An alternative to memory foam mattresses, Coolflex technology offers the same absorption and support with a firmer edge. Ranging from medium to extra firm mattresses, the collection of Coolflex mattresses are as state-of-the-art as they come, offering a luxurious quilted effect without the user sinking too deeply into the mattress.

Don’t let allergies ruin your quality of sleep. Coolflex offer hypoallergenic mattresses which have antibacterial properties. This anti-allergy mattresses are protected against the detrimental impacts of dust-mites, meaning that there’s no need to worry about the bed bugs biting. The perfect mattress for asthma sufferers, Coolflex paves the way for uninterrupted sleep.

The best mattress for people who get too hot at night, the innovatively designed bed mattress cools down the user, responding to temperature to avoid heat discomfort which can be a downfall of visco elastic memory foam. Coolflex is a form of cooling mattress, designed to combat overheating while beckoning a manageable nighttime temperature.

What is a cooling mattress?

Temperature is one of the more underappreciated factors when considering comfort at nighttime. A sleeping environment which is too hot can lead to irritation and itchiness as well as a general feeling of discomfort. A cool sleep mattress puts out the fire, keeping you cool enough to sleep in peace.

The ultimate summer mattress, cool mattresses regulate heat, prevent you from overheating as you sleep. This places emphasis on comfort, reducing how warm the mattress itself feels as you lie on it. There are many external factors to tackle when considering why you’re hot when you sleep, although selecting the best mattress for hot sleepers will go a long way to making poor sleep quality a thing of the past.

What types of Coolflex mattresses are available?

Here at MattressNextDay, we strive to bring the most comprehensive range of mattresses to our customers. Our Coolflex mattress selection is no different. A cooling mattress which has been designed to carry all the benefits of memory foam while offering improved orthopaedic support, the inventive construction has been applied to a variety of mattress types.

There are a collection of pocket sprung mattresses within our range, expertly designed with a bounce which holds the body, providing support to the back and other joints. The Coolflex Pocket Backcare 1400 is a luxury mattress which has been designed with several springs to maximise comfort for all types of sleeper.

Similarly, we offer a one-of-a-kind reflex foam mattress from Coolflex, providing pressure relief and posture support in abundance. Whichever type of Coolflex mattress you choose, there’s no better companion than our bedding and accessories range, boasting everything from duvets to pillows at prices to suit all budgets.

What sizes do Coolflex mattresses come in?

There’s something for everyone in our range of cooling mattresses. A better night’s sleep is more accessible that ever before, with specialist temperature mattresses available for all bedrooms in your home.

For a kid’s room, we have single mattresses in our Coolflex range, perfectly sized for smaller rooms and guest bedrooms as well as a child’s bed. On the other end of the size spectrum, we have super king and king size mattresses which are ideally suited to extravagantly large rooms.

We also offer everything in between, with mattresses for couples and standard sized bedrooms available at low prices. The volume of mattress sizes on offer in our Coolflex range brings the benefits of a cooling mattress to all age groups, helping with sleep problems related to overheating.

How fast are Cooleflex mattresses delivered?

We want our customers the receive their brand new mattress as quickly as possible, which is why we offer a nationwide next day mattress delivery service. Work commitments or appointments can mean the next day isn’t the right day – no problem, the ball’s in your court as you can choose a specific delivery day up to 4 weeks in advance. Visit our delivery page for further information.

What warranty does my Coolflex mattress come with?

Reliable and durable, when you choose a Coolflex mattress you know you’re making a lasting investment. This is rubber-stamped further by our pledge to offer a minimum 12 months guarantee on all of our products. The vast majority of mattresses for sale are further protected by an additional 5 year warranty. As evidenced by our quality guarantee policy, MattressNextDay are a mattress company that you can trust.