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Fitted Sheets

The main point of contact between you and your mattress, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of your fitted sheet. Browse our range of high quality, premium fitted sheets at impressive prices, and enjoy them sooner with free next day delivery.

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Great service and communication . Delivery was on time and the delivery men friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend. Very pleased with mattress, thanks!only negative cost of removing old single mattress was a bit pricey.

Lin B 29th Feb
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Mattress delivered quickly and taken to my room as I asked. Delivery drivers missed the old one being taken away but checked paperwork and grabbed it.Website was decent, prices were fair and beat the competition (recycling and delivery were over 30 cheaper) and their range was great

Kevin Smith 29th Feb
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Excellent. Highly recommend. Next day delivery. Clear efficient communication. Call an hour before hand to confirm arrival time. Product is excellent. Nothing to fault.

Andrew 29th Feb

What are fitted sheets?

Fitted sheets - sometimes called bottom sheets - are designed to protect your body from directly touching your mattress.

They make it far easier to keep your bed clean and fresh by allowing you to take off the sheet and wash it, removing any bacteria or dead skin. Fitted sheets also offer an extra layer of comfort, as they are often made from soft, breathable cotton which feels much nicer than laying directly on top of the mattress.

Fitted sheets work by having elastic along the sides of the sheet. This allows the sheet to fit tightly onto the outside of your mattress and stay secure.

Deep fitted sheets are slightly larger than regular fitted sheets, so that the fabric can cover the entire sides of the mattress, with the elastic securing it in place underneath.

You can choose your preferred colour, such as a white or black fitted sheet, to suit your personal aesthetic.

How to put fitted sheets on

Putting fitted sheets on can be tricky, as they usually fit quite tightly, causing the corners to ‘pop’ off as you pull the opposite side down.

A hack for putting fitted sheets on, if you’re doing it on your own, is to do the corners diagonal to each other first, then the other two. This will prevent the corners coming off as you try to pull the others in place.

How to stop fitted sheets coming off

If you find your fitted sheet is always coming off in the night, you might be using the wrong size. A fitted sheet should fit snugly over the surface of your mattress, without folds. A too small or too big fitted sheet will cause the corners to ping off when you move around at night.

How to fold fitted sheets

A hack for folding fitted sheets neatly is to first lay it flat on a large surface. Then, look for where the sheet makes a ‘U’ shape, and fold those in, so you have a square. You can then fold the sheet by thirds lengthwise so you have a long strip, and then fold it in thirds again. Your fitted sheet should end up in a neat square!

What sizes do fitted sheets come in?

UK fitted sheets are sized corresponding to mattress sizes.

A UK single fitted sheet is 90 x 190cm (30cm deep); a UK small double fitted sheet is  120 x 190cm (30cm deep); a UK double fitted sheet is 140 x 190cm (30cm deep); a UK king size fitted sheet is 150 x 200cm (30cm deep) and a UK super king size fitted sheet is 180 x 200cm (30cm deep).

How to choose the right size bed sheets

When shopping for fitted sheets, you’ll find their sizing conventions are the same as mattresses. For example, if you have a double bed, then choose a double size fitted sheet.

Choosing a fitted sheet that is too big or too small for your mattress will cause it to come out of place during the night, or cause uncomfortable folds in the material.

If you’re not sure what size bed you have and therefore which fitted sheet size you need, take a look at our Ultimate UK Bed & Mattress Size Guide.

Where to buy fitted sheets?

At MattressNextDay we stock a variety of fitted sheets in a choice of colours. Whether you’re looking for a sheet with natural materials that offers anti-allergy properties, or soft, fluffy bed sheets that keep you cosy all night long, we can help. We even stock super practical non-iron bed sheets to save you a job!

Plus, with free next day delivery, you can enjoy your new fitted sheets sooner than you might think.

How often should you wash your sheets?

Our product experts recommend you change your bed sheets at least once a week for the most hygienic sleeping environment. You should also change your pillowcases twice a week, as oils and bacteria can easily build up and cause spots on your face.