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Pillow Top Mattresses

The ultimate in luxury and comfort, pillow top mattresses bring the feel of a hotel bed to your bedroom. A dream mattress, favoured by the likes of Premier Inn and Travelodge, mattresses with a pillow top provide a lavishly soft supporting cushion on top of nested pocket springs. 

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Great service and communication . Delivery was on time and the delivery men friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend. Very pleased with mattress, thanks!only negative cost of removing old single mattress was a bit pricey.

Lin B 29th Feb
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Mattress delivered quickly and taken to my room as I asked. Delivery drivers missed the old one being taken away but checked paperwork and grabbed it.Website was decent, prices were fair and beat the competition (recycling and delivery were over 30 cheaper) and their range was great

Kevin Smith 29th Feb
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Excellent. Highly recommend. Next day delivery. Clear efficient communication. Call an hour before hand to confirm arrival time. Product is excellent. Nothing to fault.

Andrew 29th Feb

How to choose the best pillow top mattresses

As the mattress experts, we offer the best pillow top mattresses in a full range of sizes and styles. Whether you’re looking for a super king pillow top mattress or a single pillow top mattress, you’ll find the secret to night time relaxation in our top rated collection. There also models from the best mattress brands up for grabs at jaw-dropping prices, with everything from Silentnight pillow top mattresses to a Sealy pillow top on offer. Turn the sleep of your dreams into a reality with our cheap pillow top mattress range.

What is a pillow top mattress?

There’s a reason why soft pillow top mattresses are so popular. Described by many as having cloud-like qualities, the pillowtop is the main mattress type used by hotels. Fundamentally, the pillow top design comprises of a springy interior coupled with a padded top layer which is both supportive and highly comfortable. Our luxury pillow top mattresses can be compared to orthopaedic mattresses in the additional support they provide.

From memory foam pillowtop to latex and wool constructions, the pillow top sleeper can be made from a variety of materials. All mattress types are available within our range, including Geltex, pocket sprung and more. Similarly, there is a full spectrum of mattress firmness levels to choose from, allowing you tweak the exact amount of cushion provided by the pillow top mattress.

Pillow tops are most commonly found on standard spring-based mattresses, as well as some airbeds. These no-turn mattresses span a wide range of materials, forming an extensive range which makes finding a mattress which perfectly fits your needs much easier.

How long does a pillow top mattress last?

A pillow top mattress has the same sort of lifespan as any other type of mattress, and as long as it’s cared for properly, should last from five to eight years. To avoid lumps and bumps from spoiling your night’s sleep, it’s best to rotate a pillow top mattress from head to toe every six months or so. Most pillow top mattresses are single sided, so you won’t be able to flip them over as you would with a double-sided mattress. If the surface starts to take on a ‘canoe’ shape where you sleep, then that’s an indicator that it’s time to invest in a new mattress. Look for top-name brands such as Silentnight and Sealy for top quality pillow top mattresses.

What is the benefit of a pillow top mattress?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose a pillow top mattress. Thought of as the pinnacle of bedding luxury by many, pillow top mattresses are an attractive option for anyone looking for the finest mattress on the market.

A primary difference between pillow top and memory foam mattresses are just how much emphasis is placed on moulding to the body shape. A pillow top mattress takes the subtle approach, gently absorbing body weight without sinking too deeply, cushioning the user. An incredibly comfortable mattress for couples and single sleepers alike, pillowtops limit unnecessary night time movement and disturbed sleep.

On a similar note, pillow tops are a great mattress option for those with back problems. The cushioned support offered by the supple material is an effective pressure reliver, distributing weight evenly to alleviate the strain on key joints in the body. By doing the heavy lifting so your pressure points don’t have to, a firm pillow top mattress can improve sleep quality significantly.

A luxury mattress without the premium price tag, a pillow top bed mattress is an inexpensive choice. Our cheap pillowtop mattresses harness all the quality of a hotel mattress, bringing it into the home at an accessible price.

Is a pillow top mattress good for side sleepers?

A versatile mattress style, pillowtops give a good night’s sleep to all sleeping positions. As they prevent the user from placing too much strain on their neck, hips and shoulders, a pillow top is a great mattress for side sleepers, providing pain relief and optimal comfort to aid the all-important quality of sleep.

Whether you’re a side sleeper or a back sleeper, the best way to enhance your sleep in a pillowtop bed is with a comfortable pillow. Add the finishing touch to your pillow top sleeper by browsing our range of luxurious pillows.

Which is better, pillow top or memory foam?

A pillow top mattress gives you a much softer feel, and creates that ‘sinking into a cloud’ feeling when you get into bed. Pillow tops give you a soft to medium-firm feel and are ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their back or front. Memory foam tends to mould itself to the shape of your body more than a pillow top, cradling your body and keeping your spine in a neutral position and offering more support at the neck, shoulders, and lower back, which may be more comfortable for side sleepers. Memory foam can also form an important supportive layer in orthopaedic mattresses. 

Shop our cheap pillow top mattress sale

Luxurious pillow top mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, from king pillow tops to kids mattresses, adding a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Whether you’re looking for a mattress for back pain or trying to replicate the feel of a hotel bed mattress, our affordable pillow top mattress range will steer you in the right direction.

Each of our expertly selected pillowtop mattresses feature a minimum guarantee of 12 months, with many models also offering an extended 5 month warranty. To sweeten the deal even further, we also offer a nationwide next day delivery service. So why wait? Trust the mattress experts and find the best pillow top bed mattress for you.