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5ft King Size Beds

Nothing says luxury quite like a king size bed. Delivering the comfort you need for a good night’s sleep, a king bed frame is great for families, with enough room for Sunday morning stories with the kids. The enhanced width of a king size bed frame makes it equally suitable for restless individual sleepers looking for extra space to stretch.

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What is the Size of a King Size Bed Frame?

Thinking of upgrading to a king bed? A standard king size bed boasts dimensions of 5ft x 6.6ft (150cm x 200cm/60in x 78in), helping you wave goodbye to disputes over the covers. The next step up from a double bed, a roomy king frame is a top choice for couples, people with special requirements or an individual simply looking for the best night’s sleep possible.

We also offer super king size beds, with an extra foot in width for a truly regal touch. A super king size bed is only suitable for bedrooms with plenty of room to spare. For a regular to large room, a king size bed set offers elegance, space and a peaceful sleep.

Do You Need A King Size Bed Frame?

When you choose a king size bed, you choose elegance and luxury. Perfect for transforming a humdrum room into a master suite, our king size models are the dream bed of many. But is your room big enough for a king size bed frame? Taking up a large portion of floor space, king size beds are only suited to the larger sleeping spaces.

Placing king size bed frames in smaller rooms can cause a claustrophobic atmosphere, dominating the space and reducing comfort. 12ft x 10ft is the recommended bedroom size for comfortably accommodating king beds. If your room stands up to the task, a king size bed frame is great for couples looking for a spacious sleeping area (with extra room for the dog to curl up).

What Is The Best Mattress For A King Size Bed Frame?

Size is king when it comes to mattresses. Our easy to navigate website makes finding the best mattress for a king size bed a breeze. The extensive range consists of every type of mattress you could possibly need. With pocket sprung, latex, memory foam and even specialist orthopaedic offerings, king mattresses come in several iterations for optimum comfort. Key factors such as firmness and thickness are clearly indicated alongside each mattress, allowing you to make an informed choice. Affordable and high in quality, MattressNextDay provide the ultimate mattresses for all types of king size bed.

What Types Of Frames Are Available?

From chic fabric designs, to king size wooden bed frames, large beds of all styles are available. Our expansive range has a king size bed for all requirements, in elegant designs to complement existing decor. Whether you’re looking for a place to cosy up on a lazy Sunday, or a king size bed with drawers, modern king-sized beds cover all fashions, providing style to any large bedroom.

Metal King Size Bed Frames

Make your master bedroom shine with our metal king size beds. Clean, sleek and versatile, it’s easy to see why metal king size bed frame designs are a popular choice. The crowing jewel in any king size bedroom, the simplicity of a metal bed frame works well alongside all colour schemes, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Get as creative as you like around a king size metal bed frame. As adaptable as they come, metal king beds complement conventional designs as well as modern-day styles. The appeal of the material doesn’t end at premium aesthetics, either. Metal beds are also incredibly sturdy and stable, perfect for forming the bases of your night-time sanctuary for years to come. Our king bed collection has all the elements your bedroom needs, from a lightweight rose gold bed frame, to a king size brass bed frame finish.

Wooden King Size Bed Frames

king size wooden bed is perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambience in your bedroom. As styles change, wood remains evergreen, with a natural aesthetic which lends itself to all forms of decor. From pine to oak, each of our king size wooden bed frames are built to last, providing a rustic style that’s resistant to wear and tear.

For a modern touch, king size painted wood beds bring vibrancy and colour to your design. Departing from tradition, a white wooden king size bed makes a real statement. Its sharp and bold look creates a striking contrast, drawing attention to existing colour schemes and adding texture to the room.

Bringing nature to contemporary styles, a painted king grey bed frame embodies the strength and reliability of wood manufacturing alongside contemporary trends. Wooden beds are eternally popular, and a king size wood frame can be the centrepiece of your room for years to come. From lighter pines to earthy dark styles, we offer a wide range of king size wooden bed frames in a number of styles and colours.

Upholstered King Size Bed Frames

If you favour fabric, a king upholstered bed can add character and texture to your room. A smooth and cosy design, king size fabric bed frames underline existing styles, working well with a range of textures. Perfect for those designing a new bedroom, or adding to an existing one, our upholstered king size beds come in colours ranging from a rich blue velvet king bed to grey and sand designs.

Suitable for a simplistic, natural design, as well as more outlandish bedroom interiors, fabric king size beds add flair to any home. A fashion statement that never goes off trend, an upholstered fabric king bed can be built around, remaining constant while interior trends and designs are updated.

King Size Beds With Storage

Is everyday clutter keeping you up at night? A king size storage bed is the answer to your prayers. Great for taking the pressure off wardrobes and shelves, a king size bed frame with storage lightens the load. A savvy way to maximise bedroom floor space, these king storage beds manage the mess, keeping items out of sight in hidden underbed compartments.

Multi-functional king size beds, such as ottomans and divans, retain comfort and style while pulling double-duty as storage units. Popular models, such as our velvet king size ottoman bed frame, offer easy access to the storage area. Lifting up to reveal the contents with ease, king size ottomans are a trendy space-saver.

Helping to create a peaceful and tranquil place to rest, models such as king size divan beds come equipped with shelves beneath the bed frame. A classy choice for families, king size storage beds breath freshness and space into a room.