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We’re dreaming of a greener planet

Our #SustainableSnooze campaign holds us accountable for our emissions. We’re on a journey to becoming a Net Zero company, so we’re taking some bold steps to reach this goal and combat climate change.

A sustainable snooze is crucial to preserving our planet for future generations, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement within the industry.

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Our live numbers and targets

Your order has a positive impact

Plant tree icon
Trees planted
2025 target
Carbon offset icon
Tons of carbon off-set
2025 target
Mattress recycling target icon
Mattresses recycled
2025 target

Our timeline

How we’re becoming net zero

Apr 2022

Partnership with Ecologi

Ecoligi logo
Aug 2022

Plastic-free packaging

Image showing less platic
Aug 2022

All lighting converted to LED

LED light
Sep 2022

Charging stations for electric vehicles installed

Charging stations
Nov 2022

30,000 trees planted

30000 trees planted
Feb 2023

Sustainable snooze launched

Sustainable snooze logo
Mar 2023

30,000 mattresses recycled

50000 mattresses recycled
Mar 2023

50,000 trees planted

50000 trees planted
Jun 2023

60,000 trees planted

60000 trees planted
Sept 2023

Invested in electric forklifts

60000 trees planted
Dec 2023

100,000 trees planted

60000 trees planted
Why a sustainable snooze is important
Landfill icon Reduce landfill waste

Over 8 million mattresses end up in landfill every year. With the ability to recycle your old mattress instead, why wouldn’t we try to reduce this number?

Mattress new life icon Protect the World’s rainforests

An average of 137 species a day go extinct as a result of deforestation. Planting more trees provides shelter, food and habitat for animals in the rainforest.

Reduce C02 icon Reducing our carbon footprint

Reducing carbon emissions improves air and water quality, slowing the sea level rise, global temperature increase, and ocean acidification.

We plant trees with Ecologi MattressNextDay Ecologi background
What is Ecologi?
Ecologi plants a tree with every order

Ecologi is a platform for real climate action and was certified as a B Corporation in 2021. Globally, Ecologi facilitates the funding of projects that reduce carbon emissions, and plant trees to aid reforestation.

We’re proud to be partnered with Ecologi, helping us plant trees all over the world, including one for every order placed with us.

Lady fast asleep
Mattress recycling
100% of your mattress is reused and recycled

When you choose to recycle your old mattress with us, no part of it goes to waste. We work with The Furniture Recycling Group to ensure every component of the mattress is recycled and reused, in a variety of interesting ways.

Lady stretching in bed
No plastic
We’re reducing plastic and upgrading to electric vehicles

We now exclusively use a polythene packaging called Marpak Green in our warehouse. This is an environmentally-friendly polymer made from sugarcane and is a fully renewable resource.

We are also committed to transforming our fleet of delivery vans to electric vehicles. This will help us cut carbon emissions even further, and we’re also providing charging points at our new showroom for customers with electric cars.

We plant trees with EcologiMattressNextDay Ecologi background
We partnered with Ecologi in April 2022

As part of our pledge to plant 1 million trees by 2030. Ecologi not only plants a tree every time someone orders from us or signs up to our mailing list, but also plants 5 trees per month for each of our employees, making us a Climate Positive Workforce.

Ecologi also helps us fund environmental projects across the globe, such as wind power projects in Mexico, and solar electricity schemes in Egypt. You can track our progress, learn about the projects we’ve helped fund, and see how many tons of carbon we’ve prevented from entering the atmosphere by heading to the MattressNextDay Ecologi page.

MattressNextDay mattress-recycling background
100% of your mattress is reused and recycled

8 million mattresses end up in landfill every year, and we feel a duty to reduce that number. Mattresses in landfill pollute the ground with chemicals, which is toxic to plants and animals. We want to change this, and as part of our pledge to reduce carbon emissions, we offer a helpful and super simple mattress recycling service. Our friendly team will simply take your old mattress away as they deliver your new one!

When you choose to recycle your old mattress with us, it’ll get broken down into its individual components. These components are then sent off to industries that can make use of and benefit from the raw materials. Steel from the springs, wool and cotton from plush comfort layers, and even cushioning materials like latex are given a whole new life, keeping the planet healthier in the process.

MattressNextDay polymer background
Reducing plastic and investing in electric vehicles

We’re really excited about our new non-plastic packaging. Marpak Green film retains the same functional properties as our previous regular packaging, but is 100% recyclable. We work with market-leaders Extrusions Ltd, who are one of the first film producers in the UK to use Braskem’s revolutionary sustainable polymer, Green PE. Plus, its production process actively removes CO2 from the atmosphere!

We’re upgrading our vans one by one, ensuring we make the most eco-friendly choices at the right stages. We’re looking forward to having a complete set of electric vehicles very soon in the future.